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So You Think You Can Love

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This is my first story, it is true.


Jenn and I had just spent two nights with my family on the delta boating and camping in the heat of the summer. We had both been anticipating these four days as I was going to a summer camp for the rest of the summer. The only real alone time we had had was when we had borrowed the Jet Ski. After I had driven for a while we decided to switch. I held her softly on the thighs as she drove around the delta; slowly I moved my hands toward her soft bikini bottom careful not to touch her too roughly so as not to break her concentration. I thought about slowly caressing her soft opening through the material but I decided not to in order for her not to twitch in sexual agony throwing us off the Jet Ski.

After a bit we switched back and we drove back to the campsite stopping occasionally to kiss. On the last day of camping we waved goodbye to my family and drove towards Tahoe dropping my cousin off on the way. We toasted in the hot air condition less car for most of the drive having the windows down, stopping to get cold drinks just before hitting the mountain roads. Although we had been sleeping next to each other in a hot tent for the trip, which was a treat, we were looking forward to a nice hotel room and comfy bed. Upon arriving at the Vagabond Inn the innkeeper informed us we were to have a handicapped room, which was quite all right with us.

Upon entering the crisp cold room we both relished in the California king bed presented to us and after collapsing on it next to each other we kissed tenderly at first and soon pressed together in the passion we had been holding off for the past three days. After a few minutes of that we both agreed we were tired and needed to relax for a while and watch some TV. The travel channel, which was what the TV was initially set on, spurred on discussions and fantasies of where we wanted to go.

Once we were well rested we decided it was time to venture out of the hotel room into the heat, I set the thermostat on freeze so that when we returned we would be nice and cool, and we set off. We got a nice meal of chicken strips (one of our staple foods) and some fruit and juice. One other necessity was a box of condoms, which I bought separately in order not to embarrass my cute girlfriend.

When we returned to the hotel room we sat on the bed and ate our meal, it tasted wonderful mainly because of the company and the anticipation of the evening. Once finished we put the food in the reasonable places and we reclined on the bed. We sat for a minute and soon began to kiss slowly at first playfully giving each other a tiny bit of tongue and soon we were kissing much more passionately. I soon began to pull off her shirt exposing her bra, which was removed even more easily. I then got to see one of the sexiest parts of my beautiful girl. Her breasts are perfectly sized to fit into my hands and her white skin turns me on like nothing else. I caressed these for a few seconds. Soon she was tearing at my shirt trying to pull it off.

At this point I stopped and pulled it off so that we were both equally nude. I do not understand her attraction to my chest. With a strange dark patch with black hair on my upper right peck I am odd looking. I am also scrawny and white with no muscle to speak of however she loves me anyway.

Once my shirt was removed we embraced and kissed deeply for a few seconds. Soon I began kissing down her jawbone past her neck though the center of her chest and down to her green shorts. I pulled them down and began to kiss her on and around her black panties, which she informed me, she had put on because she knew I liked them.

Soon I had them off and I started to kiss her exposed hair. The short natural red hair on her wonderful area is a very attractive feature of Jenn. When she is nude it barely covers her cute slit. I started to lick her spreading her inflamed lips with my tongue when I looked up at her face her head was tilted back and I saw that familiar smirk which told me she was enjoying the catlike lapping I was giving her private parts. The taste of her is indescribable and is one of my favorite flavors in the world. Soon she started to pull me up to her so that we could kiss I quickly whipped my mouth on the sheets because she dislikes her own smell and taste. She began to claw at my belt and I knew she wanted my shorts off, as quickly as I could I pulled them down and shoved them off the bed.

Soon my had was down by her area and I teased her running my hands up and down her thighs and brushing past her privates. She both loved and hated this teasing. After a few minutes I asked her if she would like to take a shower. The large handicapped shower was nice however the shower head was a removable one, which was below both of our heads so we had to take turns holding it and showering each other off. Jeannette washed her hair and we both toweled down. We went back out to the room and started relaxing on the bed. Soon we had the TV on.
I started to get a tiny bit bored, while the show was not as bad as I had thought it just wasn't my thing. I could tell that Jeannette was still enthralled but I decided she could stand for some fun while watching any way. I slowly started to caress her butt lightly, and soon I started to slide my hand backward brushing past her anus and I started to caress her vagina from above. I was surprised that her reaction was very positive.

After getting her sufficiently interested I started to move behind her. I slowly pulled down the panties she had put on and started to lick up and down the entire area. Spending time pushing my tongue into both of her holes a tiny bit. Again she was reacting well so I started going up and down paying some attention to all of her naughty bits. As always the taste just made me want more. While she was still watching her show she was also very entertained with what I was doing and soon I felt her spasm and reach orgasm. I crawled up to sit next to her and kissed her on the forehead jumped up and ran to the bathroom in order to wash my mouth out. When I returned Jenn was smiling at me and we again reclined on the bed kissed a little bit and finished the two-hour show.

We began removing the sparse clothing we had on. Once naked I started to kiss toward her area again, once down there she told me she didn't want that. So I came back and began to kiss her again. I asked if she wanted to use her mouth because that is the most gentle way I know how to tell her what I want and she obliged sliding down toward my member and slowly putting her wonderful mouth on it. She worked it back and forth in her mouth for a few minutes as I moaned and told her how wonderful it felt. A few minutes later she moved back up to meet me and I moved my own hand down to her soft muff. I slowly ran my fingers up and down just inside her and she convulsed. I caressed the most sensitive spot a little bit until I could feel that she was getting wet.

I started to pump my fingers in and out for a good while whilst she jacked me and we shifted positions a couple of times. Because I was so aroused and had not had any sort of sex in a month I came to the point of orgasm very quickly, however I managed to hold off until Jenn whispered to me that she was beginning to get tired. Once I knew she was as satisfied as possible I started moving backwards and forwards whilst she held my hard member until I finally came. I slowly pulled away and we cuddled for a while. Jenn noticed some things, which I was actually a little turned on by, however she decided to clean up. Soon after that we fell asleep cuddling under a comfy blanket Jenn had made.



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