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Something to Wish For

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Hi guys and girls. I'm Jamie and I'm a medium height, skinny 16-year-old who since his 13th birthday or somewhere roughly around there has been dying to get his hands on a gorgeous girl.
Yup, that's right. For the last few years with my hormones playing my emotions up and down, I've been almost desperate to have a relationship with a gorgeous girl my age - someone with an hourglass figure, soft breasts not too large or small, you get my drift.
Sadly, for as long as I've enjoyed the desire, I've also been both shy and downright unlucky! I've had two girlfriends so far - one was a bit of an easy tart, a bit baby-faced and chubby but cute; nothing came of that, not even a kiss. The second lasted a lot longer, but the girl grew into the punk sort of fashion and we drifted apart.
Other than them, I've had no-one.
Last Thursday saw the party of a friend in my year. My sister Chloe was also going - she's my unidentical twin, an only sibling, and seems to have everything I don't (confidence, a figure, and looks to die for!). Well anyway, everyone got a little tipsy at the least, and my sister had a renewed sense of confidence when it came to this guy she'd had an eye for lately. Well she was flirting with him when he led her upstairs and held her against a wall and tried to get her to let him make love to her. Okay, so he hadn't hurt her, but I wasn't going to let anyone get close to that so I ran up when I heard a scream and pulled him off. I comforted Chloe and led her home.
We got home at about midnight, and our parents were out. Chloe was quite tearful. She decided to take a wash and freshen up. I went with her as she looked a little nervy alone.
Things were a little worse than I'd guessed. She was shaking (poor girl) and she looked a little sweaty and ragged. I suggested she should shower, but unbuttoning her own shirt was unlikely to happen with the way she was jittering. So I did it for her. She was standing in her underwear and bra and I noticed she was bruised. Deary me, I thought, this guy's really done some damage. I had to reach for the shower switch for her, in the process soaking myself! She managed a laugh, which was a relief. She was standing in front of me stark naked; it was a moment when I wasn't fazed at first, but then as it dawned on me I was staring at a naked 16-year-old. I must confess my brain got over-productive!
She suggested I undress too; she said I was soaked, and she was also pointing out how unfair it was that I got to see her and she didn't get to see me. Eventually I gave in.
We were a little awkward for a few minutes, but as we felt the bathroom warm up with steam we realised a shower was being wasted here. We kept sneaking looks at one another's body (especially certain places) and I felt a little firming-up. As did her nipples. She suggested I join her in the shower; according to her, it wasn't going to hurt anyone and we were both clearly interested in one another.
That was tough - there I was standing in a hot shower stark naked opposite a naked 16-year-old girl with an hourglass figure and water rushing down her body. There was no chance of hiding my excitement, even if she was my sister!
She pressed against me and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me on the lips. She thanked me, and thanked me again, for 'saving her' from the idiot she'd stupidly fallen for. I was a little taken aback at the gesture and unsure what to do, so wrapped my hands around her waits and buttocks. She seemed to move closer, and then she said what I can only express as an 'Mmmmmm' of shock.
I was very hard by now, and we were both giggling. She turned around and leant into me, pulling my hands around her belly. She told me she felt very safe in my arms; safe and happy. I smiled and kissed her neck. She reached between her legs and pulled through my hard-on. Okay so it wasn't very large, but she was gently caressing it and it felt incredibly good, if a little wrong. However, she chose to do it, and I could only thing to repay her. I clasped a breast in each hand and gently fondled them, taking in every millisecond of the whole experience. They felt so soft, she felt so smooth, and it felt so good in that shower cubicle. I felt a pressure in my loins, and within seconds I'd released the goo onto the shower floor. I felt amazing, but guilty. I took her kiss as reassurance, and we cuddled once more.
I was already awestruck by the night's events, but suddenly the idea of 'repaying' her seemed normal. I'd never seen inside a girl's thighs before, but it felt as if I knew what to do. We stood opposite one another pressed quite close, kissing each other in little kisses and full-on snogs intermittently, and I palmed one hand on her pubis, the other caressing her buttocks. I rubbed, and slipped in a finger. I moved them in and out, and her body began to slide up and down my very own. Minutes later, she was panting and moaning.
We slid to the bottom of the cubicle together and relaxed. The shower cut off with the power, and we drifted asleep in the darkness together, wet but cozy.



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