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Solo Sucking

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I guess nearly every guy has thought about sucking his own cock, even if the thought was just fleeting. I imagine most of us can't do it anyway. However, if you're limber enough and if your cock is long enough, I think it can be done. I tried it more than once without complete success, but I came close enough to make it quite satisfying. I haven't tried it for a number of years, but I thought my experiences with it might make good reading, so here goes.
My interest in 'solo sucking' grew out of my obsession with having my cock sucked. Ever since my first girl friend went down on me and swallowed my come, that's been my favorite sex act. In fact, every time we went out in my car after that first time, I ended up coaxing her head down onto my cock and coming into her mouth. She always swallowed. From then to now, coming in a girl's mouth and having her swallow it has been my favorite thing.
I've been fortunate to have known several girls (women, really) who were 'swallowers.' My favorite girlfriend of all really loved to swallow my come. She also liked to suck my cock after we had made love (rather than let me wipe it off with a washrag). I guess it's not surprising that my favorite fantasy when I'm masturbating is coming into a girl's mouth.
One weekend some years back when I was out of town and didn't have any social plans, I decided to satisfy my sexual hunger by masturbating. For some reason, I got the idea of seeing how close I could come to having my cock sucked even though I wasn't with a girl. I decided to try to see how close I could come to sucking my own cock. My fantasy started to build as I got naked on the bed, lying on my back. I reached over my head and grabbed the headboard and pulled my legs up so that my hips rotated over my face.
My feet were propped against the wall behind the headboard, and my cock and balls were directly over my mouth (but not quite in it -- that's where another couple of inches would have helped). I started stroking myself and watching the head of my cock swell. I imagined that I was the girl who was lying under me looking up at my cock and balls as they hovered over her mouth. I continued to stroke until I felt myself just starting to come. Then I stopped it, letting one or two drops of come flow out. They were the watery drops that come out before the thick come. I opened my mouth imagining I was the girl and I let the drops of come fall into it. Since I hadn't come completely, my desire was still peaking, and I tasted my come and swallowed it like she would have. (I noticed that those first couple of drops of come are actually sweet.)
Then, after I regained control, I started stroking some more. I wanted to control myself so that I could come just a little bit again without shooting the entire load, but it's hard to do after the first few drops come out. Finally, I couldn't control it any longer, and I watched as my come spurted out of my cock and into my mouth.
It's an unfortunate fact that most guys lose interest in sex as soon as they come. I'm no different in that regard, and each time that I did this 'solo suck,' my fantasy always ended abruptly as soon as I came into my mouth. I never had the desire to swallow it, and I always spit it out.
So, that's my story. I guess it's not that interesting for gay guys (for obvious reasons), but if you're not gay and if you're limber enough, the fantasy might work for you, too. Try it!



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