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Spankings Helped My Brother Too

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Hi everyone. It's me again. Thanks for the nice comments on my last story, Spankings Helped Me Out (Sept. 11). A little update on my situation... I'm now in college and living in a room I rent from a nice lady not far from the campus. It's a small city in California's Central Valley, very conservative and religious.

Last time I promised to provide more information about some things that happened to my brother, Scott, and me when we were spanked growing up. As I told you, I started masturbating after my spankings when I was about 13. My parents always spanked us on the bare bottom when we misbehaved. Usually bent over their lap. They would completely remove our underwear before bending us over on their knee.


On some occasions my brother and I were spanked together. It didn't happen all that often, usually only when we did something together. One of these occasions led to a special relationship between Scott and me. I was 15 at the time. I guess that would make Scott 13.

It was a Friday afternoon and mom was getting ready to pick up dad at the airport, he had been on a business trip. Scott and I got into an argument and both said some bad words. My mom heard us and she doesn't allow such words in her home. She came roaring into the living room and told us to stop immediately. She yelled at us for a moment and then told us to go to her room and get ready for a spanking. My brother tried to argue with her, but didn't get any further than 'but mom,' before mom interjected with a 'right now, young man!' I knew it was pointless and just started walking up to her room. I had that familiar churning knot in my stomach that I always get just before a spanking.

The procedure for our spankings doesn't change when we are both spanked together. We have to take off our shoes, socks, and pants and wait in her room. We avoid each other's eyes and don't say anything to each other as we wait for mom. When she came in she looked at both of us and started a short lecture. 'You know that language is not allowed in this house, don't you?' She expects an answer, and we both reply in unison, 'Yes, mom.'

'And your dad and I will punish you every time you use it, won't we?' Again in unison, 'Yes, mom.'

Mom doesn't waste much time getting down to business, and especially today as she was in a hurry to go pick up dad. 'Okay Jennifer, you're the oldest, you'll go first. Come over here.' Mom sits on the edge of the bed and takes my hand to reinforce that I must stand in front of her. She tugs my panties down over my bottom and down to my thighs until they fall to my ankles. I know my brother can see my naked bottom now, but my concern is short-lived. 'Alright, over you go.' And she takes my hand and tugs me over her knee.

Mom's spankings are different from dad's. She doesn't have the same rhythm. It starts with one SMACK! and then a pause. Then two on the other cheek. Then two more, or maybe three, maybe one. I can never predict which side or how many. But one thing I do know is that the sting from the spankings quickly merges into a very aroused feeling in my pussy. Throughout the spanking I imagine what my bottom must look like, how pink it is. And I have to try really hard not to hump myself against her leg.

Finally it's over and she tells me to stand up. She hugs me and tells me to stand over to the side and think about why I was spanked while she takes care of Scott. I had completely forgotten he was there. As I walked over to the side of the bed I kind of hid my pussy from Scott as he walked forward. I was looking down, but glanced over and saw a bulge in his underpants.

Mom went through the same routine with Scott, starting with pulling his underpants down over his bottom and down to his ankles. I was kind of behind him, but he was turned at an angle and I could see his little boycock was standing up. My little brother had a little boner as my mom got ready to spank him!

She put him over her lap just like me and I found myself paying more attention to how she positioned him. I figured out that his boycock and balls were between her legs. And then I really found myself enjoying the show as she started spanking his bottom with her hand. I loved hearing the smacks and that I could see her hand print on his cheek as his little white bottom was turning pink. I couldn't wait to get back to my room so I could masturbate.

When mom finished Scott's spanking, she let him up and told him to stand there and think about why he was spanked. I could see that Scott still had a little boner. She then told me I could go and I rushed back to my room, bare-bottomed, leaving my clothes on the floor.

As always, I lay on my bed face down and started rubbing my wet pussy as the images of mom spanking both of us ran through my head. I heard mom walking down the hall past my room, down the stairs, and then out the front door to pick up dad. And then Scott went into his room. It didn't take much longer for me to have a nice cum.

I walked back into mom's room to get my clothes. My shoes, socks, and shorts were there, but my panties were gone. I put on a fresh pair and got dressed. I figured my brother had accidentally picked up my panties with his underwear, so I went to his room to get them. His door wasn't locked and I walked right in.

