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So Random

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This was something I only could have fantasized, I never thought things like this happened in real life.


Have you ever been in public and suddenly become so horny you almost didn't know what to do with your self? Talk about messy, at least in my case. I was at the library at school yesterday, I decided to do a summer term this year. I'm pre med, and taking an anatomy based class. I had been at the library for around 5 hours.. Obviously it as time to head home. I was flipping through a book when I landed on the female anatomy section. I've already memorized the vagina, but it never ceases to facinate me.

Shifting in my seat I realized, first from my scent, next how god damn wet I was. Thankfully the bathroom wasn't too far, and I could go clean up before walking across campus, looking like a dirty whore who peed herself. I looked up while gathering my things and caught eye contact with a girl a few tables down. Nervous that she saw my wet spot, I sat back down. Hoping I'd wait her out. While waiting I couldn't help to open the book again, reading about sexual reproduction in this state let my mind wonder. Then thing I knew I was slowly rubbing my pussy though my pants. Absentmindedly of course. Suddenly I felt like I was being watched, I looked up as that girl from a few tables down was standing in front of my table. I felt my cheeks getting hot, she simply put a finger to her lips, smiled and motioned for me to follow her.

The next thing I knew we were in the bath room finger fucking eachother like porn stars. It was insane. She dropped to her knees and then to her butt pulling my waist down, pussy heading for her face. She breathlessly said "sit on my face, I wanna make you scream." With out a second thought I did it, she shook her head back and forth and I felt weak in the knees. Her tongue slipping over my clit, I felt my pussy dripping from pleasure. My boyfriend can't even eat me out like this. I started to ride her face, I could felt my climax coming, hard. She stuck a few fingers in me, and I felt like I was gunna pee on her. She did the "come here" motion, I knew she was gunna make me squirt all over her, and I didn't have time to warn her. Suddenly it hit me. I push up off her face, squirting all over her, and pussy contraction after contraction brought me to the bathroom floor, shaking.

Since my boyfriend didn't stay for the summer I've literally had no sexual contact since may. I do get my self off, I've just been so busy I haven't had any personal time. Of course I had to repay the favor. And I let her ride my face till she screamed. I have never really done anything with a girl before, but it was really fun.. And something I wouldn't mind trying again. I never got her name. But I'm sure ill see her again.



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