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Spanked and Cum

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I am a 69 year old widower and the only sex I get is with my right hand. About five years ago when I retired I went on a computers don't bite course and now I spend a lot of my time on the internet, and that's how I found this site. I love the stories and felt it was about time I told you a couple of mine.

My mother died when I was 10 and was brought up mainly by my elder sister but when I was 13 my father remarried and my sister left home to also get married. Things were okay at first with my stepmother although she was always cool towards me.

This changed when my father, who was in the forces, was sent to Korea for nearly 18 months. My stepmother started to beat me on my bare behind if ever I was naughty. She was a big woman and was much stronger than me so I had to just put up with it. Also at this time I was going through puberty and becoming sexually aware but in those days of the early 50's no one talked about it.

This one particular day it was very windy and on the way home from school an older woman who was walking in front of me had her dress blown up by a gust and I saw her panties clinging tightly to her bum and her stockings and suspender belt.

This had a very strong effect on me and I could not get the image out of my mind. That night in bed I was thinking about what I had seen and my hand slowly started to stroke my cock and the more I pictured this woman's round bottom the more I stroked and the harder I got.

Then out of nowhere this feeling came in my cock and I could not stop even if I had wanted to and then HEAVEN I orgasmed for the first time and shot loads of cum all over my stomach. I could not believe what I had just done and the great feeling it gave me. I was hooked and did it again that night and continue to this day.

Anyway I learned what sex was all about by reading books in the library and talking to friends but I still at that time did not realise that women could also have these feelings.

That was until one night I had to get up for a pee and I heard funny noises coming from my stepmothers room. I crept along quietly to see what it was and her door was very slightly ajar and I could see her lying naked on the bed with one hand on her very hairy pussy and the other playing with her right nipple.

I was stood there in my pyjamas with my now hard cock poking out watching my stepmother masturbate. I started stroking when her back arched and she let out a muffled scream as she orgasmed. I was frozen and could not believe what I had just seen. What I didn't see because I was in like a trance her getting up, putting on her dressing gown and fully opening the door.

I was stood there with my hand on my cock as she came out. She went red with anger and called me all sorts of names, dragged me to my room and put me over her knee, pulled down my pyjama bottoms and started to spank me with my own wooden ruler which she had picked up.

She was beating me hard but her dressing gown had come open and my erect cock was rubbing in between her two legs.

Although the spanking hurt, the feeling in my cock grew as it rubbed between her legs and then I suddenly came all over her legs. She pushed me off and kicked me two or three times and stormed out of the room. I laid there for about an hour too frightened to move but she never came back so I eventually went to bed.

The next day she was very cool towards me but thankfully never mentioned about what had happened and never did again. She also never spanked me again and we eventually developed a mutual respect for each other.

My father returned and we lived a reasonably normal life until I left home. I must admit the night my father returned and we all went to bed I did get up and listen outside their door and I could hear them making love and got very horny when I heard the sound of first my stepmother and then my father cumming.

I legged it back to my room and had a great jerk off thinking of my father screwing that very hairy pussy.

Thanks for reading and keep this old wanker happy with all your great stories.



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