I was shocked at what I saw. Scott was standing in the middle of his room rubbing his little boycock. He stopped quickly when he realized I was there. He tried to hide himself by turning around. I then realized Scott had the same 'problem' I have, he gets turned on when mom and dad (or at least mom) spank him. I was kind of embarrassed for him, and he told me to get out. I started to leave, but then remembered why I came in, to see if he had accidentally picked up my panties. And then I saw them... in his hand... the hand he was using to jerk off. My little brother was jerking his skinny little cock with my panties.

You pervert! I yelled at him. What are you doing with my panties?!

He stammered a minute and then started apologizing. I kind of got angry and then told him... 'Oh, I am so telling mom what a little perv you are.'

Scott actually started crying... 'No, Jen! Please! I'm sorry! Please don't tell mom.' He was begging pathetically and of course he said something magical... 'I'll do anything, just don't tell mom.'

I guess I was a little devious, but Scott was the first guy I had ever seen jerking off. Some of my girlfriends had told me about how boys jerked off, and one had even told me about watching her brother. I found it interesting, but never thought it would happen to me, until now. So Scott is standing there, still bare-bottomed from his spanking. Tears in his eyes saying he'll do anything, and I decided to take advantage of him.


'Yes, whatever you want. I'll do your chores, for as long as you want, give you my allowance, anything. Just please, don't tell.'

So I told him I wouldn't tell mom if he answered all my questions and did everything I said until mom and dad got home... and he agreed. He started turning to put his underwear back on, but I stopped him. 'Hold on there, little bro... not so fast. Part of the deal is that you have to stay just the way you are until I'm done with you.'

'Come on Jen, no fair.'

'Okay, little perv. I'll be telling mom and dad as soon as they get home then.'

'No! Wait! Okay. I'll do what you say.' And he put his underwear back down.

'Good boy.' I then went through a series of questions with him while he stood there. I asked how often he masturbated and he told me every day. His boycock started standing up again at this point. Then I asked why he was using my panties. He became more bashful at this point and told me it was the first time doing so. He had seen them on the floor after our spanking and I had already left without them, so he thought he would just play with them a minute and then put them back before I noticed they were missing.

I then asked if he always masturbated after a spanking, and he became very shy and sort of muttered. I made him repeat and he admitted that he did, especially when mom spanked him. I then told him I was going to spank him again for being so naughty, which he protested that he was already spanked and it wouldn't be fair. But when I reminded him that mom or dad would probably spank him again when I told on him, he agreed.

I had him bend over the side of his bed. His little bottom was still kind of pink, but not too bad. I felt it and it was still a little warm. He flexed his bottom when I touched him. I liked the feeling of power. I then started spanking him, not too hard, but it was fun to see him wiggle. I didn't spank him that much, maybe about 10 swats. He would gasp after each one, and flex his bottom. I could see his boycock between his legs and could tell he was kind of humping against the edge of the bed.

After I finished the spanking I told him to turn around and his boycock was pointing up and seemed very rigid. I picked my panties up off the floor and walked over and handed them to him. Okay, one more thing, I want to watch you finish what you started. He took my panties and just looked at me. Come on, Scott. Don't be shy. You just told me you always masturbate after a spanking, so show me. I spanked you, so now I want to see you masturbate.

He seemed to lose his inhibitions at this point and took the panties and wrapped them around his skinny boycock with his hand. I was fascinated to watch how he did it. He stroked it several times, and then I got an idea. I got next to him and started spanking his bottom some more. I started telling him he was a naughty boy. It only took about five swats before he had a cum. His body kind of shook and his bottom flexed. His boycock got super-red and the head was bigger. I figured that had to be how boys cum.

No semen came out of his cock that first time. After he recovered I told him I wouldn't tell mom, but he had to promise not to tell her about this either. I went back to my room and stripped down to have another cum before mom and dad got home. Everything was pretty normal the rest of the night.

As we grew older, Scott and I eventually started enjoying each other a bit more. I still masturbated after mom or dad spanked me, and knew he did too. I eventually got brave and went into Scott's room once when mom and dad were out. I asked if he wanted another session with my panties. He eagerly agreed and I took my shorts and panties off right in front of him, gave him my panties, and told him to get started. I would give him a little spanking and tell him he was naughty to get him off.

We eventually started giving each other spankings, and I let him watch me masturbate afterwards. He loved rubbing my bottom after he spanked me as I lay face down on the bed and I rubbed my pussy. This evolved into masturbating each other, but never turned into actual sex beyond masturbating each other.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this. I'd love to read about other people's experiences masturbating after spankings, or with their brothers or sisters. Since I'm away from home, I don't get spanked any more, and I kind of miss being spanked and being with Scott. I do enjoy living vicariously through other people's experiences though.



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