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Something between Susan and I

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Several years after Susan married my nephew I started getting aroused when visiting them, at first when sneaking a look at her legs when she wore shorts or skirts. I started visiting them more often and enjoyed watching her legs and her nice butt. They've always had a rocky relationship and my visits seemed to distract them from it. I always called before coming over and was always welcomed. Susan always had on shorts and skirts and I always got aroused looking at her legs.

We were sitting out back with my nephew at the grill to my left and Susan in front of me wearing a skirt, I was wearing shorts. As I sneaked a look at her legs while she was reading her magazine my cock got hard and it felt good as it always did trying to poke out my shorts. Susan spread her legs a little and I saw her white panties and then I looked up and saw her eyes on my cock almost out of my shorts. I turned my head slightly towards my nephew as he was talking about the job he was working on. I leaned back a little and felt the head of my cock slide out of my shorts. My peripheral vision watched Susan staring at my cock and I was so turned on. I turned back slowly and sneaked a look at Susan's legs and looked up and she gave me a caught you look and smiled and then looked at my cock and smiled as she looked up into my eyes. I looked down and acted like 'oops' and covered him up and that's when she spread her legs wider for a few seconds and looked back at my hard cock through my shorts with a waiting look on her face. I slid my cock out and more of him this time. I was so turned on watching her eyes on my cock I started stroking him lightly.

My nephew's cell rang and he lowered the top of the grill and went into his office behind the grill and patio, closing the patio door behind him leaving Susan watching me stroking my cock and my eyes on her legs and panties. After five minutes of not saying anything between us Susan said 'looking is fun'. I felt I knew what she meant, meaning, I like watching your cock and don't push it.

After we ate inside it was dark outside and we started to watch TV in the family room. Susan said that she was going to clean the kitchen. Seperating the kitchen and family room was a counter with cabinets above it with an open space between them. I was facing the kitchen on a chair with high armrests and my nephew to my left on the couch about five feet from me. I could see Susan at the sink rinsing dishes and started getting aroused thinking about showing her my cock. She must have had the same idea because she looked my way and then looked down at my shorts. I lowered my hand and pulled back my shorts slowly over my cock as we talked. With my index and middle finger I started stroking my cock for Susan. I could see her face, wanting her to turn and look at my cock. When Susan turned she looked at my cock, glanced up at me and then went back down to my cock smiling. She motioned something like are you crazy or something thumbing towards my nephew. After about five minutes of watching me she finished cleaning the kitchen.

My nephew and I were talking about their trip to the coast as Susan was walking into the family room watching me stroking my cock. Susan said that they took pictures and came over and knelt in front of me slightly to my left and fished out the pictures from under the lamp table. I couldn't believe my luck, Susan really likes me showing her my cock knowing she turns me on and I love showing her my cock and masturbating at her because it excites me. Susan looked at a few pictures and started handing me some and at times would rest her hand on my leg inches from my cock. Sometimes she leaned over and started to point out some details about the photos with a big grin on her face looking into my eyes and down at my cock as I stroked it. With her between me and my nephew I lifted my cock straight up at her putting the head of my cock six inches from her mouth. Susan stared at it for several seconds and looked up at me and staring back at me stroking my cock she said, 'I sure enjoyed it and we'll be doing that again'.

Susan put the photos away and got up and sat on the far side of the couch.

I still wanted to jackoff looking at Susan, so I grabbed my coke and said I'll be outside getting some air. I walked out the slider in the kitchen, the light over the sink was on and it faced the sliding door. When I walked outside and went to the shadows of the patio I looked back and positioned myself so that only Susan could see me. I dropped my shorts down to my knees and started jacking off looking at Susan with her left leg crossed showing me her thigh. I wished I was on my knees feeling and kissing her thigh. Susan put her hands behind her head and leaned back and glanced my way, that aroused me more. I walked into the light jacking off at Susan, she glanced my way and just stared at me jacking off. I gave her a left profile jacking off with my right hand looking at her legs as she looked at my cock. At times she would uncross her leg and swing it out for me. We enjoyed ourselves for fifteen minutes and then I got a thought on how to get her out here with me, it was risky because my nephew might come out too. I pulled my shorts up and waited a minute and opened the slider and announced that I've watched two meteors already in the past fifteen minutes. Susan said 'really' and got up and told my nephew to get up, he said 'go ahead, I'm staying put'. Susan walked towards the door with a smile and glanced at my crotch. We walked out to the shadows and as we were looking up I lowered my shorts below my cock and he was at attention with Susan in front of me. I started slowly jacking off when Susan looked down and saw what I was doing.

Susan said 'so that was your plan'. Susan told me that she enjoys seeing my cock and watching me jack off because it arouses her and she has no problem with it. My nephew and her fight a lot and aren't getting along right now and that my exposing myself to her is kind of kinky and its what she needs right now. She said to be careful and it would be fun if I do it at other places for her. She came over and gave me a wet kiss and as she leaned back she grabbed my cock and started giving me a hand job. She said that this was the first day of many to come. Susan asked me if I can be careful, I said 'yes'. Susan felt that I was about to cum and moved to the side and watched me shoot out on the lawn, stroking me and squeezing my cock to get every drop out. With that we headed back inside and Susan went to the fridge and got an iced tea.

After an hour I said that I had to go. We all got up and hugged each other and at the door Susan said 'come back soon'. She knows I will.



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