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Sold Self to Slavery

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This information is true


My best friend growing up was one year younger than me. We had been playing doctor since we were like 5. Eventually we turned that into truth or dare and started doing more things. He and I both were into the same sports and both had average sized cocks, about 5-6 inches when hard.
Around junior high we started increasing the severity of our challenges and dares - untill we finally got to making the other person come. Every challenge or dare had a build up of embarrassment, and the ultimate shame was being forced to swallow come and mastrubate...we couldn't admit that we liked any of this cause it would mean we were gay (both straight, actually).
Once in a while we would just get down and start sucking or jerking each other - from 9-12th grade we probably had 4 or more encounters a week. Most of the time we would do a quick suck off of each other after practices, but when there was an over night, or lengthy time frime we became more competitive and cruel. On an overnight, we would play video games and make bets, the loser would have to suck off the other one, or would have to masturbate somewhere outside.
I could tell that he was into everything, but in reality I liked sucking him off more than he liked doing it. For a long time, we tried not to come in each others mouth and would practice holding back and giving signals. Eventually he stopped holding back and I was sucking down gobs of sperm. Fiannly I liked swallowing, and didn't mind the humiliation he imposed when I lost.
One christmas holiday our families went out of town and he and I, stayed back because we both had practice. We had the houses to our selves for ten days. We probaly each got sucked or yanked four or five times each day. One day wew were playing a new video game and he suggested we bet - i agreed and the loser was to be a 24 hour slave to the winner.
I didn't care either way cause I had planned on sucking him anyway. I lost, although I tried to win, and I was the slave. I sucked him there in the living room and swallowed. We then went to a fast food place and ran into two friends. He invited them back to his house for the night and we got some movies we had heard showed boobs and stuff.
We watched the movies and stayed up till like 3 am, then all crashed out on the living room floor. The other two guys had never fooled around with us, and I was scared that he would make me alve service him with them there. As everybody was going to sleep he put my hand on his cock and motioned for me to stroke it. I obliged and tried not to make noise. I did this for about ten minutes and then he pushed my hand off and whispered for me to get naked. I did, then he pushed my head down on his cok and I started sucking him.
I was trying not to make slurpy sounds and draw attention to myself when he started moaning. I was getting sick to my stomoach because if the other guys saw this i would be killed at school. He just kept moaning loader and more and then shot a load into my mouth. I was swallowing it when I saw one of the other guys roll towards me confused. He saw my naked hard on and asked 'what the hell was i doing'. My other friend said that I was intertested in sucking.
The new guy said 'your a fag!' and I started begging him to be quiet. My friend told me to give the other guy a blow job, and the other guy reluctantly agreed - and he promised to not tell anyone. I sucked his dick, I didn't like his cock as much, his hair was thicker and it seemed smaller. I didn't know his cock so I was just guessing how to please him. A few minutes later he made a wierd noise and laughed and blew really thick cum into my mouth. It tasted pretty sweet.
My friend then told me to jack off for them and sleep naked the rest of the night. In the morning, i was told to go into the bathroom, sit on the toilet and wait. My friend came in telling the other guys he had to shit, and made me suck him. He came, I swalloed and he told me to stay there. Next thing I know he says to the guy from last night that he ought to take a shit now...he strolls in, sees me and smiles. I open my mouth and drop to my knees, he comes, I swallow and he leaves. I jerk off and realize I have 6 more hours of slave time. The other guys leave after breakfast and I start sucking.



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