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Spanked at 18

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Okay-it finally happened. I got the spanking I've needed for so long-and it totally rocked.

Ever since seeing Sally get her spanking a couple of weeks ago, I've been masturbating over and over thinking about her little pink bottom and her mom looking me in the eye as I walked by. Hers was the first spanking I've seen since I saw my mom spank my brother a couple of years ago and it reminded me of being over mom and dad's knee getting my bottom warmed up and the fantastic cums I had in my room afterwards.

So here's what happened.


Like I told you last time, Sally's mom finally had enough of her messy room and when I came home from school a couple of Fridays ago, Mrs. Montgomery was in her room and had taken her panties off to warm her little bottom. I got a nice glimpse as I walked by. But part of her scolding during the spanking indicated that my messy room was a subject of conversation as well.

So last Friday-the week after I saw Sally get spanked-Mrs. Montgomery was home for lunch like she usually is and her kids were still at school. I only have an early class on Fridays so I get home about lunch time. Mrs Montgomery asked if she could talk to me and the subject turned out to be Sally's room. She started by talking about how she has tried several methods to get Sally to comply and eventually told me she knew I had seen the end result-Sally over her knee getting a spanking. She asked how I felt about that.

I told her that I understood that sometimes spankings were necessary, and even told her that my parents had spanked us growing up as well. That took the conversation into sort of a comparison of methods. She believed in bare bottom spankings-like my mom and dad. I told her about the difference between dad's rhythmic spanking method and mom's more frenzied approach. She told me about how her mom had used a paddle for her spankings, and that she sometimes used a wooden spoon when she spanked Jack and Sally.

This got me thinking about what I had seen the previous week-I was now thinking more about Jack getting a spanking on his bare bottom, and was reminded about enjoying seeing my brother's spankings. And that little tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach was taking over.

She asked how often I got spanked by mom and dad-maybe every couple of months. She told me that Jack and Sally used to get them more frequently, and that she had become more lenient since I started renting the room... but that she thought that was a mistake and wanted to rectify the situation, but didn't want to embarrass me in the process. I told her it was okay and that I completely understood that family discipline was important and that I don't want to be in the way.

She asked if I had ever seen my brother get spanked, to which I said yes, and then she asked if he saw me get spanked, which I sheepishly admitted to as well. I was now well on my way to being turned on and knew I would need to go up to my room to masturbate soon. Then she told me she was glad to know I wouldn't be embarrassed because she was accustomed to spanking them in the living room. The spanking Sally got last Friday was in her room, but she would probably spank them in the living room from now on. I told her it would be okay and that I would be respectful of their family discipline routines.

Then she asked how long it had been since I got spanked... about a year and a half. And what was it for? Poor grades. Did it help? yes... I improved my study habits after that.

The conversation turned a little bit after this. And I should point out it wasn't like an inquisition, just sort of questions here and there as we made lunch, talked about other things, just sort of questions interspersed in the conversation.

Did I think spankings would still be helpful for self-improvement? Maybe. Would it help me keep my room clean if I got spanked like Sally did? Whoa! Did I hear right? Was she offering to give me a spanking for failing to clean my room? Umm... wellllll... I don't know... maybe?

And then her attitude changed.. a lot. She became more business like... commanding.

Let's find out, shall we? I have some time before I have to be back at work. Come into the living room, Jennifer.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing... or what I was doing. She got up and went into the living room, taking a chair from the dining room with her. She sat it in the middle of the floor and took my arm and stood me in front of her. oh my god... oh my god.

'Jennifer, I'm going to give you a spanking. I think you need it and I think you know it. You've left your room in a mess for several weeks. I've hinted that you need to clean it, and you did nothing about it. You acted as a poor role model for Sally, who got a spanking last week for trying to follow your lead. I won't allow it in this house, young lady.'

And then she reached for the waist band of my pants and tugged them down over my hips. 'Let's get these off, young lady. Right now.' And I complied, stepping out of them and standing before her in my panties and t-shirt.

