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Something New

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This happened when I was 17.


Let me start with saying that I almost never do what I did this night. My high school had prom, my friends and I decided that we didn't want to spend all the money to go, so instead we went to this new club by us. We dressed as skanky as our parents let us and headed out. We got there and there was a lot of people, but no one was really dancing yet. My one friend and I said eff it and grabbed some random guys and started grinding. Within maybe three minutes everyone was grinding, and then people started hooking up in the back.

We were all having fun dancing and meeting new people. We all had our share of making out with some hottie we met. Nothing major. It was about 11:45pm and we were tired and probably going to leave soon, when this really cute guy came up to me and asked me to dance. I thought hell ya and we went off. I think we only danced for one song when he asked me if I 'wanted to sit down' which basically meant lets go hook up. I was kind of nervous. I never really just do stuff with guys I dont know. Actually I don't ever. I have had boyfriends and I'm definitely not inexperienced, but I always thought the girls going out and hooking up with guys they didnt know were such sluts.

We sat down and he didn't waste any time and we started making out. He was feeling me and it was totally hot. He started kissing my neck and at this point I was all his. I got on top of him and straddled him, he had a full hardon. I was grinding on him and I could feel his dick under me. Then he stopped, and asked me if I wanted to keep going. Of course I wanted to so we went to his car. His car was so sexy.

We picked up right where we had left off. I was wearing leggings and a tank top. He took my tank top off and his shirt too. Then he slipped his hand down my leggings and started rubbing my clit through my already wet thong. It felt so amazing. He pulled my leggings off and my thong down and started fingering me, he kept kissing my neck and it felt amazing. I was in some sexy car in a parking lot with this sexy guy I didn't even know and if anyone walked by they could see us. I kept thinking about someone seeing us and everything that was going on.

Suddenly I felt myself cumming and cumming hard. I squirted all over it was unbelievable. Of course I wasn't about to leave without returning the favor. We sort of switched places and kept making out. I started feeling his dick through his jeans, he started to unbuckle his pants, I put my hand in his pants and pulled out his massive dick. Uh, if he would have asked to have sex right there I would have, but I knew nothing about him and didn't want to risk anything too much. I decided on giving him a hand job. I wasn't planning on holding back.

I started by slowly jacking him off then I rubbed his purple cock head around and underneath with my thumb. It was so crazy, hearing him moan and feel me. I let him cum on my face. After about another hour of us playing around with each other we were both a hot mess. I found my phone and had about 30 missed calls. I didn't care. I told my friend that drove me to just leave. I decided to go home with this guy I didn't know. Ya it sounds completely stupid but we talked for about an hour about random stuff getting to know each other, he was driving me home but as we got to my street I told him to keep going I couldn't go home smelling like a whore.

My parents are super chill about everything but I just wasn't decent. We went to his house his parents were gone for the night anyway. As we talked more I learned he knew my older brother, they worked together so he wasn't a complete stranger. So we went up to his room. I was tired but he started to kiss my neck and kept moving down.. what happened next was the best night of my life so far. Vince and I have been dating for over a year now and we have a very good relationship, I don't regret anything from that night.



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