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Sorority Stripper

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Sorority Stripper
This is the story of the most erotic exhibitionist experience I have ever had in my life. This happened when I was 20 years old, and engaged to be married to my current wife, Kim. She was a college junior at a Denver school at the time this story takes place. I was living in Chicago, and had never met most of her college friends because I never had the money to fly to Denver to visit her. She would go to school for 3 months, then come home for a break (spring break, summer vacation, Christmas etc.). During the time that she was home, we were inseparable, and when she was at school we would talk every day.
When I would call her at school I would sometimes catch one of her sorority sisters on the telephone while she was out somewhere, and over the course of the year I had become fairly close with most of them, and could tell them apart by their voices. Sometimes I would have sexy conversations with them on the phone, and other times the conversations would be harmless.
One evening I was at home alone on a Saturday night. I had worked 10 hours that day and was too tired to go out. The phone rang at 11:00, and it was Kim and five of her sorority sisters, all quite drunk. The six girls took turns passing the phone between each other for over an hour, all giggling and talking dirty to me. Kim and I had always had a very trusting relationship, so it didn‚??t bother her at all. I got kind of nasty on the phone with a couple of the girls, and this got them bolder and more vocal. I ended up masturbating while still on the phone, and Kim could tell what I was doing and told them. They all got quite the laugh about it.
The next day I got an e-mail from Kim. She knew that I was somewhat of an exhibitionist, and was wondering how far I was willing to go with it. I responded, asking what she had in mind. She said that every year the sorority girls all chip in and get a stripper (usually something lame from one of the stripping-telegram shops) for the final bash of the year. She said that she was the person elected to hire the stripper this year, and that with the money she had collected, she could buy me a round trip ticket to come out there‚?¶ the catch being that I would have to be the stripper for their party. The party was the last Saturday of school. The college was strict that night because Sunday was parents day, and therefore the enforced a curfew of 1:00AM. The frat parties were all closed down at midnight, so the girls all met back at the sorority house at 12:15, where the stripper would be waiting. He would then put on a show, usually 20 minutes or so, strip down to his g-string, and leave. The girls would then stay up for hours talking and laughing and remembering the stripper as much better than he actually was (due to the alcohol).
We went back and forth on the details, and it came down to this. I would fly in on Saturday afternoon, and Kim would pick me up at the airport without telling any of her sorority sisters. She would give me her car, and I would just hang out at a local mall until it closed at 9:30. I would then drive to the college and meet Kim at the house at 10:15 (as this years 'Mistress of Ceremonies', it was her duty to leave the party early and ready the house with all of the refreshments and to meet the stripper). There would be 18 college-aged sorority girls between the ages of 18 and 22 there, and Kim wanted me to put on a show no shorter than 15 minutes, but as long as I wanted. She also hoped that I would be willing to strip down further than the guys that they 'rented' from the telegram companies. Most of the girls would recognize me from the pictures that Kim had shown them, so they would all know who I was, and I would explain that in exchange for an airline ticket to visit my fiancé, I had agreed to be their boy-toy for the evening.
I thought about it for a while, then agreed to do it. I had 5 weeks to get ready. I was already in good shape at 6‚??1', 190 Lbs with a 31' waist. I didn‚??t quite have a washboard stomach, but it was close ‚?? you could definitely see my abs, and there was no fat on me. I enlisted the help of a very close female friend of mine at work, Sarah, and told her the details. Kim and Sarah had actually been friends long before I met either of them, and I actually met Kim through Sarah. I had started working straight out of high school, and met Sarah my second day on the job. She and I became fast friends, and although we flirted, there was never a spark. Sarah set me up with her friend Kim, and the rest, as they say, is history. Sarah and Kim were the wild girls whenever they got together, although most of their wildness was just for show.
Sarah thought my predicament was absolutely hilarious. She and I called Kim the following night, and she got Kim‚??s permission to help me shop for my outfit and teach me a dance routine. Kim thought that was an excellent idea, and told me that it would help me overcome my shyness taking off my clothes in front of women.
For the next 2 weeks Sarah and I went to dance bars after work and she helped me pick songs and learn to dance somewhat provocatively. She taught me some moves, and worked out a routine that I would practice when I was at home alone.
