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Some More Wife's Denials

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Hopefully you will have read my previous stories (Amy 1, 2, 3) which will supply the details that my wife, Amy is a secret masturbator, doesn't want me to know or become involved, so I have now assumed the part of voyeur. The die had been cast and that will be my secret because exposing her would be disastrous to our sexual life. I have thoroughly enjoyed spying on her and it has even made our love-making more sensual since I have learned a lot about what really excites her. However, there's a little deviousness in me as well that I hope I'll be able to divulge in these stories.


To the compassionate Solo Touch readers who might be appalled by reading about the way I intensify Amy's sexuality, you may skip on to other contributions. Save the criticisms for your own lives. To reverse the trend of this situation is not going to happen any time soon or at least until Amy admits she is a frequent masturbator.

Just by accident, I came upon Amy's toy stash in the basement in a cupboard above the washer and dryer. This would be a place I never would've found had it not been for the maze of rooms and hallways in our basement. It's an old house, built around 1915, and added on to three times. When we bought the house, it was OK but the smallish rooms and one bathroom just wasn't going to be adequate, so we hired a contractor and three years later it went from three bedrooms to five, three bathrooms, family room, den, and attached garage. In doing so, the basement had to be divided, supported and drastically enlarged, especially under the family room, den and main level bathroom.

Entrances from the outside to the basement are two in total making it easy to slip in and out of the house through the basement undetected. From the house, there are four ways to get to the basement: between the kitchen and bathroom (goes to the laundry room), the den (goes to the back of the basement), under the main stairwell going upstairs right off the living room (main part with furnace, water heater, etc), and through the attached garage (goes under the family room). Each entrance ends up in a different place in the basement. Complicated? Well that's the simple version.

One morning, I was about to mow the yard when I remembered I needed new earplugs. I went through the garage entrance down to the basement to my "man room" and heard the washer start up and draw water through the pipes. Never wanting to miss an opportunity, I quietly meandered my way to the washroom and watched my half-naked Amy as she bent over the washer putting last minute somethings into the washer before closing the lid.

I have never described Amy, but she's quite the doll. She jogs and works out (small fitness center in the basement under the den) and keeps fit and trim, something she nags me about all too often. She's 5'6", just recorded 134 pounds on her fitness diary, wears a 36B bra. She might be a little stocky by some standards, but carries her weight in her shoulders, calves and thighs, and is overall muscular. Born in Texas with a Mexican father and white mother, her skin is always light brown that tans exquisitely. Hair is black with auburn highlights. She shaves her pussy which is mounded up when she lies down. Along with her ample thighs is a nice, rounded butt, a bit hairy but muscled and firm. Beautiful almond face, dark eyes.

Still in her jammy top, she exposed plenty of her butt and pussy lips revealing a clean-shaven, glistening pussy as she bent over the washer. I was pleased to see that she hadn't cleaned up very well (or not at all) after we screwed earlier this morning, which was obvious by the sticky mess plastered over her pussy lips and crusted on her upper thighs. For some reason, she liked staying wet, sticky and messy around the house.

As she shut the washer lid, her right hand flitted to her crotch and she lingered a few seconds while she explored her wetness and smelled it. But I was disappointed as she went through the main basement and into the fitness room where she spent some time on the weight machines, occasionally feeling her crotch. With the washer going, I didn't have to be very quiet, but glimpsing into the fitness room was difficult. It didn't keep me from watching her legs spread apart revealing a very wet pussy which transferred her sex to every bench in the room. She didn't even attempt to wipe it off, but seemed to actually enjoy sitting in it.

It appeared she had finished working out and headed for the wash room. I was looking for a place to jerk off when I thought I'd take another look at her as she checked the washer and dryer. She went straight to the cupboard above the washer and I was greeted with a nice view of her flexed calves and thighs. Her juices had wetted her inner thighs and butt crack. Just as I was musing on how glad I was at staying to see this wonderful sight, she pulled out a big, black dildo that almost snaked out of the back of the cupboard at her. She quickly brought it into the fitness room, laid down on one of the benches and smeared her juices over the dildo.

Oh cripes! Another dildo! At closer inspection, I could see it was identical to her blue lover from her bathroom cupboard. My cock throbbed with anticipation as precum dripped on my hand making my cock head slippery and sensitive. She pressed the large head against her opening, moaned, and it slipped out of sight. The feeling must have been intense because she thrust her hips upwards and cocked her head back and hesitated a little before slowly working her black lover in and out, thrusting deeper each time. Then her right hand covered her clit and she began slow, delicate circles until at least half of the dildo was inside her. She paused again and then fiddled with earnest on her large clit which stuck out between her two middle fingers like a little, fat nub. Round and round went her hand tugging and caressing her clit.

