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Spankings and Masturbation

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Several months ago, after I commented on her spanking stories, Jennifer Barnes suggested I submit a story. I don't know how I missed that, but if you are still reading, Jennifer, I will do it now. Her questions were: How about taking us through your favorite childhood spanking from start to finish. How old were you? What did you do to earn it? Time of day, room? How did you find out you would be spanked? Was it mom or dad? Did you cry? Anyone else know about it? Was it bare bottom? Were you hard before the spanking? During? After? Did they say anything about the hard boycock? Did you squirt? Masturbate afterwards?


I mostly got spanked for two things: bad language and touching myself. My parents were strict about that. Once, we went to visit some friends of my parents and I got soaked playing in the sprinkler. There were two girls and no boys in that family, so the only thing they could give me to wear was a pair of girls shorts, with no underwear. There was an opening at the side where I could reach in and touch my penis, and I did it constantly for the rest of the afternoon.
Most of the spankings were with clothes on, unless I was already naked, and then they would grab me by the arm to hold me still and reach behind me and give me a few good slaps on my bare bottom or the backs of my thighs. I began to associate spankings and playing with myself, and often I would play with myself while thinking about being caught and spanked.
As I got into my early teens, my parents took touching myself as more of a serious offense. The spankings changed then, and so did my behavior after! This particular spanking happened when I was thirteen, almost fourteen.
One Saturday afternoon when only my mom and I were home, she was busy in the kitchen and I snuck off to the bathroom where I took my bathrobe off and was looking at my hard penis in the mirror, rubbing my nipples and getting ready to beat off when all of a sudden the door opened and my mom burst in and caught me. I thought I had locked the door, but I guess I was careless. Anyway, she gasped and said "Oh my God! Benji!" I had no way to cover myself but fortunately, she turned for the door and closed it behind her quickly.
For a few minutes, I thought I had gotten away with it (although that almost never happened!). But when I got back to my room, she came in and said "You know what your father would do if he were home right now, and as soon as I am finished baking, you are going to get it from me! You stay right here and wait til I'm through. I'm ashamed of you, and you are going to get it big time!"
I waited for a half hour with a knot in my stomach that had both fear and excitement in it. Intermittently I had a hard on, but did not touch myself. Finally the dreaded moment came when my mom called from the bathroom "Benji, you get in here. Now!" Still wearing my robe and undies, I dragged myself down the hall and into the bathroom where my mom was already sitting on the toilet seat with her house dress hiked up above her knees. She told me to take my bathrobe off and bend over her lap. At first, I thought I would get to keeping my underpants on. My hard penis was tenting them out and there was big wet spot. But no, she took hold of the waistband and pulled them down exposing my bare bottom and bare, hard dick. She took one look and slapped me on the side of my butt, saying "You should be ashamed of yourself, having me see you like this! Get over my lap."
With her left hand tugging on my arm, I positioned myself awkwardly across her thighs. I held myself back a bit, but she grabbed the back of my leg with her other hand and slid me squarely over her. It was like a moment of awful truth for me. A terribly compromising position! My ass was bare and sticking up, waiting to be spanked. My dick was hard and pressing against the bare skin of her legs. It felt horrible-good!! I knew there was no escaping what was to happen; I would be there for awhile! She rubbed the backs of my thighs while she explained to me that touching myself is naughty and has to be punished. Then she rubbed my bare bottom and told me I was going to be spanked until she was sure I had learned my lesson.
With that, I felt the first hard smack low on my right butt cheek. She would alternate between the tops of my thighs, a low slap on my cheek, and a more straight-down slap right square on my bottom. Most of the spanks landed on my right cheek and thigh, and the warmth was spreading. Yet my attention was riveted on the sensations beneath me. The enjoyable sensation of hardness, for one. And the feeling of hardness pressed between my belly and her legs. But most of all, the tingling sensation, the wetness, and the feeling that OMG, I could come all over the place any second! As good as this felt, I knew that would be just awful! On top of it all, I felt ashamed and embarrassed, too.
"Stand up!" she commanded suddenly. I did, and I know she saw my hard on and probably the wetness at the head of my dick as I stood up. She pointed for me to face away from her and, still seated herself, gave me several slaps on the other side of my butt and the back of my thigh while I stood in silence. Then she stood up and told me to face the mirror, like I was doing when she caught me earlier. I was no longer fully erect by this point, but she went on to give me a verbal dressing down. "Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? You were staring at yourself when I walked in, weren't you! Were you touching your penis, too? Were you going to? You know that's forbidden in our family. Now bend over the sink while I finish with you!" She let loose on me, slapping my thighs and both sides of my bottom rapidly and furiously. That's when I finally sobbed a little, and she softened.
She rubbed my thighs and bottom, said some soothing words that I don't remember, and sent me to my room for the rest of the afternoon to think about what I had done to deserve this. Still naked and carrying my clothes, I went to my room, closed the door, and got under the covers. I was too spent to do anything other than lay there. My bottom was burning! I was humiliated and embarrassed. I let out a few dry sobs and dozed off.
When I woke, the house was quiet and the light in my room was fading into dusk. I started thinking about what had happened. How I had just been naked and having a hard on for a long time in the bathroom with my mom. How I had to lay over her lap with it and what that felt like. How she caught me in the first place, with a total hard on. (A few seconds later she might have seen me beating off, and how would that have felt?)
With no real plan in mind, I threw the covers off and pulled the pillow under me, with my ass sticking up like when I got my spanking. The cool air on my bottom felt very sexy! I slipped my penis between the pillow and the sheet, and began humping ever so slightly. Propping up on my elbows, I rubbed my nipples as the humping increased. I pictured myself over my mom's lap, remembered the feeling of hardness and pressure, the tingling sensation and the feeling like I was about to shoot all over her and me.
I probably intended at some point to get up and stand by the mirror to watch myself beat off and come, like I was preparing to do earlier. But I was getting past the point of stopping. Yielding the last bit of reluctance, I let myself shoot it between the pillow and the sheets. A smile came over me. I was totally spent...and satisfied. Now that I am older, I sometimes still masturbate to that memory and wonder if my mom got anything out of it herself. I have no idea, but I guess I would like to imagine that she did.



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