3 Saturdays before the big night, Sarah came to my house in the early evening, around 7:00. She was very excited and told me that she had gone shopping for outfits. She had picked a pair of black satiny dress pants, a white tuxedo shirt with snaps instead of buttons, and a very small black g-string with Velcro closures on both hips. We went into the basement (I was still living at my parents house, and they were not home) and she waited on the sofa while I went into the laundry room to change.
I could not believe the lack of coverage provided by the g-string, and decided that, were I to get he slightest hint of an erection, it would no longer fit me. The pants were the perfect size on me, and the tuxedo shirt was a little long in the sleeves (maybe 1 inch on each arm) but perfect everywhere else. I slipped on my black loafers and came out of the laundry room. Sarah was on the phone with Kim, and smiled when she saw me, but put up her hand to indicate to me that she wanted me to stay on the other side of the room, out of earshot. She told Kim that I looked great and then listened to a one-sided conversation. She then smiled broadly and whispered something that I couldn‚??t hear. She then handed the phone to me. Kim told me that she loved me, and asked if I loved her. I responded that I love her more than anything. She then asked if I trusted her. I said, a little apprehensively, yes. She told me that I was to do whatever Sarah wanted me to do in order to get ready for the party, because it was a huge deal at her sorority, and if I was a dud, she‚??d be in huge trouble for misappropriation of funds etc.
I told her that I would not let her down. She asked me to hand the phone back to Sarah, which I did. Sarah again said nothing after 'hi', listened for a minute or two, then hung up the phone.
'Well' she said. 'It‚??s time for your first show!'
'Right here? Now?' I asked.
'That‚??s one of the things that Kim and I were talking about on the phone. If you can‚??t do it in front of me, you‚??ll never be able to do it in front of all of those sorority girls.' She replied.
I reluctantly agreed, and sat down to talk about what she expected. She told me that, since it was the first time, I should do an abbreviated show ‚?? just to get the feel of it. She wanted me to dance the first song erotically, ending in my g-string. I should then do all of my erotic moves and so forth to the second song, and about halfway through I should take off the g-string. I stammered a bit, and she reiterated that if I couldn‚??t do it in front of her, I would never be able to do it in Denver.
I got up and went to the stereo. I put in the tape we had made, and started the music. I was a little nervous for the first 30 seconds or so, but loosened up a bit as I got going. Just as the song ended, I was stepping out of my pants. The second song kicked in, and I began bumping and grinding and rubbing my hands over my body. I started to feel embarrassed and excited at the same time, when the Velcro suddenly gave way on one side. The reason the Velcro gave way was that the damn g-string had suddenly become 2 sizes too small.
Yup ‚?? I had a boner. Somehow I had, in less than 5 seconds, gone from flaccid to totally erect. I must have turned at least a dozen shades of red as I struggled to close the Velcro and cover my erection, but Sarah said sternly 'If you can‚??t do it in front of me‚?¶'
I slowly turned toward her, and moved my hands. My already hard cock throbbed once, which pulled it the rest of the way out of the little pouch that now contained only my balls. I slid my hand down to the other Velcro fastener, gently pulled it apart, and let the g-string fall to the floor. I was now standing, completely naked, exposed and erect, in front of Sarah, my fiancé‚??s best friend. She told me to keep dancing, which I did ‚?? awkwardly ‚?? for the remaining 40 seconds or so of the song. I then dashed to the sofa and grabbed the throw blanket, wrapping it around my waist.
Sarah pointed out, very business-like, the places in my routine that were lacking, and then asked if I planned to have a boner in Denver. I told her that I didn‚??t plan on having one here, but that I couldn‚??t help it. She said the she thought it was a good touch, and would be an added bonus for the frat girls. Then she told me to put the g-string on and to practice the second half of the show again.
I looked at her dumbfounded. She repeated her mantra 'if you can‚??t do it in front of me...'
At that, I got up, donned the g-string as best I could over my still raging erection, and danced to song 3. The g-string stayed on until I took it off this time, but really only covered my balls and the first 2 inches of my cock. I imagine that I looked pretty stupid with the end of my dick hanging out of the top of a g-string, but Sarah didn‚??t let on.
