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So Much Time Wasted!

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Congrats with the site, I think it serves a useful purpose!
Having read some of the interesting experiences on this site, I decided that it's time for me to also tell you about what happened to me and a long-standing friend of mine recently. We both studied at a teachers college. We became friends at the beginning of our second year. We were running the same classes and we had the same interests, except for when it came to sexual interests. I was attracted to men at the time, although I wasn't out of the closet by then; actually I was sexually still very confused. Because of this and the hoopla that goes along with the whole gay thing I kept myself very mush 'normal'. I would join the chats about women, but new deep down that something else was stirring. So nobody else (me not sure myself) new that I was attracted to men.
'Jack' had a girlfriend that he has been dating for quite a while, but she was from his home town, so he only got to see her on weekends and during holidays. Therefore we almost always hang out together and was sometimes joined by the third member of the friendship, although he did not hang out with us that much as he used to date girls on campus on a continuous basis, and used to tell us in detail about all his sexual escapades. I used to join in on the talk to keep up my 'normal' appearances, and Jack used to follow suit as he was going steady with this girl form his home town. Well all of this suited me well in a way, to hang out with Jack, as he were not interested in other girls it gave us plenty of time to spend together.
As the friendship grew, I think something started to stir for both of us; it's just that I think we were both very confused at the time. Jack going steady with his girl, and me sexually confused. So there was this 'tension' always hanging in the air. What also attributed to the confusion was the fact that Jack and me were academically very competitive in a positive way. So we could never really pinpoint the 'tension'.
So there was the occasional sex talk and even a debate here and there about masturbation etc., and the odd glance at each other's peckers in the bathrooms. Jack was pretty well built as he has been an athlete his whole life and had to stay in shape and practiced a lot. I was not that well build, but just a normally well-developed young guy. Sometimes sitting in our rooms just hanging out, we would sit there with just our shorts on, and it was quite interesting how the 'tension' would sometimes build up as either Jack or me would gently run our fingers through the hair on our chests. But what was funny is that for the rest of our studies for the next 3 years - that is where it remained.
It was only after we completed our studies and we had been teaching for about a year that I invited Jack and his girlfriend to join me and another women friend of mine on holiday. I was not involved with this women friend I'm referring to but we were just very good friends as she is teaching at the same school I'm teaching at.
So when the time came we were off to the seaside for the planned holiday and we booked into a nice holiday flat. The flat consisted of two bedrooms, a living area combined with a kitchen overlooking the sea and a bathroom. Both of the rooms had just one double bed and it naturally led to the fact that the girls would share a room and me and Jack would share the other room - meaning sharing the same bed. Well I did not thing much of it and we enjoyed our first day out at the beach, had a nice braai, some drinks and chatted 'til late in the evening.
At some point we were all very tired and decided to hit the sack. I usually slept naked but decided that it would not be appropriate and kept on my shorts as I jumped into bed, so did Jack although he new I used to sleep naked. It did not take long for both of us to fall asleep, as it was a long day. Although we were very tired, I did not fall into a very deep sleep, I suppose the 'new' situation was not very comfortable for me yet and made me a little bit aware. Somewhere during the night I noticed he was turning around and suddenly his whole arm were falling across my chest. And there I was lying with Jack's arm across my bare chest. This act brought back a lot of old memories, desires and wondering. I must be honest up until that moment I had no intention towards Jack and did not even think in those terms although I still found him to be very attractive. I guess, I was thinking of us as grownups now and he was still going steady with the same girl he always used to have, and I respected that.
I told myself it was just a coincidence and slowly turned around myself to let his arm naturally glide of my chest. I eventually fell asleep and woke up the next morning not really thinking of what happened.
We were at the beach again for the whole day, hung out in a nice restaurant that was situated on the beach front for supper and just chatted 'til late night.
