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This is a sad but true story


I grew up in Mexico City. My father was a policeman. We lived in a small house in a nice area. I have an older sister Sonia, who is two years older than me.

When I was eight, my father was shot during a bank robbery. He was robbing the bank. Shortly afterwards, my sister, mother and I moved into a small apartment over a restaurant/night-club where my mother took a job as a bartender.

I know now that my mother worked as a prostitute. At the time she just said she had many 'boyfriends'.

At first my sister and I had separate rooms in the back of the apartment but as my mother began to take in more clients she moved Sonia and I into a big bedroom at the front of the apartment, overlooking the street. Mother worked at night and would go to the club at 6:00 PM, returning home in the early morning to get us up for school. We had the evenings to ourselves.

My mother placed a bookcase and our dressers in the middle of the room so that we had some privacy; however we could still see and hear everything that was going on in the room. My sister and I were very close and most nights she would climb into my bed and sleep with me or I with her.

Often Sonia would get up in the night and sneak down the hall to see what my mother was doing. Anytime I tried to do the same she would make me go back to our room.

I recall seeing my sister masturbate for the first time. She had gotten into my bed but had returned to her side of the bookcase after I had fallen asleep. I awoke to hear her moaning and saw that she was lying on the bed with her legs open rubbing herself. After a moment she saw I was watching and stopped. I asked her what she was doing and she said it was something that felt good.

Sonia began to masturbate most nights. She never tried to hide it from me. She would often give herself an orgasm and then get into bed with me. I can recall that musky smell of a woman's wet vagina even today. I was always a bit jealous as I thought that it was only something a girl could do. I was getting erections but I had not yet figured out what to do with them yet.

One night I was in bed with Sonia, who was sleeping and I started to play with myself. Almost immediately; I climaxed but did not ejaculate.

I had no idea what had just happened. The next night I started to do it again but this time Sonia saw me and I stopped. She reached over and took my penis in her hand and squeezed it rhythmically until I came. From that night on we masturbated together most nights, talking about how it felt. We very rarely touched each other.

This all changed when Sonia began her period. She changed into a different person. She was often angry and she fought with my mother constantly. We never slept in the same bed anymore but she masturbated more than ever and I would watch through the bookcase as she did. By this time I was 15 and was able to ejaculate semen when I came.

When Sonia was 17 she was a well developed woman, curvy with full breasts and a hairy vagina. One afternoon she brought an older boy from school home. They went into the bedroom for a while and then he left in a hurry. I found Sonia on the bed, naked with semen on her belly, crying.

Over the next year or so, Sonia began to have 'boyfriends' of her own. I would often watch her make love and masturbate.

When I was old enough to go to High School I was sent to live in the US with an uncle. I kept in touch with my Mother and Sister at first but one day the telephone was disconnected. My uncle was told me that my mom had gotten in trouble with the police and she had moved.

I have lost them forever.



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