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Spanking With Karen

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Would like to hear from others who have masturbated either during or after spanking.


When I was thirteen my dad had to work abroad for six months, mum went with him, and I went to stay with a family friend so I could continue at school. Sheila was about forty, slim, blonde and quite attractive. She was divorced and had a daughter Karen who was coming up to her seventeenth birthday. Karen was a bit overweight and plain looking so she was not someone I lusted after despite my growing interest in girls. She was also a quiet girl and with the age difference, which seemed a lot at that time, I didn't have that much to do with her.

I'd been there a week when one evening Karen started arguing with her mum and eventually Sheila turned to her and said 'That's enough, you can get over my knee.' Sheila sat down on the sofa, and Karen looked at me and said 'Not in front of Steven, please mum,' but Sheila told me to stay where I was and watch. Karen looked away and then to my amazement started to take her skirt off, having removed it she then climbed over her mum's knees, hands and feet touching the floor. My heart was racing as I realised she was going to be spanked, not only that, but I was staring at her white knickers stretched tight across her bottom which was a real thrill to me at that time.

Sheila pushed Karen's blouse up then put her fingers in the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down to the top of Karen's thighs, and there was her ample bottom in all it's naked glory. I was shocked but at the same time excited at seeing Karen's bare bottom. I then watched as Sheila spanked her, the slapping sound of her hand on the bare bottom cheeks, the reddening of Karen's buttocks, then her wriggling and finally tears. I had never seen anyone given a proper spanking before or indeed ever been spanked myself and was fascinated. When it was over Karen stood up and after rubbing her bottom quickly, pulled her knickers up and headed to her bedroom. I then realised how aroused I'd become and that I'd got a stiff erection from what I'd seen. Later that night in bed I masturbated, thinking about Karen's bare bottom being spanked as I brought myself off.

The next day Sheila had a talk with Karen and I. She told me that when Karen misbehaved she was spanked and while I was staying there I could expect the same if I misbehaved. We would also witness each other's punishments. She then said that as she always spanked on the bare bottom and didn't want clothing to get in the way, in future we may as well undress completely for punishment, we would soon get over any embarrassment. She expected us both to do this even if we were only to witness the other being punished. At first I was shocked by this, I'd never been spanked before, and then there was the thought of having to be naked in front of Sheila and Karen. I was quite shy about my body and had not been seen in the nude by a girl since I'd hit puberty. Over the next few days though my shock turned to curiosity and excitement as each night in bed I'd masturbate imagining what it would be like to be spanked.

About ten days later it happened. Karen and I had been arguing over which television program to watch and eventually Sheila stormed in and said 'stop this, you can go to your rooms and prepare for a spanking, I want you ready when I call you down.' In my room I stripped to my underpants and then hesitated, I didn't want to take them off. It was Sheila's voice calling us down that finally made me pull them down and step out of them. As I walked out onto the landing I was shaking, not least because of my nudity. It was the strangest feeling to be walking around the house naked and I was very aware of my penis, which at this stage was quite limp. Ahead of me Karen's bedroom door opened and she came out also naked. I caught a quick glimpse of her large breasts before she turned and headed down the stairs. I followed, my eyes fixed to her large bare bottom, she was the first girl I'd ever seen naked other than in photographs.

We stood side by side in the lounge and Sheila seemed pleased we had both stripped off fully. Glancing to the side I could see Karen's left breast and nipple and looking further down could see her tuft of light brown pubic hair. Karen was told to go first and I watched as she got herself in position over her mum's knee, her breasts swinging and bouncing as she did so. I then realised that I was starting to get excited and my penis was starting to get hard. By the time Karen's spanking had finished I was standing red faced with a full erection sticking out in front of me. Sheila didn't say anything about it but told me to get over her knee.

I walked across, erection bobbing about and lay across her lap. My penis was squashed between my stomach and her thigh and as she pulled me further over it jerked my foreskin back and I practically came there and then. She then started to spank me. It stung far more than I had ever imagined, but as I started to wriggle on her knee I found the knob of my penis was rubbing on the material of her skirt, it was arousing me even more and within a short time I was ejaculating all over her knee. I think Sheila realised, as she paused for a few seconds before spanking me harder. When she had finished my bottom was hot, throbbing and I was in tears. As I stood up my erection had gone down but there was a sticky wet patch on Sheila's skirt.

Back in my room I lay on the bed and my hand went down and started to stroke my penis. As I played with myself and got hard again it eased the throbbing coming from my bottom until eventually I had an intense orgasm made all the better by the heat in my backside.

A week later Karen was in trouble again and was due a spanking. Although I was only going to witness it, I too was told to go to my room and get undressed. As I removed my clothes I found I was getting really excited by what was going to happen, I wanted to see Karen naked again and my bottom was not due any punishment. I was already semi erect by the time I left my bedroom.

In the lounge Sheila told us there was going to be a change. From now on we would not go over her knee to be spanked, instead we would bend over a chair and she was going to use a slipper on us. Looking back maybe this was an attempt to avoid another little 'accident' with me. Karen went forward and bent over the chair. She had her back to me but I could still see her breasts hanging down over the seat. Sheila told her to part her legs and push her bottom out and as she did so I got a clear view of her pussy nestling at the top of her legs. My penis was pointing out stiffly at it and I desperately wanted to touch myself but dare not try.

Sheila then started to slipper Karen. My arousal was increasing as I watched the impact of the slipper on her bottom, causing her large cheeks to wobble delightfully. Then Karen started to move her hips about, thrusting backwards and forwards in an attempt to reduce the stinging, all this giving me a better view of her pussy and the stiffest erection of my young life. When it was over and Karen was told to stand up she turned and rubbed her bottom furiously, pushing her pubic bush out towards me.

Sheila then looked at me and said 'I think we need to deal with that' and I realised she was referring to my erection. She fetched a couple of tissues and handed them to me telling me to 'catch it, and make sure I don't make a mess'. To my horror her hand then grasped my erection and she started to jerk me backwards and forwards, she was masturbating me. It was not done in a sensual or erotic way, she just tugged rapidly on my penis. I was burning red with embarrassment, Karen was by now watching intently, and then I felt myself starting to cum. I managed to catch everything in the tissues and when I had finished Sheila told me to get over the chair, she was going to give me a taste of the slipper. I bent over, bottom pushed out, and got six whacks that really stung. Back in my bedroom I again got myself hard and ejaculated to reduce the throbbing in my bottom. I have often wondered since what Sheila would have done had she walked in on me while I was doing this, would she have done it for me or given me another spanking.

This is how things continued for the rest of my stay, and there were probably about a dozen or so punishments for Karen and I during this time. I started to look forward to the spankings, not the actual slippering itself which stung, but I began to enjoy being nude in front of Sheila and Karen. I enjoyed seeing Karen naked and watching her bottom being spanked and turn red. I always got an erection, in fact I would stroke myself in my bedroom before going down so I was hard to begin with, and Sheila would always masturbate me before my punishment.

I often wonder what Sheila was thinking. She didn't punish us unless we deserved it, but I'm sure she enjoyed seeing us naked together and me with an erection. I also feel she must have enjoyed masturbating me too. Karen and I didn't discuss the spankings until the week before I left when she finally raised the subject with me while her mum was out for the evening. We ended up masturbating together but that's another story.

I'd be really interested to hear from anyone else who has masturbated either during or as a result of a spanking or other punishment.



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