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Something New

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A new take on an old position


To start with everything is 100% true. I have been reading and masturbating to this site for years. My wife of 10 years is well aware that I like to read stories and enjoy myself and will even tell me (more than I wish) that she is not in the mood and to take care of it myself. We have tried to submit a story once before, but is was before the rule change, and it ended up on whispering lily as my wife got a little too descriptive and the acts described were way beyond masturbation. I know the rules have changed slightly and I look forward to reading the comments about my story.

It starts like many others on here, we were having a few drinks, just relaxing after another long day. My wife had showered earlier and I was harassing her about getting some good lovin. She let me know that wasn't happening without a shower myself, and of course I obliged. After my shower in which I heard her start the tv, and just knew that my shot at "getting some" had flown out the window. I made a few smart ass comments before brushing my teeth, and she came into the bathroom to brush her teeth at about the same time that I was finishing mine. I took my towel off and hung it up, while still mouthing off a little. She acted like she was going to spank me, to which I replied, go ahead, and I bent over for her. She smacked my ass open handed, (pretty good too), to which I mouthed off, "Is that it? Is that all you got?" She proceeded to smack my ass a few more times progressively harder.

Now this is the first time I have ever been spanked in a sexual way, and also her first time doing the spanking. I have spanked her, but that is another story for another time, on another site. It aroused me almost instantly. I left the bathroom, and on my way to my dresser, locked the master bedroom door. She asked if the door was locked when she came back into the bedroom, and once comfirming, proceeded to remove her tank top and panties(standard sleeping attire). We don't make a habit out of extended foreplay, and I knew when she laid down naked that it was time to get things going.

I started by sucking on her neck and the sides of her boobs while my fingers traced her body. She was laying on her back with her hands up by her head, silent, enjoying our quick version of foreplay. I then move my fingers to her pussy, and my mouth her nipples, and begin to swirl my tongue around her aerola. Bitting at them, tugging on her nipples with my teeth. Up to this point it has all been fairly standard. A little rough, but just the right amount. Then we took a new turn. She was a little more vocal tonight as was I, (Thank you alcohol), and she mouthed off about something minor, currently what is was escapes me, but I responded that maybe I should be spanked more. She responded that maybe I should and without a seconds thought we moved into the 69 postion. Now rather than be far enough back to do what is standard in that position, I hunched up a little bit, and had my dick laying on her nipple, (where I leaked all of my precum for the duration of this postion). She had a great view of my ass and asshole.

As I started to lick her beautiful pussy she grabbed my ass...hard. I responded in kind and licked a little more aggesively around her clit. Then she told me that she would really love to feel something inside her. (I love it when she gets in the mood to talk like this). I slowly, teasingly pushed first one, then two fingers inside her, all the while still licking her clit. When I had my fingers buried deep in her pussy she slapped my ass harder than I have ever been smacked. And I liked it. As I worked my fingers inside her, she actually slowed down on the smacking and went to rubbing my ass. I came up long enough to ask her why to which she responded that it was distracting her from what I was doing and she was trying to enjoy it.

Fair enough, I leaned a little further forward tongued her pussy, and asshole. Now we have explored anal before, and while its not a favorite of either of us, it is something that we occasionally enjoy. After lubing up her asshole with my saliva, I slowly worked my pinky in, just enough to feel pressure, and not enough to hurt. She just kept her hands moving, rubbing my ass, balls and just grazing my asshole, teasing me. I worked my fingers in and out, and made sure that I didn't go too deep too fast with my pinky. I had my head leaned to the side, licking her clit, running my tongue around it while my fingers were pumping in and out and a steady hard matter of fact pace.

As she got closer to orgasm, she took one hand and started rubbing her nipple (which by now was drenced in my precum), and my cock. The closer she got the more she focused on me. Then she came....oh god did she cum....it was fantastic, moaning, groaning, she told me as it was happening, bucked her hips just a little, and tried to close her legs, (I was in the way and just kept doing exactly what I was doing to get her there), until she got so sensitive that she actually pushed me by my ass to get my tongue and fingers away from her. Now what happens next I think would violate rules if I explained it, but suffice it to say we changed to a different postion (one of her favorites) to help me finish. After all this time together, we tried something new, and fantastic. Thank you for all who submit, I more than enjoy reading the stories, I cum to them. I only hope to have another experience to submit in the near future.



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