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Son in Law

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I changed names and some details so as not to be identified but the rest is key to a great story


I'm recently widowed, my daughter and her husband are moving back to the area. He has been interviewing, and looking for a house and my daughter has been back east finishing out her job. It's been nice having a man around. The house has never looked better. I do his laundry and clean, he does pretty much everything else. He is a rehab therapist and with massage certification, and a wonderful cook.

He will have a job soon, but until then I enjoy the pampering and occasional massage. They get together every other weekend, but it is clear that's not enough for Ken. I've found evidence of wet dreams many times. I think he was self conscious about it or embarrassed because it always seemed to be the nights after he gave me a massage that the next morning the sheets would need to be changed. I reassured him it was entirely natural and to be expected given Becca's absence. He apologized but said with it so hot he could not bare sleeping with even underwear.

The thought of him sleeping nude just down the hall was fuel for many a late night workouts with my vibe. One morning when he had an early physical, I noted that he was not up. I went to knock on his door, but it had blown open during the night. He was spread eagled with a hard on that could double as a bat. I stood there admiring it until he stirred, I closed the door and knocked. I don't think he saw me prior but that evening we got to talking and joking about his sheets and the loss of my spouse and our need for release and physical attention.

I commented I really appreciated his massages. He said it was nothing, I admitted to going to my room after for further attention. He suggested he was not much of a masturbator. He had always had a more direct form of release available. Having seen his tenderloin at full attention, I could see why. The conversation turned more and more personal. I was soaked and he was obviously sporting a hard on. He asked if my husband and I had ever masturbated each other. I told him as his health failed that was the only way I could satisfy him. I would spend over an hour working him to orgasm. Ken's eyes went big apparently he had a slow trigger and Becca lost interest in wanking him after 5 or 10 minutes. She was always accepting of a good romp and frequently got off more than once before he found release. But sometimes he just wore her out and needed manual stimulation to finish himself. She rarely complied and took issue with him tending to his own needs saying, save it for the morning. Apparently they would do it morning and night still after three years of marriage. I assured Ken that I would have a talk with Becca about a mans need for release and that the act of sex alone is not enough. Ken said that would be great but was worried it would be as though it had come from him. I reassured him I had a book that would get the message across.

Ken offered a massage as a thank you. I was soaked and said I needed a shower first. The sexy talk and the thought of getting pounded morning and night with his hammer had me quickly cumming twice in the shower. The massage got me going again I hadn't been this horny in years. As Ken started working my glutes he started asking me about how I took care of things. I told him of my vibrators one rabbit one clit oscillator type. As his oiled hands approached my crotch he commented that it seemed I was highly aroused. I was but I did not admit it.

He asked me if I would show him how I did it because that was something Becca and he had not shared and he would like to know how to better please her through masturbation that way he might get the same when he needed it. I responded how about I explain some things instead. I told him with most women it's more about the clit than the insertion but it helps to have something to contract around. I told him to get things wet and slippery don't put direct pressure on the clit work around it in circles. Watch her expressions light touching and scratching of the abdomen and tits are nice. When she starts getting real worked up massage her tits and pull her nipples. Sucking them is nice but no teeth. Keep working in circles around the clit if after 5 or ten minutes she has not cum rub directly on the clit with increasing speed and pressure, as she is at the point of no return make sure her pussy has something to contract around. All this time my massage was continuing. He asked me to flip over. I did so and my nipples were like granite.

The towel I was laying on was soaked and Ken had a hard on that was nearly ripping his shorts. All his massages had always been very professional even this one. Then he crossed the line he asked can I try. I was so horny I could not say no. In my deluded way of thinking I was helping my daughter and her husband. I closed my eyes and as a coach would direct an player I lead him to my inevitable climax. It was awesome!!! He took direction well, when I came it must have lasted two minutes. When I collapsed back on the massage table I thought I might not ever move again. It took almost five minutes for my breathing to normalize. It finally dawned on me what had happened and I was mortified. Ken told me that this is the only way he could learn. I assured him he was a very quick study and he would do fine.

Then he stepped over the line again how do I teach Becca to do me. I couldn't believe after three years of marriage this was an issue but apparently it was. I told him to just have her try different things and tell her what you like best. Apparently jacking is not in Becca's bag of tricks. With a husband with a 10' baseball bat that will not go flat, she was never left wanting. She apparently enjoys sex so much; she never felt the need to expand their horizons. Oh to be young.

I suggested he take matters to himself, but he asked me to give him pointers. This was almost beyond credulity. Here was a nearly 30 year old man that has had dozens if not hundreds of sex partners and never learned to do himself or direct a woman to please him.

I asked him what his past girlfriends did, apparently he never needed help getting or staying hard and they were all more interested in getting his meat between their legs than wasting a good hard on with wanking. It turns out that other than a couple times when he was out of condoms his release has been latex raped and deeply embedded. When I was growing up you needed to learn the manual arts to avoid getting an STD or pregnant. Now they are handing out condoms in sixth grade and if you are a stud you apparently never learn the fine arts of oral or masturbation.

He started and I described variations he could try. I asked him how each feel and whether or not he would want Becca to do that to him. As I advanced in technique there were some that he could not do. The two hand twist and wank really can not be done solo. He asked me to show him I was so randy I just wanted to hop on. I was beginning to see why intercourse was his main if not nearly exclusive release. I remembered how he had taken care of me and I allowed as such that I would show him some of my tried and true, sure fire, wank techniques. (pun intended)

I started with the two hand twist he began leaking pre cum I had to taste it. How I missed that taste. I kept quizzing him as to what felt good and finally settled on what I would describe as a polish twist. With one hand I polished is gland with circular motions and with the other I did a twisting wank. When he finally came it was HUGE there must have been ten spurts. My hands were coated. I could not help myself I licked them clean. When he finally caught his breath, Ken remarked that was the best orgasm he has ever had. I told him Becca was a smart girl and she could be taught. I asked if he could explain it well enough. He quipped that he had is eyes closed but if I keep showing him he was sure he could learn well enough to teach her.

We now do some variation of this nearly every night he has learned to be masterful with my toys. He bought Bacca an oscillator vibe and a clone a cock dildo, for when they are apart. I told him I want one to.

I told him that when Becca moves back that our play must end. He will hear none of it, in fact he intends to try to talk Becca into a mother daughter three way, when she moves back, since I don't get any any more. If Becca ever found out what we have been doing I would die, and I told Ken that. In his mind it is not cheating. So I asked him if Becca were doing what we do would that be cheating? His only reply was, but you eat my cum. It clearly has been a slippery slope since slick Willy distributed in the oval orifice. I would not say no to a romp if Bacca were on board (again pun intended) but I don't see that happening. I will say I'll have mixed feelings about her coming home.



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