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Some Women

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Sometimes I am ashamed of my own gender. Some women really piss me off. I am all for equality, but to some of my gender, it is far more about demeaning and control that equality.


Chris and Carol are my next door neighbours. Carol is very active and is on the local council, PTA, school governing body, you name it. She has tried to rope me into some of the many many groups she is either a member of or runs. I usually resist because there is something about her I really do not care for. One day, She and Chris were having a BBQ and Carol leaned over the fence and invited me to join them. I didn't really want to because I had already been treated to her nagging at Chris. Still, I felt that they were my neighbours and maybe I should make the effort. As I was sunbathing in a very small bikini I muttered something about making myself decent. Carol said immediately 'Oh don't bother about that. You are comfortable as you are.'

So I went round. Now, I hadn't realised that Carol was topless and had a very small thong bikini bottom on. My own bikini was also a thong type and just as revealing. Chris, however, was in shorts and a t shirt. As we sat down to eat Carol started. 'Chris feels uncomfortable around women who are not wearing much. It's probably to do with our celebate marriage. I decided we would have a celebate marriage shortly after we got hitched.' Carol said gleefully. Over the next hour I heard a great deal about what Carol had decided for them both. It seems that as soon as she got the ring on her finger, Carol decided she didnt want sex any more purely, from what I could see, as a power thing.

I asked Chris what he felt about that and Carol was right in. 'Chris agrees with me. He knows what's good for him.' Well, my dislike of this controlling evil bitch was now complete, and in the back of my mind a plan was forming. I pretended to play along. I talked about women and sex and that it is considered wrong if we do anything in public. Carol responded just as I hoped she would with a long lecture about how women should be able to masturbate in the street if they want. I said, 'Hmmm. Like this?' I pushed my chair back and started to masturbate, giving Chris a full frontal view. I am sure he hasn't seen a pussy for a long long time. I kept talking to Carol all the time about how much I agreed with her and that if I wanted to, I should make Chris watch me cum.

She loved this subjugation of her husband and said, 'Yes, make him watch you.' Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to wink at Chris. He was rock hard under his shorts and I saw a small wet patch forming. He was loving the show, just as I hoped he would. Carol said she was going to the off licence for some drink but that I should keep on teasing Chris. The second she was out of the door I was on him. I had his cock out and had jacked him off before finishing myself off over his face. In the few minutes I knew we had I said 'Listen to me. This bitch is not going to stop you getting what you need. So come over and see me tomorrow.' Well, that tomorrow led to many many more.

Chris is a kind sensitive and wonderfully imaginative lover and is a very very heavy cummer. It must have been hell on earth for him to have to live in a celabate marriage, but then, that is what that bitch of a wife wanted. He lives with me now and Carol has threatened to sue me blind in the divorce. Problem is, I own nothing. I took great care some time ago to put my property in safe hands.



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