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Soft Skin And Favorite Fantasy

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I enjoy your stories. Here's another one of mine.


Somebody soft and fleshy really catches my eye, not flabby, but soft and fleshy! Yesterday was one of those days when my eyes kept wondering again and again down the neckline of a college girl who was home for Easter and sat just in front of us in church. I know it was not appropriate behavior on my part to keep looking at her lustfully, but was it appropriate behavior on her part to wear such enticing clothing to catch the attention of all the men around her! I couldn't help but look because not only her cleavage showed several inches, but some of upper, inner curves of both of her soft breasts also were in plain sight! After she took off her shawl, her smooth, soft, bare shoulders and back were also enticing to look at! She sat right in front of me! How could I help but drop my eyes frequently so see her smooth, soft skin!
She's not skinny. She's not fat. She's just right, probably 32C,26, 34, soft and delicious looking! Oh, I wanted to reach out and touch her smooth soft curves with my most delicate touch! I wanted to touch and feel and press lightly for a long time on her soft curves and keep pulling her neckline lower and lower to reveal more and more of those soft delicious breasts, but didn't dare, considering the circumstances! I'd love to put my lips to the softness I was beholding and just enjoy the silky smoothness for a long, long, long time!
I also like to look at bare midriffs, low cut bikinis, and bare thighs. From touching my wife's breasts, shoulders, back, soft sides, smooth tummy, fuzzy Love Nest, and smooth inner thighs, I know how smooth and soft and warm and enticing the body of a female can be and I always want more, more of her and more of the beautiful females I see wherever I go! When we were still dating, whether we were engaged or not I don't remember, but it was a hot summer evening and she was wearing shorts that revealed her thighs.
I had never touched the inside curve of a female's thigh before that evening! Being a complete contrast to my hairy legs, I was totally enthralled by the smoothness of her thighs and kept sliding my hand up and down over and over, stroking very lightly and gently, enjoying the most fantastic feeling in my fingers they had ever known up to that point. Finally she said, 'You're awfully handsy!' I knew I had pushed my limit and quit, but will never forget. Now that we're married for nearly 40 years, I still enjoy looking at the thighs of females walking along the sidewalk with short skirts or shorts and still enjoy feeling the soft, smooth inner curve of my wife's thighs! She doesn't fight me off now for sliding my hand up and down, even though she does not like stroking as much as I do.
As much as I enjoy looking at and touching smooth, soft shoulders, neck, breasts, back, sides, tummy, hips, fuzzy Love Nest, and thighs, THIGHS probably catch my eye more often than breasts because so much more skin shows! Having taught high school in several states and having seen the colorful pink, yellow, green, and blue panties covering the crotches of several of my female students sitting in the front row, I know how hard it is not to look!
My favorite fantasy still probably is to have a whole row of young women in the front row wearing short, short skirts and no panties so their fuzzy bush would be visible to me from the front. It would really push me to the edge of my endurance not to start rubbing my shaft on the outside of my slacks when seeing the females squeeze their vaginal lips together and then open them again throughout the class period! Their clits would keep popping out and looking me in the eye every time they opened their vaginal lips frequently! Such a sight repeated over and over throughout the class period would simply drive me batty! I might have to excuse myself and take a restroom break to unload my balls and relieve some pressure! But then the next class would be a repeat and so would the next and the next and the next! Could a mature male empty his balls every hour all day long! Probably, even though not much more than a drop of watery cum would ooze out by the end of the day!
In fact, the other morning I had a dream that I was in front of a class and seeing half a dozen females with their knees apart, their legs open, and their fuzzy crotches visible! Of course, I awakened with an erection! Rolling over, I pressed my firm manhood against my wife's smooth thighs, moving back and forth so my sensitive head would slick back and forth across her smooth thighs! Although I haven't taught high school for over 30 years, I still keep having fantasies dating way back! Is that what you wanted for your wall chart, Human Sexuality Class? If so, chalk up another one!



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