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Solo Is an Alternative

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A great outlet for all ages and persuasions


WELL, I AM GAY-does that disqualify me from this site??

No, I don't think so. It is obvious that the owners recognize that expressions of our sexuality range over a broad spectrum with all genders. Now, isn't that amazing?

In spite of the expressions of homophobia some contributors offer, they go right on ahead and admit that there are actions beyond heterosexual penetration for the purpose of procreation which covers only a miniscule part of the entire range of legitimate human acts involving our secondary sex organs and an incredible part of our sensitivity legitimately aroused and satisfied by many kinds of 'perversions', so-called by some of our grossly misinformed brothers and sisters.

So now to a few of my acts of eroticc satisfaction: Since a very early age when I first discovered the fantastic excitement that I could arouse in my body by penile and anal stimulation, I have attempted to expand and refine every possible position, manipulation, partner, body part, et al, that I could find in independent research or in company with other like-minded partners. Even I draw the line at urine, blood or fecal shedding, so I have a few personal biases against total immersion. Different strokes for difrent folks.

Now, when I am unable to find a live partner to explore erotic stimulation with, I call on my fertile mind to conjure up some solo act to provide me with satisfaction. Viewing provocative photos or imaginative stories often helps, hence the use of such resources as Solo Touch and the inimitable 'porn' sites of the Internet or other sources.

Just to add an extra twist to my tale, as a fifteen year survivor of prostate cancer surgery, I have been rendered impotent and somewhat incontinent. Through the help of a very sympathetic urologist, after trying waiting for nature to return my potency (failed), vacuum pumping (failed), penile injection (!) of drugs (failed); my surgeon provided me with an inflatable penile implant that allows me to inflate my penis to whatever degree of hardness I might choose. No, unfortunately, it doesn't increase size, and it doesn't give the glans a beautiful firmness, but it does provide the capacity to stimulate all those good feelings of arousal, excitement and the physical satisfaction of a climax, though no cum cums. The range of reaction by prospective partners varies from outright rejection to full-scale enjoyment. Needless to say, I continue to take advantage as often as I desire to elicit sexual pleasures alone or with somebody.

My present dilemma is this: In recent years, I have turned up increasing PSA readings, which indicates a nasty cancerous host is growing inside me that may require my doctor to address it with treatment that is likely to reduce my libido. Now, without a libido, what's to happen? No more solo touch. No more fun with other participants. The good news: I'll still be living, which was the idea fifteen years ago when my cancerous prostate was removed. Perhaps I'll be living in a diminished capacity, but I'll still be watching incredible sunrises. I'll still be able to enjoy human interactions of numerous kinds aside from sexual. I'll still enjoy the pleasures of an excellent meal and stimulating drink. I may even renew my interrupted penchant for travel to see a few more distant corners of the world. I will continue to pursue my direct and indirect contact with friends and family who make our lives more than a mechanical process. I'll continue to share my writings with my fellow autobiography writing companions. And at the end of the day I will still be enthralled as I view the reds, pinks, oranges and purples of a vivid sunset over the Pacific from my beachside perch.

So why did I write this? To put in perspective the sum of life. You thirteen-year-olds, keep it up and enjoy all life has to offer. Share your pleasures and NEVER let anyone tell you that what you are doing is dirty or bad. And to all the rest of you, stop those silly protests about you're not or are so gay-the ways in which you find to make yourself and others feel good is truly one of nature's great gifts; its definition is pleasure. Enjoy!

Still Horny Joe



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