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Some People!

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A totally horrid bully from school turned out to be just in need.


Her name was Alison and she was a total asshole. She loved teasing, bullying and slapping people around. She was tall, and muscular, but not in any way butch. I hated having her in my tutor group and knew she would pick on anyone as an when it pleased her, until one day, I had had enough.

As usual, it was in the bathroom and as usual, Alison waited until the two other girls had gone.

I was at the sinks when the cubicle door opened behind me and out she stepped, the sneer already on her mean face. She barged into me and caused me to smudge my lipstick and then she poked me in the kidneys and it hurt like fuck. In an instant I was so bloody angry. I just turned on my heel and slapped her across the face as hard as I could. It actually made her stagger and I saw a trace of blood on her lip. So I did it again from the opposite direction. I knew full well she could and probably would beat the crap out of me, but this time I would go down fighting.

I aimed another slap at her but missed her face and caught her across the boobs! Alison by this time had her back against the wall and the slap across her tits made her gasp out loud. I swore at her. 'You fucking bitch. I've had enough of YOU.' And with each word I slapped not caring where I hit her. By now she was protecting her head and face so my blows hit her tits, and, frankly, I couldn't care less. Then, I saw something amazing. Alison dropped her hands to her crotch and said. 'Hit me harder and don't stop'.

I slapped her on the tits again and then slapped her ass and her thighs. Suddenly, she was cumming! Wave after wave of moans escaped her and a trickle ran down her legs forming a puddle on the floor. All the time I was hitting her and calling her all the names I could think of. The last thing I wanted to give this bitch was an orgasm! But then I realised how wet I was too. The power I now had over her was intoxicating. I pointed to the stalls and snarled 'Get in there, bitch!' And she obeyed me!!! On there I said 'Kneel the fuck down.' (Totally unlike me to use language like that.)

I lifted my dress up and said 'Fucking do me you cunt.' She reached forward and tugged my panties down and kissed me, just once, above my mound. I looked down and saw the blood from her mouth. Then I felt her tongue lick my inner thigh, just the once. Next came her fingers pressing in me and finding my clit. I splayed my legs apart a little ways and did some sneering of my own. I said to her 'You will NEVER bully me again you bitch. Now finger me off or I will piss on your fucking face.' Her fingers pressed in and out of me and her thumb danced over my hyper sensitive little bud. But all I could think about was how much I DID want to pee on her. It was that thought that sent me over the edge. I cummed long and savagely hard.

Afterwards I told her to lick her fingers.

Then, I said 'You will never, NEVER bully me again. If you do, I will beat the living shit out of you.'

A week went by and then I found myself alone with Alison again in the bathroom at college. This time, it was a very different encounter. This time, she actually asked me to pee on her!

Since then? Yeah, we are something of an item, but I have discovered two things. She LOVES being abused, and I TOTALLY love doing it. She likes being physically hurt and I have discovered the sadist in myself.

Who WOULD have thought?



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