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Soap Suds

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This just happened the other night.


I recently posted a story about the mutual masturbation sessions that I have with my fiance. Well, we just moved into our new apartment, and it's absolutely wonderful to have all this privacy. Our newfound freedom recently brought about a slightly unexpected, but very enjoyable encounter.

I was doing some work around the apartment (unpacking, hanging pictures) and my fiance was taking a shower. After a few minutes he called out jokingly, 'Hey, why don't you come soap up my dick for me?'

I was in the middle of something, so I laughingly blew him off, thinking that he wasn't serious anyway. I had a few things that needed to go into the bathroom though, so I ended up going in there after all.

'Seriously, come soap me up,' he said again. He had pulled the shower curtain back and was standing there with his cock in one hand and the bar of soap in the other. I laughed again and figured, 'What the hell.' I went over to him and took the soap. I lathered up both my hands before giving him back the bar, which he set carefully on the ledge.

I grabbed his extremely hard cock and began slowly stroking it from base to tip. My fiance is very well-endowed, about 7 inches long and wide to boot. He also shaves (which I personally love) and this makes him seem even bigger. I started to alternate hands, pulling them one after the other up the length of his cock. He was smiling at me, and although he was obviously very aroused, he wasn't fully in the zone yet. I had a way to change that.

I continued stroking his cock with my right hand, but took my left and began to gently massage his balls. By this time I was pretty aroused myself. He looked so hot with his wet hair pushed back from his face and drops of water running down his chest and muscular arms, and his slippery, soaped-up balls felt great in my hand.

He was a lot more into it by then. His knees had started to buckle and I was afraid he might slip and fall in the shower. 'I need to sit down,' he said. He lowered himself down onto the edge of the bathtub with his legs facing out towards me, and I knelt beside him, still furiously stroking his cock. I could tell from his expression and the tension in his legs that it wouldn't be long.

Suddenly, he let out a moan, his toes curling on the tiled floor, and shot several streams of warm cum into my hand. I kept stroking until he was completely finished, and I was left with a handful of soap and cum. Surprisingly, none of it got on the bathroom floor. My fiance stood up shakily and grinned at me before closing the shower curtains so that he could rinse off his cock and finish his shower. I washed up and went back to what I was doing before.

I've been thinking about this incident ever since it happened, and I feel horny every time. In fact, now that I've written this I think I'm going to go masturbate myself. My fiance's asleep, but if I can't satisfy myself I may have to wake him up.

This site is great...I love reading all the stories. I hope there are other women out there who love watching their man cum as much as I do!



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