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Soul Mate Share

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My lovely wife and I are writing this together. She is commenting and making sure I don't miss anything.


We were and still are soul mates. We met at school at 13, fell in love at 14 and married at 18. We have been together ever since and our sex life is nothing short of spectacular, innovative and adventurous. Even now, (and yes we did start at 13) after all these years, we are constantly thinking of each other and new and exciting things to do.

Of course, we have done everything (and yes, we mean everything) that it is possible for two people to do together, and in every location you can imagine, including, (especially?) outdoors.

So, one night, we were watching porn prior to having some fun and there was a threesome. Of course, the 'plot' of these films is flimsy, but the so-called man and wife were getting it on with another man in the room. You can guess the rest. I said to Claire, 'You know, I don't think I would like to watch another man screw you, but it is very erotic to think of another man fingering you.' Claire said 'Hmm. Well, come to that, I would like to watch you finger another girl. In fact, I WOULD like to watch you fuck another girl.' (Typical Claire... more adventurous than me.)

So it was that a few weeks later, we found ourselves in a position to try this out, well, at least part of it.

We were at a party in a hotel, and the dance floor was packed. It was obvious that Claire was getting a lot of attention from one man in particular. So, Claire said 'I think I could be on here.' I said, well, go for it, but remember fingers only.' 'And kissing?' I said 'Sure'.

We were staying in a room that had a large bay window and curtains that made the bay self contained from the room. It was big enough to have two small chairs and a table in there. So, in I went, curtains closed, almost, and video camera in hand. About ten frustrating minutes later, Claire and her new freind arrived. She was utterly magnificent, positioning herself so I could see easily what was going on. She told him clearly that there would be NO fucking only kissing, fingering and jacking off. Nothing else. She also told him she was married and fucking was only for her husband. He agreed, but I wouldn't have blamed him in the least if he had tried to go further. (He didn't, as it turned out)

So, they started to kiss, and Claire made sure they were sideways to me so I saw it clearly. She took his hand and placed it on her breast over her dress and then shrugged her shoulder straps off so that he was cupping her small but beautifully formed a cup breasts. Her dress fell to the floor and she guided his hand into her knickers. At the same time she explored him and got his trousers and pants off. His cock was hard and very long.

She started to jack him slowly and then she lay sideways across the bed so I had a great view of his fingers in her bare pussy as she jacked him against her stomach.

I can't imagine how he managed to NOT try to fuck her! Still, I guess the urgency of it all got to both of them because I started to hear the little sounds Claire makes just before she cums, and the language turned really dirty. Then there was a breathless series of 'Ohh Ohhh fuck.. Ohhhh shiiittttt' and my wife was cumming hard on his fingers. Almost instantly he blew a large load onto her tummy piercing.

They calmed down and then she said he had better leave. I came out from my hiding place with a hard on that actually hurt! My wife, lying there covered in sperm. WHAT a rush!

But she didn't let me fuck her. Instead, she said 'Now, we must see about your turn.' and we went back to the ballroom. It seemed like I would be hard for hours, but in fact it subsided although I felt desperately horny. Claire disappeared off into the crowd and came back with an old school freind of hers. Rachael hasn't changed much over the years, and Claire knew she was something of a sex addict even back at school. We all sat together drinking and talking about the past. Rachael said how jealous she was of me and Claire. 'I knew you were fucking when you were at school. Lucky sods'. Then the conversation went more sexual. Claire managed it beautifully at one point she said 'Sounds like you would have liked to have fucked him too!' Rachael said 'YES! I would have then and I would now.' So that let Claire say, 'Well, why don't you take him back to our room and do it'. And that said, she got up and left.

Rachael was more than up for it and I made sure Claire had time to go back to the room first.

Well, once we got there, Claire got her wish. Of course, we can't tell you the details here.

Afterwards though, Claire emerged from our little hiding place. Rachael didn't go back to her room that night.

So its left me with the knoweldge that I DO want to see my lovely wife getting screwed. Since that event in the hotel, our sex life, always hot, has not become nothing short of volcanic!

IF you have REALLY found your true soul mate, there is nothing you will deny each other. One word of warning though, if you HAVEN'T something like this can destroy marriages. Claire and I are inseperable and insatiable in our desire for each other. It is also our desire to please each other that give me pleasure when I see HER getting pleasure and visa versa.

Now, we both know this scene isn't for everyone, and we respect that. If you comment on this, please respect our decisions too.



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