Why such a large clitoris? That was my first mental question when I first had sex with her, but of course I didn't verbalize it, but marvelled at it. Many times I have admired her clit and told her so, but not once did she supply an explanation. Often, and even up to this day, she would emerge from her bathroom with her clit protruding from between her lips, and when catching me ogling it, would laughingly ask, what are you staring at? No doubt, she was very proud of it just like I am of my thick, curved cock.

While I never measured it in our early marriage, but it enlarged during her first pregnancy and then again during the second. We were concerned about hormone imbalance and any detrimental effect on the first baby, so her OB-GYN sent her to an endocrinologist (hormone doc). After a couple visits and blood tests, Amy later told me it was from a hormone her mother took when she was pregnant. At that time her clit measured 28 mm normal and 31 mm erect, or so her medical file said. After her second child, it measured 33 mm normal and 42 mm erect as noted on her medical records. That's about 2 inches.

Amy became prouder and prouder of her clitoris and now it has a permanent place sticking at least a half inch out from between her thin pussy lips most all the time. Even when she wears panties, the outline of her clit is obvious. Swim suits are always a problem and she has to be careful that they aren't prone to ride up in the crotch. I've seen her cameltoe many times and there's always that nice nub at the top that is very obvious, at least to me.

With her legs spread on the bench, her fat clit was being rolled around between her fingers as the black dildo probed deeper into her. She abandoned her clit and concentrated on getting more of the dildo inside her. Now this isn't just a regular dildo, but big...12" from tip to base and up to six inches in circumference. Check out my description of her blue one in "Amy 2"...you'll be impressed. Every time she pushed on it, her clit would bend down and the hood cover it completely. Her outward thrusts brought her clit pointing up and projecting into the air with the hood pulled back exposing her glans which glistened marvellously in the light.

Then Amy gasped...oh no, oh no, sh*t! Her legs clasped together on her black lover and her fingers quickly found her clit and she rubbed fast and deftly. Her head came off the bench which made it look like she was practising abdominal crunches as she spasmed when the first wave hit her. The next two were hard and intense enough to make her spread her legs apart and clamp together again revealing the thick, black dildo trapped between her powerful thighs. Then a couple more and her fingers stopped rubbing her clit allowing it to once again pop through her two middle fingers. When she was finished, her legs lay on each side of the bench with the dildo still in her about maybe 8".

Sh*t! You bastard! she mumbled as she bent forward to look at the dildo. Then she slowly inched it out until the large head stretched her opening and left her pussy gaping, her liquid sex drooling out over her butt and the bench.

Shoulda known better! she said glaring at the dildo and feeling her drenched pussy. Obviously, she hadn't counted on being so excited that she couldn't stop from cumming. I suppose the dildo and being six days before her period didn't help either. I was wondering if our lovemaking this morning was satisfactory or just stimulated her more...maybe both. Right now I had a raging hardon which needed attention and as she went to the sink next to the washer to clean her dildo, I sneaked down the hallways to the garage where I could wrap my warm palm around my cock and get satisfaction.

On my way up the step, I had an idea, but a little risky. Wondering if I presented myself, throbbing erection and all, to Amy, what she would do. She's a master at making fun of my sometimes spontaneous erections, teasing me with gentle, mocking pats and walking away seriously admonishing me to exhibit "a little control". But on occasion, I have caught her in a charitable mood.

So into the kitchen I go just catching her coming up the basement steps and actually startling her a bit. I'm certain she was still revelling in the pleasure she just gave herself. She instantly saw my bulge and predicament, made a sad face and said...poor little thing. She motioned me over to the living room where she sat on a chair, her legs wide open, exposing her sopping wet, swollen pussy to me. Not wanting to let this chance pass, I was out of my shorts at once and kneeling down, pressed my hard cock against her slit. It easily slipped up and down against her hot pussy and she ground her hips as I stroked up and down. I went for her clit with my fingers, but was readily repulsed...guess she'd had enough stimulation for a while. The smell from her was musky and delicious. In less than a minute, I was grunting and moaning to a wonderfully intense orgasm as she flexed her ass cheeks and milked me by closing her legs around me.

My cum and her wetness dripped onto the hardwood floor as I pulled away, still erect. Get the mowing done and I'll clean this up she said and kissed me. That was my queue that nothing more was going to happen and I left her standing in our wet mess with more running down her thighs.

I so wanted to sneak back into the house to see if Amy was really finished or she had more pleasuring on her mind, but caution told me to enjoy what I could and get to work. Now more than ever I was wondering how many more places in the house had she hidden her sex toys.



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