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Solo Inspiration

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Solo Inspiration
Well, I've grown up in a Christian home, so talking about sex was kind of not appreciated. My mom was always very open when I did have a question, but I never really wanted to ask. One time when I did get up the courage to ask about masturbation I remember her telling me that it was something only boys should do and only when they needed to. I didn't really agree with that at the time, and really don't agree now.
My first experience with masturbation was when I was really young, probably 5 or 6, and I remember liking to sit sideways on our swings and rub myself on them. I don't remember actually getting wet from this, but boy did it feel good!
A few years after that I got a banana seat bicycle! I loved sliding up and down the seat...it felt so good. I remember once when my grandmother had come to visit, I had been on the computer and accidentally stumbled upon a porn site. I remember going to the basement (the only room that had a lock ) and feeling myself. My pussy felt so good after that. I did it a few more times in the shower that day.
When I was 12 I went to a camp and we volunteered for local shelters and things like that. One day on the way back to the camp a car got really close to us and the man in it pulled out his cock and smiled at us as he stroked himself. I remember being shocked! This was the first time I had ever seen a cock...but I'll tell you what, my heart sure quickened! He was rather fat and it definitely wasn't erect (it hang limply : ) but seeing my first cock (aside from my younger brothers) was quite exciting! I feigned upset, as did all the other girls, but everyone knows they weren't really.
I guess I didn't really have another experience until I turned 17. I read a book that really started to convince me that masturbating wasn't bad. I tried it, and I must say that it wasn't too exciting the first time. I got a bit wet, but that's all...nothing thrilling. The next time was after reading a couple stories here at SOLO ...wow that was fun! Finally the third time I had an orgasm, but I had to be really quiet so my mom wouldn't hear!
I guess I'm not much different than I was then, I've still never seen an erect cock, although I'd love too! Anyone with pictures of their erect cock please send them my way! I'm not much into porn, I find it rather degrading, but I guess that could change. I don't use any tools to masturbate, generally, but occasionally I'll use a vibrator if I want a really fast, very hard orgasm, but I usually like to take it slow.
Here's how it generally goes: I start by reading a tale of someone else's experience, and then I start to rub my jeans against my already wet pussy. I then retreat to my room where I can have peace. I lay on the bed, or facing my mirror, with my legs spread, knees up. I start by rubbing my clit, very slowly...gently. I then, as I feel it getting wetter, start to rub harder, faster. I start to hump, bringing my legs close around my finger. My cunt begs for me to put my finger in it, but I make it wait a little longer. I continue to hump and rub until I orgasm hard and strong. My whole body shakes. I get ready to do it again. This time licking my index finger on the other hand, and inserting it as my pussy so begged. I start to hump again, faster, harder until I'm shaking, unable to move. Clit throbbing, labia a deep pink. Oh, I'm in heaved. I generally stop there, but sometimes I'll go again. I have a really hard time cumming for some reason...anyone have any ideas why? Or any suggestions on how to improve that.
Anyway, please send your pictures : ) -L



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