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Sole Play With Another

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Up to now I have written about two experiences of my past, and I felt it was now time to share some more.


I have lived on my own ever since I was 18, and a couple years ago I lived next door to a woman who was probably one of the most fun and very exotic looking women that I had ever met. She was about five foot four inches with long dark hair and from Columbia, and for this situation-lets call her 'Linda'. She lived next door to me for about a year and a half before we ever really spoke to each other, although I definately noticed her everytime she would walk out to her car or to her apartment.

One day we started talking while I was outside having a cigarette. She was wearing her work uniform, which was black pants and a somewhat tight white blouse. As we were chatting I happened to notice that she had a nice size bust, and as I looked closer I saw that one of her dark-colored areolas was peeking out of the top of her bra and it was visible through her blouse. I am not sure what was more exciting, actually seeing half of her nipple or the fact that she didn't notice she was revealing anything. Anyway, we wrapped up our conversation and I went back to my apartment and jacked off to this recent accidental discovery.

Some months went by where we continued talking and getting to know more about each other, and I guess you could say that we were becoming friends. There were times where I would go over to her place and we would talk for hours about guys she was dating or just life in general. I really don't know when exactly we started talking about sex and stuff. At one point we started talking about favorite positions, likes and dislikes, and basic stuff like that. One evening over one of our late talks, I got bold and in a joking manner mentioned that I hadn't masturbated in awhile, and she started blushing. I then asked her if she ever did it, and she responded with an honest 'Yes'. Then she proceded to tell me that she usually does it primarily in bed. Now this new information was really starting to get me hard, and even though I was sitting in my wheelchair I made no attempt conceal it either. After that conversation I knew that 'Linda' and I were becoming good friends that could be open and honest with each other.

Over several months there would be times where we would tease and flirt with each other back and forth. I would flash my penis at her or she would come over to my place without wearing a bra. Stuff like that went on for awhile, but mostly it was just out of fun. I went over to her apartment one afternoon and she was laying in her bed. We were just talking and I was trying not to focus on the fact that she was only wearing her robe. At one point she switched her position and one of her braless breasts was a little exposed, and I instantly got a huge erection. I mentioned to her that I was aroused and she didn't believe me, so without any hesitation I pulled it out of the leg of my shorts. She quickly turned away in embarassment, and I said 'it was okay' and that if she wanted to look-that I didn't mind.

She slowly turned around and stared right at my crotch, and after a minute or two I asked her if I could see her (because fair is fair). After a few minutes of trying to persuade her, she slowly revealed both of her breasts. They were beautiful, c-cup breasts with brownish-colored nipples and her areolas were about the size of a silver dollar. Staring at her chest was making me even harder, and I decided to take it a step further. I slowly placed my hand on my erection and started to rub it, and she just watched intently.

I quickly stopped and said 'for me to go on, I need to see some more' in a joking manner. She smiled at me and I could tell that she was getting turned on as well. I told her that there was nothing about both of us watching and getting off on each other. She then proceded to open her robe and roll over on her stomach. At first I wasn't sure what she was doing, but as I watched closer I noticed that she was starting to grind her hips into her mattress. I kept on jacking as I watched her thong-covered butt clinching with each pelvic thrust. She didn't use her hands at all, but I could tell that she was using the mattress to rub against and stimulate her clitoris. I had never seen anything like this in person before, so needless to say I was more turned on than I had ever been. I told her that I was about to cum, and she turned her head and watched as my hips started to thrust me to orgasm. I shot several loads onto my thigh, and by watching me, she climaxed as well. She wasn't very vocal, but I definately noticed her body shaking and her breathing quickening. She let out a small grunt and clapsed onto her bed. 'Linda' and I had several more sessions like that, but I will get into those at a later time.

I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.

Happy Jacking & Jilling.



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