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Spanking by Dad

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This is a true story about one sexual experience I had after being spanked my dad.


I've masturbated more than a dozen times after reading other stories in Solo Touch about girls being aroused and then masturbating themselves after having been spanked by either their friends or other family members. I'm pretty sure that boys are generally more frequently spanked than girls, although so far I haven't read anything from guys about experiencing similar spankings from a male angle. My story isn't exactly about getting sexual pleasure from being spanked-in fact it's quite the opposite. I always used to hate being spanked by my dad, and I've often resented him for doing it to me. However, something changed when I was 13 which gave me a highly charged sexual experience with my dad that I've always been ashamed to admit to anyone, until now.

First, I should rewind a couple of years to something else that happened a few months after I started masturbating, by which time I'd already become a masturbation addict, wanking off at least 3 or 4 times a day. By then, my cock had already reached quite reasonable proportions (maybe 4 or 5 inches, and a thickness to match. So one morning, shortly after I woke with my usual boner, I was making my way from my bedroom to the bathroom and noticed that the door to my parent's room was half-open. As my dad had been doing night shifts for the past few nights, I assumed that he wouldn't be home yet, and casually walked in, intending to close the door. Unknown to me, dad's night schedule had already finished, and so it was quite a surprise for me to walk in just as he was getting out of bed, completely naked. He was just about to move from a lying down to a standing position when my eyes were immediately focused towards his cock. Not only was it rock hard, but it also seemed to me to be a very impressive size-perhaps as much as 8-inches. I'm not sure who was the more surprised at that moment-him or me. I felt my face turning to beetroot red as I made a quick exit out the door, while mumbling, "Sorry". That night as I lay in bed masturbating, my thoughts turned to my dad's hard cock that I'd seen earlier that morning, and so I began wanking furiously as I recalled every single detail of what had happened. Not only was I totally engrossed in the vision and size of his cock, but that I'd also briefly noticed that he had a large bush of ginger pubic hair around the base of his cock. Considering that neither him nor me were ginger haired, it seemed really odd, but so erotic. I also began wondering if dad had been wanking his nice cock, and whether I'd caught him a few seconds after he'd just cum his spunk somewhere under the bedclothes Needless to say, I must have masturbated even more than usual for several days (if not weeks) afterwards, with my mind visualizing that sight of my dad's cock and pubic hair, and wondering what if he'd been doing anything with his cock if it hadn't been only a morning boner.

And so, there I was, two years later, arriving home from school to be greeted by a very angry mother who was holding what looked like a letter in her hand. Apparently, she'd been reading my end-of-term school report which had come in the mail. The report had indicated that I'd missed school on 9 separate days. Even allowing for a couple of sick days, there was no way I could explain away my being absent for the other seven days. It was pretty obvious that I'd been 'bunking' off from school for that time. In fact, my best friend and I had been spending those days either at the movies or just wandering around the mall in the city centre. Now was the day of reckoning, and I dreaded the worst. I'd been something of a 'tearaway' as I was growing up as a small boy, and because my mother never actually took a hand to me, it was always left to my dad to dish out the numerous spankings I'd been given. However, until then, the last spanking I'd received had happened a long time before.

When my dad arrived home, he was obviously furious that I'd missed so much school during that term, and so it was no surprise when he said to me that although I was 13, I still wasn't too old to be spanked. He then told me to go to my room, and said he'd be up later to sort me out. As I sat on my bed, I didn't even consider that he'd expect me to undress, considering I was now 13, even though my previous spanking had been carried out with my trousers and pants down around my ankles. When he eventually came up to the bedroom, he was still angry and raving on about the folly of dodging school, but he immediately told me to take down my trousers (and underpants). Even though I protested, he was having none of it, and so I reluctantly lowered my trousers and underpants. Standing there naked with my near-adult size penis hanging down as he continued with his lecture, and seeing him sat there on the bed, I didn't realize it but my mind had suddenly turned to erotic thoughts of my dad's cock, which was now right there in front of me, between his legs. My cock spontaneously started to harden and began jutting out to a semi-erection, and it surely wouldn't have gone unnoticed by my dad as he ordered me to lie down, across his legs so that he could administer the spanking. Where before I'd been able to do that quite easily, I now found that because I was now several inches taller, I could no longer extend my body across his thighs without either dropping to my knees or by spreading my legs further apart. I chose the latter, but now, the cheeks of my ass were had automatically parted which meant that not only must have given my dad a clear view of the back-side of my balls and the surrounding pubic hair, but also a full exposure of my hole. I was now draped across his leg with my semi erect cock pressing against his thighs upper legs and the area generally surrounding his penis. I immediately felt as guilty as sin, but what surprised me then was that as he began to administer his spanking on my bare ass with his right hand (in his usual manner), I could sense that although his hand appeared to come a long way up, the down-stroke onto my naked cheeks was surprisingly gentle or soft, considering the smacking sound his hand made as it met flesh. Also, as his smacks continued, I became aware that dad's own cock was also beginning to harden noticeably, because I could actually feel it as my cock was being pressed downwards against his-something that I'd never noticed before. Not only that, but it also felt to me that when his hand came down to contact with my ass cheeks, one or more of his middle fingers appeared to slip between the crack, and reach down to make contact with my naked hole. I'm not sure if that was a true feeling or just an imagination, but it was an experience like no other I can equate to-almost as though we were sharing a mutual sexual pleasure in what we were physically doing to each other. I seemed to be feeling his hardened cock in contact with my own, and he was experiencing my own near-manliness through his fingers, and the visual sight of my (decent size) balls dangling between my legs. Dad's smacking continued for well over a dozen strokes, and although he continued berating the error of my ways throughout, he eventually gave way and allowed me to get up and get dressed again, and then left the bedroom to make his way downstairs again.

I was left to spend the rest of that night in my bedroom, but as soon as dad had left, I immediately took account of what I'd just experienced by slipping my cock out from inside my trousers and lying on the bed where I started to masturbate frantically over the next two hours-all the while reliving my thoughts and feelings of what had just happened between my cock and my dad's. Needless to say, I've since spent numerous nights in bed wanking for hours at a time, wishing that the same thing could happen, again and again. Unfortunately I was never spanked by my dad any more afterwards (even though I did end up dodging school several more times before I eventually left), but I like to imagine now and again while I'm masturbating in bed, that as soon as dad had given me that final spanking, he'd also have been sexually aroused as I had been, and would therefore had have wanked off to similar erotic climaxes thereafter, while thinking about the possibility that he should have continued with more spankings which could have led to other things, including possible mutual masturbation with me, or even something more.



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