My stomach was in knots and my head spinning as she reached out again for my waist and this time started tugging my panties down over my bottom. 'These will have to go too. All spankings in this house are on the bare bottom.' And when they landed at my ankles I immediately stepped out of them, just like I do for my parents when they spank me.

I knew she could see me, and it was embarrassing. Not just for being bare in front of her, but for being excited about it. It took me back. I hated it, and loved it, and needed it.

'Over you go.' And over I went. She took me over her knee in such a way that my legs were straddling one of hers. And then her feet locked around my ankles. My torso more or less lay on her thigh and my crotch was right at her knee joint. One of my arms (my left) was up against her torso and thus unusable. And she took the other in her hand and locked it behind my back. I suddenly realized I was totally immobile. I had never felt so vulnerable, even when my parents spanked me. I was terrified... and terribly excited.

And then I felt her hand on my bottom. She held it there gently... finding the right spot. 'Now, Jennifer, this spanking is going to sting. But I guess you know that. A year and a half is far too long for you to go without a spanking, isn't it?'

Instinctively and breathlessly, I answered, 'Yes.'

And then it started. SMACK! The first one stung as much as the second, and third. She would do about 6 in a row-3 to one cheek, and then 3 more to the other, and then a brief pause and light caress of my bottom. It was every bit as punishing as my dad's spankings, and every bit as delicious. My bottom was flexing and my little virgin puss was loving the fact that her knee was right there.

Each set of 6 was followed by a gentle caress of my bottom, and a brief question and answer session:

'Is this what it takes for you to be a better role model?' Yes.

'You need to be spanked, don't you?' Yes

'Will you do a better job cleaning your room now?' Yes

'Will you get another spanking if you misbehave in this house again? Oh, yes!

And so it went for probably 40 swats or more. By the time she finished, my little bottom was on fire... and so was my little puss.

She rested her hand on my bottom and asked a final question... 'Are you ready to be a good girl now?' I'm not sure if she thought I was sobbing or cumming. It was actually a little of both. My body was spasming as my clitty made contact with her knee and I felt a finger probe between my cheeks.

'It's okay,' she whispered. 'It's all better now, isn't it?' And her finger lingered there and went lower towards my wet little puss. 'Mmm hmm.... feeling better?' I convulsed again and she helped me up... and gave me a hug.

Her hand went back to my bottom during the hug. 'Shhh... it's okay... I know, sweetie. That was just what you needed wasn't it?'

'Yes' was all I could say as I convulsed again in her arms.

'I know. I think we both needed to take care of that. Now I want you to know that as long as you live here under my roof, I'll be helping you with your discipline as if you are a member of my family. If I think you need a spanking, I'll give you one right here in the living room, just like Jack and Sally. Understand?'

'Yes, ma'am.'

'But I'll tell you something else, Jennifer. If you think you need a spanking and point it out before I do, I'll discipline you in private like we did today and let you have this kind of relief too. Is that a deal?'

'Yes. Thank you, yes!' And I hugged her again as she caressed my bottom, and gave it a playful extra SWAT!

I jumped, spasmed again, squealed, and hugged her some more. She confessed that she had enjoyed her spankings as a teenager too and was glad she could help me out. She now enjoyed giving rather than receiving and would give me one as often as I wanted. She asked if I had enjoyed seeing Sally get spanked last week, and I confessed to masturbating constantly since then. She said she understood and thought I would find our new understanding and openness to be very beneficial.

She said she had to get back to work soon, but before going, she took me up to my room (still without panties) and pointed out what she expected to be done before she got home as far as cleaning up.

But before she left she asked if I wanted to show her how I masturbate after spankings, and I agreed, laying on the bed face down, my hand underneath. I started humping my clit against my hand and probing my little puss, while she rubbed and occasionally swatted my still sensitive bottom. After about 5 minutes I had another cum and she left to go back to work.

I'm suddenly feeling like this four years of college is going to be an incredible learning experience.



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