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Space Mountain Explosion

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Last trip to this theme park had my wife and I blasting off in Space Mountain


To set the stage, I am 25, around 160lbs, pretty thin with short brownish-blonde hair and hazel eyes. My wife is 21, weighs less than me (you learn early in marriage to never discuss a woman's weight!), fairly long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, nice hips, and 36D breasts. Very sexy, and I can honestly say I get to sleep with a hot college girl since she's still in college, lol.

Anyway, we had been in Florida and spent a couple of days at other theme parks before heading to the Magic Kingdom last. It was just getting late enough to be dark and all the lights were on, etc. We were in Tommorow Land and decided to go onto the Tommorow Land Transit Authority ride, which isn't really a 'ride' so much as little trains that run around above Tommorow Land and give a little tour, but it's a good time to sit down and you get to see the inside of Space Mountain and a couple of other rides, and since we wanted a break from walking, we hopped on. Now the cars are big enough to hold four people, two facing forward and two backwards, and the ride splits up so that each four cars make a single 'train' and then there is a gap, then another four car train, etc. Well, we wound up in the first car facing forward, I was sitting on the left, and she the right, there was nobody in the next two cars, then some people in the very back. They were too far away to see anything but our heads, and the train in front of you stays far away, so we were pretty much about as alone as you can be. So the train takes off (it doesn't move too fast and it's all flat, just one story above the ground) and we quickly realize that a) we are alone, b) it is dark and nobody can see us, and c) we had been so tired from the parks that we hadn't had sex in a few days and were both horny!

She leaned over and kissed me hard, tongue and all, which always means she is horny, which of course got me started right away. We started groping each other over our clothes, but since we were so alone and horny, my left hand quickly slipped under her shirt and pulled down her bra so I could pinch her nipples and squeeze her bare breasts. She reached down and unzipped my shorts and looked into my eyes and said 'Do you think we have time?' I'm no idiot, so of course I said, 'Absolutely, I'm so horny I can cum in no time.' 'Me, too,' she giggled. She reached into my boxers and pulled out my very hard and thick cock (I'm about six inches but thick) and started stroking me up and down. 'Finger me,' she said, so I moved my left hand down and under her short skirt and up her thighs. She spread her legs to give me access and I pulled her panties to one side with my fingers and felt that her pussy was soaking wet. I slid my middle finger down her slit to get it wet then into her vagina, making her moan. We could tell other trains were passing on the opposite track but nobody could see anything going to fast in the opposite direction and we were too worked up to care.

In the middle of the ride, the trains go into Space Mountain and it is completely dark but you can see the Space Mountain cars glowing as they fly around. My wife was stroking me fast up and down and I was fingering her quickly, changing from rubbing her clit to fingering in and out of her vagina. It was awesome. Before we got out of Space Mountain I felt my balls tighten and the pressure build. 'I'm gonna cum' I said and she moaned and kept stroking. My muscles tightened and I felt the first load of semen shoot up my cock and spray into the air, then another and another. It was one of my most incredible orgasms ever, probably because we are not exhibitionists and normally would not do ANYTHING in public. I felt some of the cum land on my left arm, but since it was so dark we couldn't see where it was all going, but we knew the last half was all over her hand and my penis. I could feel the wet sticky cum on my shaft as she kept stroking, and my shorts were probably covered, too.

Feeling my cum sent my wife over the edge. She moaned and said she was cumming, too, and squeezed her thighs tight on my hand. I felt her pussy spasms and felt her get wetter as her whole body shuddered and she moaned, cumming for at least 30 seconds (she has multiples pretty easily, lucky woman, I'm jealous!) I pulled my finger out of her now satisfied pussy and put her now soaking wet panties back in place.

After she calmed down we came out of the dark area and into a space where there was a little more light. My first couple of shots of cum had made it to her skirt and on my shirt and my cock and shorts were covered. Luckily we had some napkins in our backpack and grabbed them and we both wiped up as much as we could and put my now half-hard penis back inside my boxers and zipped up my shorts. Luckily the shorts were dark colored, so the cum stains didn't really show. My wife's skirt, however, was light grey so the cum stains on hers were noticable, but were on the outside edge of her left upper thigh/hip area so they weren't really obvious how they got there. We got to the end of the ride (it only takes about five minutes, and we both came in the middle) like nothing had happened. As she walked in front of me, however, I could see on the back of her skirt a small wet spot about the size of a large egg where her cum had soaked into the material when she came while I had her panties pulled aside. That only made me hard again because I have a thing for girls peeing their pants and it looked just like she had peed her skirt a little. I don't know how I made it through the fireworks and back to the hotel before jumping her, but we had some hot sex that night before collapsing exhausted!



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