After I had finished my second practice, Sarah had me do it again and again. By the fourth time, I was soft enough to stuff myself back into the g-string, but something unexpected happened. Right after I took the g-string off, my dick started to grow, and within a minute was at full erection again. Sarah loved it, and had a good time giving me shit about how she had discovered my secret, and that I‚??m just a little show-off.
Two more dances and Sarah said that I had it down pretty well. She told me that it was time for the next phase in my training. I asked what she meant, and she said 'baptism by fire'.
She picked up the phone and called her friend Sue. Sue was a friend of hers whom I had never met, but had heard about. Obviously she was expecting the call, and after only a few seconds on the phone, Sarah hung up. Sarah explained to me that she had discussed this with Kim, and they had decided that the only way to be sure that I was ready for the large audience that was in store for me, that I had to get used to an audience. She told me that we were going to Sue‚??s apartment, which was about a 10 minute drive from my house, and that I would be performing for a real audience. I objected, but the tent that I was making in the throw blanket betrayed me.
I dressed in my new outfit and got into Sarah‚??s car. We drove the short distance to Sue‚??s apartment, and were buzzed in when we arrived. When we got upstairs, I was shocked, dismayed, and extremely aroused to find that Sue had 3 girlfriends over. All 4 of the girls were attractive, but younger. Sue was an 18 year old high school senior, one year younger than Sarah, Kim and I. Sue‚??s three friends were also in high school, two of them seniors and the third a junior. They were all on pom-poms together, as had been Sarah when she went to school with them. Sue had moved in next door to Sarah during Sarah‚??s sophomore year in high school, and had been friends ever since. I learned that Sue‚??s parents were out of town, and that she was staying with Vicki, the junior. The other two girls were named Stephanie and Jessica, not that it matters at all to the story. All of the girls knew why I was there, and were all giggling like‚?¶ well, like schoolgirls!
In the car on the way over Sarah and I had talked, and I had resigned myself to putting on the show, because she was right. If I couldn‚??t do it in front of a couple of girls, what made me think I‚??d be able to do it in front of a dozen and a half?
By now it was about 9:45, and the four girls had been drinking for quite some time. They were all pretty buzzed, but none of them extremely drunk. They were all calling for the show to start, and Sarah calmed them down. She explained to the group, talking mostly to the three surprise guests, what I was going to be doing, and why. She told them that I was engaged, and that this was not going to turn into anything more than a one-sided strip show. They all cheered at that, saying how infrequent it is for one, let alone five women to have one man naked and sexy without the pressure to be putting out!
After getting everyone another drink (and slamming a shot myself) I put in my tape. I was going to do a three song set, the first song dancing provocatively and removing my shirt near the middle, removing my pants during the first minute of the second song, and then my g-string at the beginning of the third. I worried about getting another erection, and managed to keep it down throughout most of the dance. When the third song started, I began moving my hips with my ass facing the 'audience'. I pulled the Velcro straps off and flung the g-string backwards over my head to the girls. I was now naked facing away from them without an erection. So far so good. I turned slowly around, and began moving my hips suggestively while lightly running my hands over my chest and ass.
Then it happened. I started to get hard again. It took a good minute to grow to full erection, but by the time the song ended, I was hard enough to drive nails into wood. The girls were screeching their approval and whistling catcalls. I felt myself blushing as the song finally and mercifully ended. Sarah was right there, though, to tell me that I still needed work, and that I seemed to hesitant and awkward when I took off the g-string. She took it back from Vicki (who had caught it when I took it off) and had me put it back on. She rewound the tape, and I had to go through the final song again. The girls were loving every minute of it. I ended up dancing to the third part 3 times before Sarah was satisfied with my performance. By now I was so turned on that I had a perpetual erection that would not go down. I had been dressed for 20 minutes, saying our goodbye‚??s to the girls, and still I was harder than quantum physics. When we got back to my parents house, they were home and sitting in the family room watching TV. I snuck through the house and darted to the basement where I was able to change into my regular clothes without them getting suspicious of anything. Sarah and I sat and talked with them for a few minutes, and then adjourned to the basement.
