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Solo Quickies

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In the hectic pace I refer to as my life, there are many times when I am horny, but lack long periods of time for either sex or masturbation. Indeed, I suspect it's like this for most folks. Thus many of my masturbation experiences tend to be 'quickies'.
Sure, I would love for every self loving session to be long, erotic, and culminate in not one but several orgasms. But let's face it, if you are like me, you seldom find yourself with that much time.
As such I'd like to present you with ideas for your own 'quickies', masturbation sessions that last about fifteen to twenty minutes or less. I'd also love to hear from others about their 'quicky' solo sessions.
Without a doubt, the most consistent place I masturbate is in the shower. While washing my hair and shaving I will set my mind to some erotic fantasy. Pushing the shower head aside, I begin soaping up my whole body, letting my hands run all over me.
Erect with the thoughts going through my head, I begin stroking my soapy cock with my left hand. My right will wander, sometimes tweaking my nipples, sometimes rubbing my ass, other times massaging my balls.
The slick soap makes my hand glide nicely over my prick, almost simulating the warm wet feel of a pussy. With practiced strokes I pump, and am soon rewarded by a nice orgasm. Hot cum will shoot out, splattering over the shower wall. After I quit quivering, the whole mess rinses off neatly and cleanly down the drain.
This is an activity I do almost daily!
I recall one time that could almost be labeled spontaneous masturbation. I was at home alone, planning to meet my wife and kids for lunch. I had about 15 minutes before I had to jump in the shower, so decided to read a few erotic stories on my favorite place on the 'net.
My intent was to read for the fifteen minutes, then jump in the shower using what I had read as fantasy material for a shower jack off. As such, I was already naked when I sat down at the computer.
I got online and read a few stories. All of a sudden I ran across one that got me incredibly horny. I cannot explain why, but just reading the story got me wildly turned on. My heart was racing, my breathing heavy, my cock rock hard as I stroked it.
Two thirds of the way through the tale I knew I'd never make it to the shower. I leaned my chair far back, and my left hand pumping wildly as my right scrolled the story down my monitor. When I read the hero of the story had his orgasm, I came myself! My first blast was so hard it hit me right in the face. The rest of my spunk landed on my chest, stomach, and cock. I sat there, shaking. I then gave my cum soaked cock a few strokes, keeping it hard.
If I'd had more time I would have just kept stroking until I came again. Alas, this was a quicky, and my fifteen minutes were up. I thought about stroking again in the shower, but instead decided to retain the horny mood for an evening jack off.
Which, by the way, I did before going to sleep. Since it was not a quicky I'll just mention a long slow stroke session in the bed lying beside my wife resulted in my second orgasm of the day.
Last week I was at home alone, telecommuting. I was going into town and had about 30 minutes before I needed to jump in the shower. Having a few minutes to myself, and decided I wanted a really nice orgasm.
I spent about 10 minutes reading erotic stories, then went to the bedroom. I knew it was wash day for the sheets, so it wouldn't matter if I got cum all over them or not.
I began by just lying on the bed nude, touching myself all over. Too often I suspect guys go straight for the dick, but I enjoy a little 'foreplay' even when solo, just enjoying my nudity.
I then picked up my massager and held it to my cock. Oh boy that felt good! Wanting some more stimulation, I fumbled around my wife's side of the bed and pulled out her massager. Apparently she had used it the night before, as I could see a lot of dried pussy juice on it!
I held her vibe about half way between my balls and anus, so it would massage my prostate. Her massager is a lot more powerful than the one I normally use on my dick, but worked well for her clit (and for my prostate;).
Holding both massagers on me at the same time was wild. In less than a minute I was shaking, almost coming from the pleasure. I stopped, as the pleasure was very intense, and I had wanted to orgasm in a slightly different way.
I dropped the massagers and calmed down, not touching myself. Once I was ready I rolled over and began humping the sheets. Humping the bed has long been one of my favorite ways to cum. Back in college I used to do it 3 or 4 times a day! Knowing the sheets were going to be washed anyway, I knew I could return to my hedonistic messiness and blow a nice load on the bed.
I began humping, all sorts of erotic visions dancing in my head. I went faster and faster, and was probably a pretty erotic site to see. Overcome with pleasure my body shook as I came, pumping a huge load of spunk onto the sheets. I humped a few more times, rubbing my cock around in my cum. Oh that's nice, feeling my warm fluids all over me.
I laid there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the warm wet afterglow before getting up to shower and toss the sheets in the wash.
Well, there's a few ideas for your 'quickie' sessions. I would love to see replies / messages from all you folks, guys and gals, about your brief encounters with solo love. Tell us what you do when your horny and pressed for time!
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