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So Wrong, but Wow

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This is so wrong, but I yielded to temptation, and regret not a damn thing.


I lived next door to a couple older than me until last month. They have a 15, nearly 16 year old daughter who is just about the sexiest thing I have seen. She 'budded' early, and from then she could be found in the garden on hot summer days, in a bikini or even topless. No, she wasn't 'hoping I would see' she was just totally comfortable with her body.

Now and then I would work on thier ancient computer and it was only two weeks ago, just as I was packed up ready to move across state that I did my last job for them and it was a peach.

Anna, (the daughter) was getting a computer in her bedroom and they wanted a simple network set up. Not much of a job, but while I was in her room I noticed that it didnt smell like a 'little' girl's room any more, but more like a young woman's. Of course, I wondered if she had rubbed herself out there, and I guessed she had. While I was setting up the operating system on the new PC, Anna went to make me a cup of tea. I flicked her duvet cver back and there were two things of interest. One was a collection of little white stains in the middle of her blu sheet, but the other was a more dense mark right on the corner seam of the bed. (I imagined her with one knee on the floor riding the seam against her clit)

Ok, well, that gave me a semi. I tried to turn my attention back to the work, but just couldnt. Anna is such a sweet girl, but I couldnt help but wonder if she has discovered her more primal side. Then I heard her voice 'Run out of tea.. going to the shop.. back in a mo.' And I heard the door slam. That left me alone in her room.

Oh, I tried.. oh HOW I tried.. but in the end temptation got the better of me and I went to her hamper. Laying there, right on the top was a pair of light green cotton bikini panties. I picked them up and held them trying to decide whether to sniff or not. I even tried to tell myself that they would only smell of piss and would have no sexual scent at all, but then, of course, I had to find out. I opened them out and there were familiar stains on the crotch. Lovely! Putting them to my face, I inhaled deeply. Holy SHIT... you have no idea! Soft, feminine and FULL of pheromones. I was full hard in a second. Two seconds later, my dick was in my hand and I was smelling her and jacking like a bastard. I felt the cum start to rise almost straight away. I didnt want to move those delicious panties, so I dug in the hamper and found another pair. I put them on her bed and went for it. As I came I directed it into the crotch of the other panties, actually touching the dried pussy cream with my dick as I came. WHAT a rush. To finish, I allowed myself just one lick of her pussy cream on her panties. I could taste her wetness and the faint, oh SO faint hint of piss was also intoxicating.

Hearing the door slam, I stashed the sperm filled panties deep in her hamper and scattered the fresher ones back on top. Then I went back to work.

Anna brought the tea up moments later. She stood in the bedroom and looked around as I worked.

Then, as she left she looked over her shoulder at me. 'Hmm smells like someone just jacked off in here.' She gave a little smile, and added 'Hope you put them back in the hamper. I'll enjoy those later.'

There is nothing, but nothing on this earth like the scent of a pussy that has passed beyond the growing up stage and is now resident in someone who has begun to use it.

Anna may only be 15, but her hormones are clearly in full flight and she obviously masturbates. That has changed her somehow. I have no desire to fuck her, but holy SHIT that was fun.

You could have blown me away!



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