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Sometimes You Just Have To Go For It.

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A widower suddenly finds himself in love again.


Through their grade school and high school years, my daughter Mindy had been best friends with Stephanie (not their real names). I got to watch them both develop from little girls to raving beauties. At 18, Stephanie was 5'8" tall, quite slim with long straight hair and the cutest little half-lemon sized titties. I often masturbated fantasizing about making love to her, masturbating together with her, teaching her the ins and outs of it all.

One day she was at the house twittering and giggling with Mindy. They had lost track of time and suddenly my daughter noticed that she was in danger of being late for work. She didn't have enough time to drive Stephanie home, so I volunteered.

During the drive, I commented to Stephanie how beautiful she is and she blushed. I decided then was the time to play out an idea I had been cultivating for some time. I casually said "Stephanie, have you ever done any modelling, semi-nude or nude?"

She gasped in surprise at my question, then indignantly and emphatically said "No." I pressed on. "Why not, you would be stunning in pictures. I could snap a few shots and give you the memory card so you can see for yourself." She knows I am a fashion photographer, accustomed to working with beautiful models all the time.

"I would never do that Mr. D."

"Well I would encourage you to consider it. You could use the pictures just to admire yourself, or share with your boyfriends or whatever."

"Thanks for the compliment, but I don't think so."

Arriving at her house, as she was getting out I said "If you change your mind, get back to me."

"Thanks for the ride." she said tersely and slammed the door, not even waving good-bye.

She obviously told my daughter because a couple of days later, Mindy told me I shouldn't have done that. I began to feel ashamed for having tried. I just looked at the floor while Mindy glared at me. Then she said that Stephanie wants to do it.

It took a few moments to sink in, what she had said. I looked back up and asked her to repeat it. "You heard me perfectly" she said. Not fully believing, I rang Stephanie's cell and asked her if she had changed her mind and she confirmed it. We arranged for a time and day and ended the call while my mind was racing. I felt like a schoolboy's who had just held his first tit, warm in his hand, in the movie theater.

When the day arrived, my daughter brought Stephanie over to the house then left. She didn't want to be around during the shoot.

I had already briefed Stephanie on some preliminaries and had gotten her to sign the model's release, even though the images would not be for publication. I needed it for my own protection.

As instructed, she hadn't worn a bra or any tight clothes during the previous 24 hours (to avoid any visible lines or stripes), and she had showered and trimmed her nails and bush. She looked like a million dollars.

On video, I questioned her once more to confirm her assent while showing proof of age.

I led her to my studio and let her pick out the backdrop. We started with some clothed shots, to get her loosened up. I directed her, while clothed, through most of the poses we would shoot later in various states of undress, just to familiarize her with the process and the strange body positions which look great in photos but are often times uncomfortable and awkward for the model.

Moving on to the topless series, I snapped a few shots as she hesitantly lifted the loose fitting tee-shirt over her head, revealing more of her abdomen and chest until her nipples and finally her tiny tits peeked themselves into view. My arousal was showing itself and she was glanced at it multiple times.

We ran through a few routine topless shots, then I asked her if she was ready to remove her pants. She shyly asked me to turn my back while she took them off. When I turned back around to face her, she was standing there wearing nothing but plain pink silk bikini-style panties.

I was having a difficult time remaining composed. Then she stunned me when she said she won't proceed unless I strip down to my own underwear. I told her it would be unprofessional for me to do that. Without another word, she began collecting her clothes and started to put them on. I said "OK!" and quickly removed my shirt, then shoes, socks and pants. "That's better." she said and threw her clothes back out of view.

By this time, she was already practised in taking up some of the poses and we quickly worked through them. I framed my photos to accentuate her little titties, her beautiful eyes and smile, long legs and panties.

Then I suggested she lie back and put her hands on her crotch and tits to simulate masturbation shots and she quickly agreed. But once she started posing, I noticed her hand wasn't exactly remaining still for the shots, but she was actually starting to masturbate. I encouraged her to continue so I could photograph her rapturous face when she came.

Gradually she worked herself past being embarrassed. She lost all inhibitions and masturbated with zeal, oblivious of me and my camera. She came, so sweetly. Not like you see in porn. This was real. Quietly her hips bucked, her fingers worked against her crotch, still on the outside of her panties. Her breathing quickened. She let out a couple of soft moans. I captured all of it with my camera.

When she had recovered her composure, her eyes opened, slowly, sexily, and she looked straight into the lens. Her face broke into a sweet, slightly embarrassed smile. "How was that?" she asked.

"Wonderful!" I responded. "I think that's enough for this time."

"This time?" she asked.

"We have to do this again."

"Yes" she said, while getting off the set and starting to get dressed.

"Mr. D? You said you would give me the memory card."

"Yes." I said while opening the camera to remove it."

"You can make a copy if you like."

"That's very generous of you Stephanie. Of course I would like."

I quickly copied the contents onto my computer while she finished dressing.

She said "I know what you are going to do when I leave," she said, looking at the bulge in my boxers.

It was my turn to be embarrassed and I started to apologize.

"Stop," she said. "It's OK, I like when men desire me. I like when YOU desire me." Her suggestion was clear to me.

"Can you take me home now?" she asked.

In the car, neither of us said a word. Arriving at her house, she leaned towards me, put a hand on my still raging boner and kissed me on the lips. I responded with a hand to her chest which I subtly massaged through her top. Then we broke apart and she got out, blowing me a kiss after closing the door.

Her actions clearly held the promise of more to come.

Of course you know what I did as soon as I got back home. I had to relieve my blue balls, several times over. Can't wait 'till next time.



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