We called Kim (it was now about 11:45) and talked to her for a while. She was extremely amused that I had the perpetual erection, and said that her sorority sisters will absolutely love it if I dance down to a hard-on. Sarah kept whispering things to Kim on the phone, and neither would tell me what they were on about. We finally hung up with Kim at 12:30, and Sarah and I decided to shoot a game of pool and have a been before going home. I stood up, and that‚??s when Sarah noticed that I still had a hard-on. I was so embarrassed. She made fun of me for a minute or two, then dropped it and played pool, making only the occasional snide comment about my extra pool cue.
Over the next few weekends I danced for Sarah about 30 more times, and for her friend Sue and her three friends at least 7 or 8 more times. I got much better as time went on, but could not seem to end the dance with anything less than a full erection.
Sarah wanted to test something, and the week before I was to go to Denver she and sue came over to my parents house on a Saturday night when my parents were out late. The three of us sat around drinking, me performing my routine 2 different times (the full 20 minute, 5 song show) over the course of the evening. Then, after the second show, I was not allowed to dress or cover up. Sarah wanted me to remain naked, just doing normal things. She wanted to see if my erection would finally subside. We discovered that it would, after 10 minutes or so, but as soon as they would start talking about my dick again, up it would spring. This amused them, and they played with me a few times, letting me go soft, then talking me back up. After a little over an hour with no clothes on, I was aching, and begging for them to let me dress. I explained to them what 'blue balls' was, and they were intrigued. They couldn‚??t believe that I was actually in pain because I couldn‚??t come.
Then Sarah told me that she had been speaking with Kim on the phone all week, and that they had decided that If I HAD to get an erection, that I had to do something with it. Since we had determined that there was no way to prevent the erection, I had to show the sorority girls how I used it.
Had someone told me that it would happen, I would have called them a liar and claimed it impossible, but it happened all the same. My dick actually got harder. My cock was so hard that I could‚??ve fucked a hole in concrete at that moment. Sue and Sarah could see this, and both had smiles on their faces.
'Okay, stud-boy' said Sarah. 'Kim has put me in charge of your training, and we are now going to the next level.'
I smiled, half heartedly wondering if maybe she was kidding, but secretly hoping she was not. 'What‚??s the next level?' I asked.
'Get your g-string on, put on the last song, and dance the final strip portion, but this time, play with your dick for us. When the song is over, lay on the floor in front of us, and tell us that you want to cum for us ‚?? to show us how a man pleasures himself when he thinks about the woman he loves'
Again, my dick got harder. I think I could‚??ve cracked diamonds with it.
I put on my g-string and started the tape while the girls sat down. I danced better than I ever had before, running my hands all over my body while grinding my hips to the beat of the music. When the song ended I dropped to my hands and knees, crawled over to where the girls were sitting on the couch, and slowly turned over to expose myself to them again.
'I want to masturbate for you' I said, timidly. 'Can I cum for you?'
Sarah‚??s mouth was agape, and Sue actually had to swallow the drool that was about to leak from here open mouth. Neither could speak, but Sarah nodded.
'I want to cum for you,' I repeated. 'Will you let me cum for you?'
Again, Sarah managed to nod as I began slowly stroking my cock. Even I was surprised at how rigid it felt in my hand. As my hand slowly glided up and down the 7-¬Ĺ inch shaft, Sue‚??s eyes widened and focused on my every movement. I was so incredibly turned on, and my hips were thrusting on the floor as I slowly fucked my hand. I slowed my stroking when I felt orgasm approaching, because I didn‚??t want it to end. After the wave of pleasure subsided, I resumed my stroking. The girls intently watching as I once again approached orgasm. My eyes focused back and forth between Sue and Sarah as I pumped away with my fist, and their eyes were glued to my cock.
As I gazed at Sarah, she slowly turned her gaze to my eyes, and broke an affectionate smile. That threw me over the edge, and I make a small moan as my orgasm started. Sarah‚??s head snapped back to my crotch, and seconds later I shot a stream of cum that hit me in the chin and made a puddle in my neck. The second jet landed on my chest, and the third, fourth and fifth all on my stomach. I continued to stroke my still hard dick for a moment, milking out all of the cum.
After a few moments, Sarah finally broke the silence saying 'Whew! That was pretty good, but what do you think, Sue, should we have him do it again?'
