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Solo Touch at Work

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Good stuff.


Ok, let me start by saying that I love this site and it rules, and women need to post more. Hahaha. Anyway, let me just say that I am a decent looking guy, 5'8' about 125 lbs, puerto rican/dominican, brown hair and brown eyes, and of course my dick is about six and a half inches long, a good seven when really hard. Now I have a fiance and we have an outstanding sex life. We both know what to do to drive each other crazy. Now I'm the type of guy that wants it whenever he can get it but I'm not going to get mad if I don't, ya know?

Well, when my fiance is on her period I obviously do not get the pleasure I crave from her. Well just recently I purchased a new mobile phone and it has internet access. I have always been an avid masturbater and love it to death and at some point in my life I used to do it a good five to ten times a day. When I first got the damn phone and I noticed I can get on to Solo Touch when I want with this thing and I am able to read these stories whenever I please. Now I say this because as much as me and my fiance love sex, she doesn't like the idea of my masturbating, so when we got together my activities stopped. I couldn't complain obviously, but I still wanted my time.

Anyway, when I realized what I could do I got excited, now I can read my stories without my fiance ever knowing. The hard part was finding the time to spend with just me. One day while at work, I do tech support (On my ass all day doing nothing) I was reading through these stories and I was getting extremley horny and I wanted to whip out my dick so bad and stroke it right at my desk, instead I was not able to because my scheduled break had passed, I was on a call, and usually on my breaks my fiance likes to talk, so I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I told the customer I had to do some research and that I would be a few minutes, they bought it! I got up, grabbed my mobile and ran to the bathroom. I went into the furthest stall and locked it. I quickly pulled down my pants and shorts and went back to reading. As I read the stories I imagined these women slowly circling their clits and massaging their breasts, it made me harder by the second.

I then imagined how my fiance strokes me before we make love, how she slowly strokes every little bit of my dick and then starts to speed up as I furiously play with her clit. I was sitting still in the stall for about five minutes which seemed like 30 minutes. I stroked myself hard and fast, over and over just reading the stories visualizing everything. It was getting to the point where I had to cum so that I wouldn't be gone from my desk too long, but I didn't want to stop. Excitement ran through my body like shockwaves and as I stroked harder and faster I could feel my body tensing up getting ready to explode, but then again I also had to be careful because of guys coming and going in the bathroom.

This didn't stop me one bit, I continued to stroke myself, then I had to put the mobile down in my shorts because I wanted to rub my balls while I stroked. I leaned back a little bit and then pictured my fiance stroking, moaning while I slowly stroked her back, teasing each other until nothing could hold us back. Then that was enough I couldn't contain my cum any longer. I finally imagined my fiance screaming out in pleasure as she does when I stroke her lovely pussy and I let my cum go, I bent over a little bit and aimed my throbbing dick at the toilet bowl and made sure that while I was cumming it wouldn't get messy, I did have to go back to work.

It was so hard as I was cumming to not kick my legs or moan out because it felt so damn good. I grasped my dick as hard as possible to get out all of my cum as my orgasm flushed through me. Finally I was done, and I only had a customer on hold for ten minutes. The best damn ten minutes I ever had at my work. From then on I find my ways to get off at work. If anyone has any comments or anything I'm open to any kind of comments. Thanks for your time, hope you enjoyed!



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