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Solo by Remote

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Strange how passions can ignite at any time!


Both my wife and I had a bad night with little sleep. So the next day, a weekend, we were naturally tired. We couldn't sleep late and eventually arrived back home after a busy morning. Lunch was brief, after which my wife said that she was exhausted and needed to sleep. Do I want to join her in bed? No second invitation needed for me!

We undressed to our undies and cuddled in, in the spoon position, me behind. I slid my hand over her and into her panties and that's it! We were both asleep without realizing it!

My wife has a friend who insists on speaking to her pretty much daily and exactly fifteen minutes later the phone rang. It was HER. My wife had a cordless phone next to her, so we remained in the same position. I still had my hand in her pants. I ignored the meaningless conversation.

P, my wife, giggled at something, and her hand pressed over mine, outside her pants. She replied as her hand caressed the top of mine, still inside her pants. I slid it down deeper without resistance. Her chat continued without a pause. Again P giggled and her hand pressed my fingers down, into her. I assisted. Again she laughed at some comment and her hand pressed mine down deeper, stronger; I began to feel the warm moisture from her.

Chatting away without pause or concern, P gently caressed my fingers, indicating, I imagined, what I should be doing to her; soon rotated her hips to allow more space for her legs; then without hesitation slid her hand into her pants to join mine, but there was not enough room for two of us there. Laughing away into the phone, she gently extracted my hand and returned hers into her panties. I moved away, giving my erection more room to expand. I was still close enough to feel her arm vibrating against me. I glanced at her flushed face and gently began to caress myself, my hand against her leg so she could feel what I was doing.

After a while and several attempts to say goodbye, P eventually managed to disconnect with one hand, as her other was furiously busy in her pants. She rolled onto her back, bent her knees and increased her pressure and speed. Her face and neck was red with flush and her open lips dark with blood. She closed her eyes and began to sob and gasp. I was so close but waiting for her.

Her body shuddered and she gasped a huge gasp and then, oblivious to my cry and volumes spraying both of us, she shuddered, jerked and moaned in her private ecstasy for a minute or two.

I expected her to go to the bathroom but surprisingly she rolled back onto her side; so I cuddled close, still dripping wet, as sleep once again enveloped us silently.



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