We all broke into laughter and after a few minutes I got up, cleaned myself up in the laundry room, put on my g-string and pants, and went upstairs to make a sandwich. The girls followed me up, and we sat and talked until we heard my parents‚?? car pull in the driveway. We all ran down the stairs and I quickly changed (in front of the girls, this time) into my jeans and tee shirt. The girls left, and about an hour later Kim called. She told me that she couldn‚??t wait to see me jerk off, and that if the show was half as sexy as Sarah described it, they‚??d all be in for a real big treat.
The next week went by fairly normally, and I was so busy at work preparing for my week-long vacation that I didn‚??t have time to rehearse with Sarah until Friday night. That was when Sarah told me that she was going with me, because she wasn‚??t going to miss this for the world.
She then told me that Sue had told her friends Vicki, Jessica and Stephanie about the masturbation portion of the show, and that they were dying to see it. She had made plans for all of us to meet at Stephanie‚??s house, as her parents played bridge every Friday night and wouldn‚??t be home until midnight or 12:30.
When we got there, there were 10 girls from the pom-pom squad sitting there waiting for me, not believing that anything that was promised would happen. I was extremely uncomfortable but I preformed the show for them just the same (if you can‚??t do it for us‚?¶). This time I was able to keep my orgasm at bay for close to 15 minutes before draining what seemed like a gallon of cum onto my chest and stomach. The girls were screaming and cheering and squealing at the top of their lungs. I cleaned up, thanked them for helping me, and Sarah and I left. We went to my house and packed my bag, then went to Sarah‚??s house where I helped her pack. We called Kim and told her of the events of the evening, and the 11-girl audience that I had played to (including Sarah). Kim said that she was psyched, and couldn‚??t wait for us to get there.
Saturday was very uneventful, and Sarah and I were pretty bored at the mall. Sarah tried on some stuff at Victoria‚??s Secret just to try to turn me on, and it definitely worked. When we left the mall at closing time we made our way to the college campus. We parked the car behind the sorority house and went in through the back door. Kim was waiting for us, and gave me another big, wet kiss. She told me that she was SOO excited to see me do this, and could hardly wait for midnight, which was still an hour and a half away. I went up to Kim‚??s room and got myself ready while Kim and Sarah cleaned up and made the refreshments in the kitchen. I was tempted to masturbate several times, but refrained. At around 12:15, Sarah came up to the room and asked if I was ready. I said that I was as ready as I‚??d ever be, and followed her down the stairs. I waited around the corner, and listened to Kim explain that she had done something rather unique with stripper fund this year, and although she had not exactly hired a professional stripper, she was sure that no one would be disappointed.
At that, I walked around the corner into a room full of college women. 20 people doesn‚??t sound like a large crowd, but when you‚??re the center of attention, and everyone (including you) knows that you‚??re about to be naked, it seems like the most crowded room you‚??ve ever been in. I was immediately recognized by well over half of the girls in the room, and the murmurs quickly spread the news to those who hadn‚??t yet connected the face to the person.
I jumped right in, explaining that I had made a deal with Kim, and that in exchange for an airline ticket, I was going to be the evening‚??s entertainment.
'I‚??m an exhibitionist,' I said. 'I get sexually aroused when women are enjoying my body, so I hope that you all will enjoy me tonight.'
The gasps in the room let me know that no one knew what to expect.
'I‚??ve spoken to all of you on the phone over the past year, and I‚??ve gotten to know you quite well. I want you all to know me, too. Do you all want to see me perform for you?' I queried.
No one spoke until Kim shouted, 'Let‚??s see you strut your stuff, stud-man!'
With that, a few of the girls started clapping. I began clapping, too, and started bouncing around the room trying to get the girls who were not clapping into it. Within a minute I had the whole room chanting my name and clapping.
With that, I nodded to Sarah, who pushed 'Play'.
The clapping got louder, and the moment took me, I was out of my shirt and pants by the end of the second song, and used the third and fourth songs to make my rounds of the room, dirty-dancing with each of the girls there. When the fifth song started, I returned to the center of the room, and faced the crowd. I put my hands on my hips, and slowly slid them to the Velcro tabs. I grasped the tabs and slowly began to gyrate my hips. The cheers from the girls grew deafeningly loud, and I took that as my cue to continue.
