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Some 7o's Experimentation

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This really happens, decades ago


I was recently divorced from my first wife, and not dating anyone. I had a commitment to be best man at a friend's wedding, and at the reception, met his cousin. We were both in our mid-20's, and single, and she said I could call her. We started dating, and this being the early 70's, the relationship became sexual pretty quickly.

Our sexual relationship was very good. She was no raging beauty, but she was attractive enough: her breasts were not large but they were perky and attractively shaped, she had long legs (which I particularly liked), and I found out very quickly that she was a natural redhead. Like many redheads her nipples were very lightly colored - the easiest way to tell their size and shape was, that's where the freckles on her breasts ended. She was enthusiastic and very fun-loving in bed, easy to bring to orgasm, often multiple times.

After about seven months, my company transferred me about 125 miles away - close enough that I could still drive back to the old home town every couple of weekends, and get a hotel room, so our relationship continued. We just saw each other a little less often, which of course made the sex more intense.

Now remember this was almost forty years ago. There was no video, no DVD, no desktop computer, and CERTAINLY no internet. Some of the magazines were just starting to show women's sex organs, but not the act itself. There was no site like this, and no way just to put 'handjob' or 'masturbation' in a search box and get thousands of pictures - and especially movie clips!-immediately in front of you.

On one of my trips east, as we were having after-dinner foreplay on the hotel's king-sized bed, I had a curious thought. This girl was pretty quick to try things. I said 'can I ask you to do something for me?' She smiled and up went her eyebrows. I don't know what she was thinking I would ask for, but as I said, she was enthusiastic about things sexual, and thus far everything I'd asked her to do had felt pretty good, based on her reactions.

The dialogue went like this: 'Well' I said, 'you know how I love to watch you while I'm stroking you, and how I say you open up like a flower' which she really did!

'Yeesss' she said, tentatively.

'Well' I said, 'I've seen your face when you orgasm, and of course I've felt it from the inside, but I've never actually seen a woman's orgasm close up, and I'd really love to.'

'You mean, without actually screwing' she said.

'Yup, exactly.'

'So what should I do?' she asked.

I told her 'just lie down on your back, and I'll lay down with my head on your thigh and watch while you stroke yourself.'

'Me? Really? I'm embarrassed' she said with a little squeal.

'Well we've been together for most of a year, we've seen each other naked hundreds of times, and had the most intimate contact. Why is this different. Don't you ever get yourself off'

And she thought for maybe a second and said 'well, yeah, I do, but the point is: I'm alone. But of course it isn't different. Let's do it!' with the mischievous grin I'd come to know.

So she did lie down with her legs spread, and I laid down across the bed with my head on her thigh about a foot from her crotch, and she tentatively started stroking her fingers up and down her slit, slowly, just on the surface. After a while, just as it did when I stroked her, her slit opened 'like a flower' and her inner lips became visible. After a bit longer, her fingers moved up and found her clit, which was still a tiny bump, but that caused some visible moisture. She kept at it, alternately going at her clit and inserting first one, then two fingers into herself, faster and faster. Then she stopped, briefly. Was this it? I wondered? Didn't look like much. But no! 'Sweetheart' she gasped, 'you finish it, pleeeaaase.' By now her lips were swollen and soaked and her clit was really visible, so without changing my position I put my thumb on her clit and started circular rubbing. That did it. She groaned a big groan, and for the first time in my life I watched a series of the most wonderful contractions, accompanied by panting and sighing of the most fantastic kind. Actually the first orgasm was followed almost immediately by a second, or maybe it was just one big one with a little lull in the middle. But it was incredible.

Needless to say, watching this for however long it took gave me a huge erection. Guys, you know how sometimes you feel that you must have grown even larger, although you haven't? How you feel that if anything at all touches you for more than a few seconds, you'll just explode? That was me.

After a few minutes she came down a bit, and gasped at me to stop, as she tried to close her thighs around my head. 'Oh God' she said, panting, 'that might have been the biggest and best ever.' 'Glad you enjoyed it' I said as I extricated myself. She looked down then, and saw my boner, and said 'well, the least we can do is return the favor.' She pushed my shoulder over until I was flat om my back, laid across the bed with HER head on MY thigh, and reached for me. Now she had touched me many times before, but only as foreplay, never to completion. This felt different, somehow, more intense, the 'sting' you get when turned on more exquisite. 'You know' she said, 'I've never seen one before either. Whenever I did it before it was always in the dark, or under clothes, or something.' 'Go right ahead' I said, starting to pant, myself. And she did. After a few minutes of stroking, I started groaning myself, and before long I started spurting, it felt as if harder and more than ever before. It went everywhere: all over me, the bed, and her. She knew it was sticky and white, of course, because she always cleaned up after we had sex, but she'd never seen it before as it happened. She alternated between huge giggles and exclaiming 'wow' over and over, until I gasped 'stop, STOP' to her.

It was a hell of a night, and one we repeated from time to time until the relationship petered our over the next 18 months or so. We also went on to some other things that were equally fantastic but not in the scope of this board.

Thanks for reading.



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