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South Africa Fun

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South Africa Fun
I recently travelled to the Republic of South Africa on business. While there I had the opportunity to spend a few days at the home of a guy I met at the Cape Town Office. We had hit it off guickly and clearly felt a friendship.
I got to his house for a late dinner, and afterwhich retired to bed. Once he had shown me to my room, we said goodnight, and I closed the door. I shortly went into the private bathroom, and while I was in there I heard a noize outside the window. I looked outside and could not believe that I saw Phil walking around his back yard trying to spy through the bed room window. Not one to pass up such an exhibitionist opportunity, and realizing the bedroom light was on and the curtain open, I quickly removed all my clothes and left the bathroom for the bedroom. I pretended to not know he was outside the window.
After fiddling around with my suitcase, I went back into the bathroom to be sure he was still outside. He was, and it was obvious I had his attention. I went back into the bedroom, and leaving the light on, I laid down on the bed, on my back, and began enjoying my now hardening penis. I let Phil see me in all my glory. I masturbated on my back and on my stomach, and I even fucked the pillow. Finally, while on my back again I let it shoot all over my abdomen.
After I laid there a few minutes, I returned to the bathroom and looked out the window. He was still there, so I knew he had seen it all. I returned to the bed and turned off the light and went to sleep.
The next morning I awoke a little before the time we had agreed on for Phil to wake me at. I decided to see if I could set an exhibitionist trap. It worked. When he came to the door, he knocked so lightly I could hardly hear it. I was on my stomach, fucking the sheets, and I ever so slightly heard the door open. I knew he was standing in the door watching me. I had no sheets on, so my naked ass was humping up and down. I then arched my ass in the air and spread my legs so he could get a clear shot of my balls and hard dick.
A few minutes later I turned, slowly, over on to my back. Through a slit in my eyes I saw the doors close. Confused as to where he was going, I laid there awhile and then I noticed, through the corner of my eye, that Phil was back at the window. I let him watch for awhile. I then stood, and danced around some, flapping and jerking my dick for him to see. I then pretended to notice the time, and so I stoped and went into the bathroom to take a shower.
Phil again knocked at my bedroom door - louder this time. I pretended not to hear it and continued showering. Then I noticed he was at the open bathroom door talking to me. While we conversed he watched me shower. I noticed, too, how he was now naked as well. I got out of the shower, and while I towelled off he explained that he was a bit of a nudist and that he often did not get dressed while in his home. (I didn't tell him I had just seen him fully dressed looking in my window!). He said he would get dressed if nudism bothered me. I said it did not, and that I enjoyed it as well. He continued to talk with me and watch me while I took a leak. We then both went naked to breakfast.
During and after breakfast it turned out that Phil and I had some common interests. --Arron



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