I spun around, tore off the g-string, and flung it over my head into the crowd. I then ran my hands slowly down my body, stopping at my stomach, and slowly turned around. Once again, the cheers grew louder, and as I started dancing again, my erection began to grow. The girls were all mesmerized, and well before the last two minutes of the song had played out, I was standing at full attention.
I continued to gyrate my hips after the music had ended, and kept my eyes closed. I slowly stopped, and opened my eyes as if peeking.
'I‚??m sorry.' I said. 'You ladies are all just so alluring, and you really appreciated my show. You get me so aroused that I don‚??t know what to do!'
'I want to thank you girls for watching me' I continued. 'I want to give you something to show you my appreciation, but I have nothing on me, as you can plainly see.'
They laughed.
'I want to show you how turned on it makes me when you watch me. Will you let me show you how hot and how hard you make me?'
They were all fairly silent, the cheering had stopped, and every eye was on me. Sarah and Kim had huge grins on their faces.
I dropped to my knees and crawled to the center of the room.
'I want to show you how hot you make me, and what your men all do when they think about you when they‚??re alone at night.' I said, trying to sound demure. 'Do you want to see me touch myself?'
Kim and Sarah started clapping, and soon the rest of the room was chanting my name again. I slowly began to stroke my hard cock, and after only a minute felt an approaching orgasm. I released my cock, and it bounced and throbbed visibly and the open-mouthed stares turned to smiles of arousal. After a good dozen or so seconds, I once again took my cock into my hand and resumed my stroking. I repeated this 3 or 4 times, and after about 10 minutes, I looked up at the crowd.
'May I cum for you now?' I asked.
The room once again erupted with cheers, as I increased the intensity with which I screwed my fist. After another minute, I felt the orgasm building inside of me. I squeezed the base of my cock with my left hand while my right continued it‚??s piston action on the shaft. The orgasm was backed up behind my left hand like kinking a garden hose. I released the pressure of my left hand and shot a rope of thick sperm right over my head onto the floor. The second stream hit me in the chin, and the orgasm was nowhere near subsiding. I shot at least 6 more healthy streams of cum onto my stomach and chest before it was finally over. The girls were all staring in awe. Kim was beaming and Sarah was smiling like the Cheshire cat. I was handed a towel, cleaned up, and then stood around talking to everyone for a few moments before slipping away to get dressed. The show ended at 5 minutes to 1:00, and at just around 10 after there was a knock on the door. Campus security was making sure that all residents were home and accounted for. The RA (who had watched my show) assured security that everyone was home, and that no one who didn‚??t belong was there.
I came back down and had a few beers with the ladies, and my ego swelled 10 fold listening to them talk about what a good body, hot ass and big dick I had. Around 2:00 I went to bed with Kim, Sarah sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor next to the bed, and had really great sex. We caught and interrupted Sarah masturbating and decided that we needed to have a circle jerk. We turned the lights back on, and all stripped. I was finally seeing Sarah naked after all of this time. She had a really nice body, with tits just a little larger than Kim‚??s, and a dark, neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. Kim is a red head with a sparse patch of light orange hair just above her lips with 34B breasts.
We all sat on the floor in a triangle and I started the group off. I grabbed my cock and started to lightly stroke it. Kim put her hand between her legs and gently began to rub her clit. Sarah then joined the action, and was soon franticly finger fucking herself. Kim came first, and the sounds of her orgasm seemed to push Sarah over the top, and moments later Sarah was crying out in ecstasy. I was working on my third orgasm in 2 hours, and was therefore a little slower than they. They watched intently as I finally came close and then shot my load. We all stayed up, naked, and talked until we fell asleep.
Sarah and I stayed with Kim and went home with her the following Friday, after her last final. Every night that week I would help her study, and I would reward her by playing a game in the main room of the house. A few of the girls would gather around, and Sarah would quiz Kim with her study questions. For every 10 questions she got right, I would lose a piece of clothing. I usually wore shorts, sandals, boxers and a shirt, so she would need to get 40 questions correct before I was naked. we would then go to Kim‚??s room, and I would masturbate for Kim and Sarah to watch, begging their permission to let me cum.
On the drive home, Sarah and Kim enacted the rule that I was not allowed to be dressed when in the hotel room. I couldn‚??t wear my boxers, so when we went out I usually had on only my shorts, shirt and sandals, which I would take off immediately upon entering the hotel room.



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