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Some of My Missed Adventures

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It's hard not to become jealous when reading the stories on Solo Touch. I wish I could have experiences like the ones I read about! Instead, there are things which could have happened to me, but didn't. Real situations which could have developed into similar experiences, but didn't. Still, imagining what could have happened has provided me with a good deal of masturbation material over the years. Here are a few of those incidents. Perhaps you can get something out of them.


One day, when I was very young (under the age of eight), an older girl (in junior high) approached me where I was playing on the driveway in front of my family's house. She pointed to her clothed breasts and asked if I knew what they were, then asked if I wanted to touch them. Afraid of getting into trouble, I shook my head no, and have fantasized many, many times since about what might have happened if I had touched them.

When I was ten, there was a girl (a year older) who used to chase me and a couple of my friends at school. Unfortunately, at that age, I was still dumb about girls, (even though I kind of liked her) I hadn't figured out I was supposed to let her catch me. So she would chase me through an area with pecan trees near the school and I always got away. I wish now I hadn't. I don't know what would have happened if she'd caught me. I don't know if she knew. At the time, I thought she would try to kiss me, or something. What would have been so bad about that? Alas!

Once, when I was in the sixth grade, my cousin Jill offered to let me feel her pussy. It was after school one day. There were four of us sitting on the floor in my cousin Jack's room. I was eleven. Jack and his friend Joe were both nine. Jill, Jack's sister, was eight. We were talking about sex. Someone used the term 'star machine.' I didn't know what that was, though I had a pretty good idea. Then Jill asked if she could show me. Because I am blind, that meant letting me feel. Sensing my aunt was in the house, I said no, and Jack and Joe agreed. Still, to this day, I wish I had let Jill show me.

Please forgive me for interrupting my missed adventures for a moment to tell you that Jack, Jill and Joe are not the real names of my cousins and their friend, or are they? How would anyone know? I could just use a pseudonym for myself, then use their real names and say they're false. Who'd know the difference? Never mind. It's not important. Just something to think about. These names are false. Now, back to the stories.

I got the worst sunburn of my entire life when I was fourteen. I went with a group to a water park for a day. I used sunscreen only once the whole time. By that night, I was feverish. The nurse said it looked like I had third degree burns. She gave the councilor some cream to rub on the burn before I went to bed. The councilor waited while I (very painfully) removed my shirt. Then she told me to go ahead and finish undressing. She assured me she'd seen boys without clothes before (no doubt). I was surprised though as I was wearing my pyjamas (also very shy because I'd never been naked in front of a woman before). I explained, and she left it at that. I don't think she was trying anything with me, perhaps, she just expected me to sleep nude. She applied the cream, and that was it. However, I have frequently imagined stripping for her, and her rubbing the cream on something other than my sunburn!

When I was fifteen, my best friend and another guy got caught feeling up a girl in a booth in the canteen at our school. Each guy had a hand in her shirt, and one had his hand in her pants, and she had her hands in their pants. They got caught because they were all blind and didn't realize their actions were visible from where they were sitting. My best friend had told me about other times they'd made out, and implied she'd let me feel her up too if he asked her. At the time, I was too scared of getting caught to take him up on the offer. Then they got caught and weren't allowed to even talk to each other anymore. Years later, I realized, if I'd been a little braver, I probably knew the campus well enough that I could have found some place private enough to get away with it. Oh well...

When I was eighteen, I had sexual experiences (my only sexual experiences) with two different girls. During the summer, I made out everyday for a week with the first girl. One day, we were on the bed, and her roommate kept wandering in and out, making unrelated comments. This became so nerve-racking for me, I finally told her to join in, or stay out. Unfortunately, she stayed out. Too bad, because I wanted her to join in as I was more attracted to her anyway. I wish... Anyway, I'll save the story about the second girl for another submission as it's a different sort of experience from the ones I'm describing. I'll just say that a situation came up, and I took advantage of the opportunity it presented, and regretted it.

Even though I failed to provide explicit descriptions of sexual acts, and neglected to include graphic accounts of my own masturbation practices, I hope you have enjoyed reading about these experiences. Thoughts of these events have supplied me with plenty of arousing material on any number of occasions. I hope the unrealized possibilities may serve to spark your own imagination when jacking and jilling. Quite often, when I read the stories on Solo Touch, I love to imagine myself filling one or more roles in the various adventures. The idea that any one of my female readers, much less all of them, might picture themselves as the girl down the street, my cousin, the councilor, the roommate, or any of the other participants in my experiences is an enormous turn-on for me. In fact, if you are aroused enough by doing so, please write about what you would have done if it had actually been you in place of one of those other girls and include the story in a submission. I'd love to read about it.

Finally, as I look back on these missed adventures that I've tried to relive countless times, I would like to offer some (I hope) good advice. Don't dwell in the past. Lost opportunities are almost always gone forever, and, no matter how hard you try, you can't get a second chance to realise them. Also, don't do something you're not absolutely comfortable with. You might curse yourself for inaction later on, but you may find that the consequences of a bad decision are even worse. If a situation has more risk than you're willing to take, then don't. If you think you have to do something exciting because everyone you read about in these stories seems to be doing something exciting, just remember, not everyone does. Playing it safe, while usually boring and often unsatisfying (then again, there's always Solo Sex to satisfy yourself with) has the benefit of keeping you safe. Of course, if you don't mind taking risks, then go for it! I'm always interested in reading about your experiences. Just be careful not to get hurt or injure anyone else!

Thanks for reading! Happy jacking and jilling!



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