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Something New for Me

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Not Sure Why????


This happened in July but seems like yesterday. My wife Sue(32), our son Ronnie(12), & I(32) were invited over to Sues' sisters house for a cook out. Sues' sister Tina(36), her husband Rich(37), their daughter Becky(17), & their son Justin(13) live about 80 miles from our home. I don't get to see them that often, but the girls get together and do their thing, shopping & whatever else they do.

We arrived around 1:00, running a little late. everybody was in the back yard playing badminton. Tina told us to make ourselves at home, that the game was almost over. I grabbed a drink and sat down beside my wife and watched the game, Ronnie went to shoot some hoops.

I could not believe how much Becky had grown up since the last time I saw her. She was wearing tight little white cut-offs & a halter top. I could see that she had on thongs and no bra. I could clearly see her 'camel toe' & that tight ass of hers'. I felt my cock starting to get hard & twitch. Just then the game ended and Tina told everybody that it was time to get into the pool.

Rich, Justin, & Ronnie started for the house to change into their swimming trunks, when Rich noticed that I wasn't with them, he yelled for me to get my trunks. There I sat with a hard on, I told him to go on that I was going to get another drink & that I would change later.

After the guys came out, the girls went in to change. Tina came out first and I could see where Becky got her good looks And figure, she was wearing a two piece suit that showed off her body nicely, Sue was next & if you didn't know better you would have swore she was a twin of Tina, she looked great, then Becky came out wearing this little bikini leaving nothing to the imagination. They were all in the pool when I finished my drink & headed for the house with a raging hard on.

Once I got to the bathroom I found my wife & sons clothing laying on the counter, but not Tins's or Becky's. I walked down the hall to becky's room and sure enough there on the bed was the clothes she just took off. I took her thong and headed back to the bathroom. From there you can see the pool. As I stood ther with my cock in hand, looking at the girls, I held Becky's thong to my nose and inhaled her sweet smell, the crotch was still damp. I started to stroke my cock while staring at Becky. Just watching her & holding her thong to my nose it didn't take me long to feel my balls tighten. I took the thong away from my nose and shoot a big load of cum into the crotch, after milking the last drop out, I returned the thongs back to where I found it. I had never did anything like that before.

Nothing happen the rest of the day except I never did put my swimming suit on, I told them that I was going to be the chef for the day. The real reason was I either had a semi or a hard cock the whole time. We had a nice cook-out & said our good bys and left.

About half hour or so after we got home Tina called and talked to the wife for awhile, I was not paying any attention to the call. This was not unusual. Sue & Tina could talk forever. Sue hung up and told me that I had to have a talk with Ronnie. I asked her ' what are you talking about?' She told me that after we left Tina's house, Becky went up to take a shower & was putting her clothes in the hamper when she noticed her thongs were 'used'. She showed her Mom & they both knew what the slimey mess was, but did not know who made it. Rich was going to have a talk with Justin & he thought it only fair I do the same with Ronnie. I told Sue I would have 'the talk' tomorrow, that it was time to take a shower & go to bed.

Listening to the story got me so hard, just thinking that Tina & Becky were holding the same thongs that I had cum in and that they knew what the slime was, I had to get to the shower and relive that afternoon. I jacked off & shot a huge load of cum.

I did have 'the talk' with Ronnie, and have not seen Tina or Becky since that day. But now I have this thing with panties. I love to take Sues' panties out of the hamper & wrap one around my cock and jack off while holding another pair to my nose. I make sure not to get any cum on them, I wouldn't want Sue to have to 'have the talk' with Ronnie & I !!!!!



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