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This happened five years ago


I had gone to the Urologist because I felt a cyst on one of my balls so the doctor told me it was very common but to make sure he would send me out for a Sonogram. I made the appointment and I was nervous about the results if I may have had Cancer. I was not in the right frame of mind and hadn't beat off in weeks and had no desire to so because I was scared to.

I got called into the room and the lady introduced herself as Natalie and said she would be providing my test today. I told her I was nervous and she said its ok she has done these sonograms before. I realized she was about 10 years older than me maybe 40 years old. She reminded me of an 80's metal chick. She looked so familiar but I couldn't place her face. She told me to undress to my boxers and t-shirt and to lay on the table on my back. She said what I want you to do is to pull your boxers down a bit and take your penis and pull it up to your belly and leave your testicles out. My balls were so nervous they were hiding in my stomach. I said I am nervous she's like I can tell and we had a laugh for a second. She said relax it will take about 15 minutes and it will all be over soon.

Natalie said this may be warm as she put the jelly on my balls and used this machine that has a ball on it. She began to move the ball around massaging my balls with the machine. I could feel my balls descend from the heat. She said you doing ok you don't appear nervous anymore? I'm ok now and she said yes you are and she looked at me like she liked what she saw. She said exactly where do you feel the cyst and I showed her on the bottom left. She had my balls in one hand and I thought it was me but she began to massage them. She said I have to squeeze these a bit so I can get a more accurate reading.

Every once in a while she would hit the lower part of my dick with the device and it felt so good. She went back to my balls what seemed like forever and all of a sudden I got the orgasm tingle like I may be starting my orgasm so I said STOP! She said did I hurt you what's wrong? I caught my breath and said I don't know how to say this so I am just going to say it. I almost had an orgasm. I said I am sorry but I haven't had one in a long time and you got me all worked up!. She started to laugh a little and said we still have like 10 minutes to go.

She got some paper towels and told me to put it under the xray mat laying over my penis and said if it happens it happens we can't stop the test any longer. She said I still have to do the area below your testicles a bit so I am going to need you to put your left knee up. She starting rubbing the under part my balls between my balls and ass. She said are you doing ok? She said I normally wouldn't be talking to you like this but I have to know you said you haven't had an orgasm in a long time how long has it been? I said about two weeks I don't have a girlfriend but I usually like to cum once a day. She said there is nothing wrong with that.

She said we have about five more minutes and she seemed to be massaging me again with my balls in her hand and she was taking her left thumb and was rubbing the lower part of my dick that was exposed. I got the tingle again and said I think I am going to cum. She put down the device and right under my balls I guess where the prostate gland is she started to press down with both of her thumbs and push up to my balls very quickly. I started to cum and I must have came for over 30 seconds and had over 10 strong contractions. She started laughing and said how do you feel now? I said that was the best orgasm I ever had in my life. She said she never seen any man ever come as hard as me. She lifted up the xray guard mat and picked up the paper towel it was drenched in my cum. My dick was still as hard as a board and it shot straight up. She said that was a huge load and threw the paper towel in the basket. I said I have a lot more in there. I said you know the funny thing is I think I can cum again. She said really? I said I am so fucking horny right now you have no idea.

Natalie said wait a second and went to make sure the door was locked. She said sit back and relax and got some gel and squirted it on my dick, mixed it with my cum and took off her gloves and started working my dick with both of her hands twisting as she was going up and down. She started whispering to me you like me rubbing your dick oh yea I know you like it. Look in my eyes when I am talking to you. She would rub the head of my dick with her palm a few times and with her other hand she was rubbing my balls and massaging my under carriage again. I said I am going to cum again and she went back to twisting her hands on my dick and again I shot a load it went straight up in the air like two feet and landed on my stomach stream after stream I finally stopped coming which seemed like forever but she kept stroking the head of my dick and it was so sensitive. I started to squirm and she said she wanted to get it all out and she took her palm and rubbed very hard on the head of my dick I was twitching all over. She said look who has a sensitive dick now you think you can cum again? I begged her to stop and she did finally. I was so out of breath and I just layed there spent. She said you better clean up.

Can I return the favor? and she said the only thing I want you to do is watch me. She lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. I could tell she shaved and her clit was also pierced so I knew right right away she was into having orgasms. She tore into her pussy in circular motions and in about a minute she let out a little yelp and started her orgasm she was was whispering FUCK O FUCK Oh Yea Im cumming I'm Cumming and she slid two fingers in her pussy and then started on her clit again. Her legs buckled from standing and her thighs were shaking. I was in shock and wanted her so bad. She slapped her clit a few times moved her panties back in place and pulled down her skirt. I said that may have been the hottest thing that has ever happened to me.

Natalie looked at me very serious and said we have to keep this very quiet because I can lose my job. I said I wouldn't say a word to anyone I promise. She said you don't remember me do you? I said you know me? She's like we don't know each other but we met like 10 years ago at a wedding you were dating my cousin Jill. She was right you do have a nice dick and smiled took her clip board and told me to get dressed and she would see me at the front desk.

In shock I was getting dressed going over everything that just had happened. Were her intentions all along to get me off? I wandered in a daze up to the desk she said if you have any questions you can give me a call at this number and handed me her card.

I called her that night on her personal cell number and she said she knew it was me from my name and age and address when she saw it in the computer and she made sure I got to see her. She said when we do a testicle exam we don't normally do what I was doing to you today but I hope you enjoyed it. My cousin Jill said you had a big dick and loved to stroke it all the time in front of her and you loved that she liked to finger herself to you beating off. She told me a ton of your stories that made me wet. I never thought I would get the chance again so I took matters into my own hands.

Turns out me and Natalie went out a few times and had great sexual chemistry but she ended up moving out of state because she lost her job because of medical cuts. We speak on the phone and have phone sex here and there. I plan on visiting her sometime next month and I can't wait for our next encounter.



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