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Soccer Buddies = Helping Hands

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This is a true story that happened when I was in high school.


When I was 15 my parents moved to a different school district, and I transferred to the high school in that area. I was shy, and generally going through those awkward teenage years. Being a tall, handsome, soccer player with a nice body did help me out a little though.

One of my new friends at this school was a soccer player named Justin, and he was a true friend to me. We both had the same interests in music, and we got along very well.

As time went on, I realized that I found Justin attractive. When we changed in the locker room, I found my eyes falling on his body. He was around 5'10', with blonde hair, brown eyes, and a very fit physique. He had a full six-pack, tight buns, huge leg muscles, and toned arms. To this day, I consider myself bisexual because I cannot resist a fellow soccer guy.

My attachment to him grew, and one night when we were working on a project for history, I decided to break the ice with him. We were at his house, and his parents were downstairs. It was risky because they were Catholic too, and I did not want to cross any lines. I wanted to jack off with him so bad, so I casually asked him about some porno tapes one of his friends had lent him. He said that his little brother had gotten into them, but that he still had them in his closet.

I asked him if he was interested in watching a couple of them, and he said 'sure'. Since his parents were downstairs, he locked the door and popped one in. Then he sat down in a chair on the other side of the room.

The scenes were pretty hot, and it wasn't long before I was sporting a big boner in my cargo shorts. I tried to hide it, but Justin could tell I was fidgeting. He didn't have a boner from what I could see, but I could tell he was aroused too.

After a while, I worked up the courage to asked him, 'Do you mind if I jack off, this thing is really starting to hurt?!'

He smiled and laughed and asked, 'Well where are you going to do it?'

I replied, 'Right here.'

Suddenly he got up, and grabbed some tissue from his bathroom for me. He said, 'You might need some of this,' with a sarcastic smile. I socked him in the arm and thanked him.

The tension was building up in the room. I pulled my 15-year-old cock out, and it felt so good to get it out of my shorts. He stayed in the room and kept watching the movie and glanced over at me every once in a while. I could tell he was nervous too. Since I wanted to see his cock too, I asked him if he would join me.

He hesitated for a moment and then came over to sit by me on his bed. That's when we started asking each other about when we masturbated, and for how long, etc. He said he had just jacked off the night before, but that he only did it a few times a week. When I told him I did it every day he looked really shocked and told me I must feel frisky a lot.

His phone rang and he stood up with his erect penis sticking out through the fly of his shorts. It was hot seeing his cock for the first time, and he casually stroked it while he was on the phone. After setting the phone down and calling down to his parents, he sat back down with me. We both sat and jerked ourselves off to the tape.

It was like living a dream, and I told him, 'It'll feel better if we jerk each other off.' He agreed, and took his hand off his cock.

I reached over and took his throbbing teen cock in my hand and slowly jerked him off. He reciprocated, and it wasn't long before he said he was close.

I jerked him even faster and played with his balls as he blasted cum on his hot abs. It dribbled onto my hands, and he said, 'Sorry dude, let me clean that up for you.' I didn't care, but he wiped it up anyway.

Then he concentrated on me, and I came within a few minutes after. It was so hot having my best friend beat me off. After we were done, I said, 'We'll have to do this again, soon!' He laughed and nodded his head. His room smelled like teen cum so much, I'm surprised his parents never noticed.

There would be much more to come over the next year, including a very hot sleep-over between the two of us.

Shortly after our fun times, he got a girlfriend, and we drifted apart. It got awkward because I had gotten attached to him, and to this day he rarely speaks to me. I wish I could renew that bond again because those were some of the hottest memories of high school!



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