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Spanish Words

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Hi, my name is Alicia I am a Latina, 15 years old and I go to a private school, I have dark black hair but I added some streaks of blonde to it and my friends like it, but my parents aren't too crazy about it and when summer is over I need to 'get rid of the blonde'.

I did something to the dad of a friend of mine. This was right before summer break. He spotted me at the mall one day; I was there right after school so I was still dressed in my school uniform. In case you want to know, I wore sneakers, knee high white socks, a plaid bluish, reddish skirt, and it's kind of short because its still from my previous grade and I grew some since then. Also a white blouse and a little red tie, and undies. I was carrying my burgundy sweater with me along with my backpack. I guess I looked OK because boys are like always looking at me.

Anyway I was sitting on the bench counting my money and he sat on another bench across from me. I didn't know he was there till I looked up. He smiled and waved at me. I waved back. So I was sitting there, you know, real ladylike. My legs were crossed and I kind of noticed he would look at me a bunch of times, smiling. He was dressed in a white Polo shirt and short brown pants and sandals.

I remember my friend said his dad was having a 45th birthday soon and I think it was going to be this weekend. So cuz he's a friend I walked over, sat next to him and said 'Hi'. He said 'Hi' and asked me about school and if my grades were still good. I saw he would kind of look at my legs. He said he wishes Tony (my friend) 'would bring home good grades once in a while' He then said that I look real nice and he likes my uniform. I think it sucks but I liked the compliment.

I asked what he's doing here, he said that he and his wife 'just got here, she wants to do some shopping and she may be gone for a long time, so I decided just to wait and relax' He said they dropped off Tony for softball practice.

So we sat there and I guess I saw a little bit like the outline of his dick under his pants moving slowly, like it was growing. He kept complimenting me about how nice and cute I look. He asked if I am dating anyone serious, and I said no one at all. He said with my looks I should have 'a hundred guys knocking at my door' I laughed a little bit and saw his thing get bigger under his pants. He asked me if I don't have a boyfriend, and he chuckled and asked if I ever get the hornies?

He then apologized for asking that and said it was improper. Before I could say anything he went on to say 'probably not because it's people with girl friends or boy friends and husbands and wives who get it most often. Well, I told him 'I get it and I get it a lot!' He looked surprised and asked me 'what's a lot?' So I thought about it and told him, 'like maybe once every five days and maybe sometimes five times a day'

He said 'WOW, that is a lot, and when it happens you just wait for it to pass?' I told him 'sometimes I wait for it to pass, but I usually do things' I looked down and saw he had a big lump under his zipper. He knew I saw it. Anyway, I was starting to feel real horny because of what I saw happening in his pants and because of his questions and also he's really a very handsome man.

So I guess I got kind of brave and I told him 'I think you need help with that boner' He laughed and said, 'Yeah and I wish it were someone as pretty as you to help' Then I got more of the hots and I asked, 'Well, can we go to your car?'

Then OMG! His WIFE came out of a store from behind him. She was smiling and coming towards us. She is real pale white with lots of makeup, and stinky perfume. She wore a real pretty summer dress though. He didn't see her so I quickly draped my sweater over his pants so she wouldn't see what was happening, 'Oh hi Alicia! Nice to see you. Tony's at softball practice' Then she looked at her husband and said something like. 'Harry, I need to go to the store on the other side, I might find something there'. She looked at me again and said 'Alicia say hi to your mom from me, tell her we will see her at the school fashion show next Thursday' He smiled at her and said 'if I'm not here, I'll be buying Alicia a soda'. I don't think she noticed the sweater thank god.

When she left he said 'that was close' and thanked me for draping the sweater. I said, 'Its OK, let's go to your car' The mall garage was just down a hall from where we sat and his car was only three rows down. He opened the doors and we got in. I looked at him and he started to open his belt and unzip his pants. He said to me 'You are serious about this' I said 'Ya, as long as you don't do anything on me, if you do then I stop, because of the age thing'

I opened his fly and looked down and saw he had a few little wet spots on his blue underwear. I thought to myself that I have similar little wet spots on my panties. He asked softly 'Can I at least touch your legs and run my hands over your thighs as you do this?' I said 'Yes, but nothing else' I glanced at his dick and it was still semi-hard. He asked what I'm going to do with it? I told him 'Just pet it and play with it, is that OK?' He said 'Baby that's more than OK, this is beautiful. That outfit of yours is such a turn-on' I pulled his dick out and wrapped my small fingers around it and massaged it.

I bunched up my school skirt over my waist, so he could freely glide his hands over my skin. His touch was incredible as I felt his hands glide softly over my legs. He said my legs felt so warm and smooth. His hands felt older, rough, I liked the feel of it on my skin, and it gave me little goose bumps. I moved my hips a bit so he could see the front of my white lace panties, he saw my own wet spots and he moaned.

I massaged his dick more and more. He breathed harder and said something like 'I love the sight of your small brown hand stroking my cock' When I heard him say that I felt a rush and my pussy get extremely wet. I liked the contrast of his white and reddish cock against my brown skin too. It was huge in my hand and it was REAL HARD now. I think I massaged it less than a couple of minutes and it began to quiver, its head all swollen.

My free hand now just massaged the front of my panties and I teased my hard clit with my fingers. I love the feel of lace rubbing on my clit. He saw a few of my black curlies sticking out from the sides.

My other hand slid easily up and down his hardness. He said 'Baby doll whisper to me in Spanish exactly what you are doing to my cock, and then whisper in Spanish exactly how your pussy feels'

Looking at him I did as he asked, while pumping him faster and faster. I felt it pulsate and twitch in my closed palm. That was it.

As soon as I finished the Spanish words he said 'I'm going to cum baby doll' It squirted lots, but not in the air, mostly all over the inside and outside of my hand, wrist, and some on the sleeve of my blouse, and some of it hit my legs. He quickly gave me a tissue so it wouldn't get on the seats. 'Alicia, thank you, my birthday is Saturday but today you gave me my best present of all'

My pussy came at about the same time, I just nodded, smiled and he knew it happened to me too. I used tons of tissues to clean up and wipe it off his dick. I opened my backpack and put all the tissue inside. We headed back to the mall benches.

His wife was still shopping, so he kissed my forehead and said 'thanks again' I smiled back at him and said 'I liked doing that and I will think about it tonight' I winked and went to the ladies room to wash my hands.



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