Back at the flat I fist took a shower again although I showered before we left for the restaurant. It's just that it was very humid and I preferred taking a shower again before going to bed. By the time I got back in the room, Jack was already in bed and had the light turned off. There was however ample light left in the room, as the curtains were drawn wide open and it was full moon. As I said it was very hot and humid and we slept under only one sheet. The sheet was covering only Jack's lower body as he was lying on his stomach, with his head turned away from me. The sheet however was covering his lower body in such a way that a part of his left buttocks were completely visible. I was taken aback realizing that Jack did not have any clothes on and he was laying in such a way that I could clearly see it. I told myself this is just a coincidence and slowly crept into bed after taking of my shorts. If he can sleep naked so could I as I used to do it anyway, and as it is much more comfortable as well. Being a bit aroused I did eventually fell asleep.
As I woke the following morning Jack was already up and I could here the shower running from the bathroom. I realized that Jack was probably back after he went jogging. Not hearing the shower running anymore I realized he must be finished and may enter the room at any moment. As he entered I closed my eyes and pretended to be still asleep. I could hear he was softly opening the cupboards to get his clothes and new he must be facing the other way, I peeped and looked at him standing there with his broad shoulders, and as he bend down to put on his short I could clearly see his hairy buttocks with the hairline leading into his crack. He finished dressing and left the room. I managed to negate all the images and again we had a lovely day on the beach, supper and chatted late into the night after which we went to bed again. I don't know if he by this time knew I also slept naked the previous night, but we just without any ado undressed and got into bed.
Sometime during the night I was wakened by his arm falling on me again as he turned around. Being a bit sleepy I realized that this time his arm was lying across my upper body and his hand was not far away from my crotch. There I was, lying by that time wide-awake not knowing what to make of it. Can this be a coincidence again? I decided to experiment a bit, which should quickly tell me whether he is playing and is actually testing me, or whether it is actually just a coincidence. I laid for about 15 minutes and then moved my body upwards and a bit to the side which should naturally make his arm to shift just enough to make his hand move into my pubic area, al the while pretending that I'm moving in my sleep. Luckily his arm was not lying across my heart, as I'm sure he would have been able to feel my heartbeat at that moment which would definitely not resemble the heartbeat of somebody that is asleep.
Quite a bit of time elapsed and I was just about to make up my mind that it actually was just a coincidence when he move his body downwards just enough to enable him to move his hand over my penis. That was it! Not being able to control this, my penis started to grow at an alarming rate. And there I was lying naked in bed with Jack having his hand on my growing penis. I wanted to quickly turn around to hide my embarrassment, but somehow something kept me from moving, and it wasn't long before I knew my instincts were to be trusted. Jack's hand suddenly became alive and slowly started to 'feel' my by now fully erect cock. I could still not believe it. The next thing I know is him turning sideways placing his other hand on my chest running it through my chest hair and softly whispering 'This feels really good' I was stunned and stuttered 'It does' Instinctively I also turned on my side in a quest to find his member. Locating his erection nested in his thick bush was one of the nicest feelings I have ever had. It just felt so manly and right. We instinctively started kissing while slowly moving our hands up and down each other's shafts. He made a swift move and landed on top of me with our bodies pressing against each other. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine as he moved from side to side while still kissing each other passionately. I remember thinking ' This is what it must be to make love - to really make love and be one with somebody else'. I must say, just as much as it was sexual it was also a very emotional moment for me. It was as if years of longing and lusting were erupting and it was just totally taking control of me. I could clearly remember how he took his feet and locked them with mine pressing our bodies even closer to each other. He then whispered, 'I've been wanting to do this for so long, if only you could know' By this time I do not really know why I started to cry and just hold him tighter. We kept kissing, rolling around. I eventually sat upright, holding both of our dicks, one in each hand with Jack lying back on his back. I started to masturbate both of us very tenderly. Jack was giving slight little moans. While jacking us off I realized just how similar our cocks were. We were both uncut, with nice and smooth dicks. My dick was however slightly bent upwards whereas his was as straight as an arrow. When I was about to come and knew I could not hold it for much longer, I bend forward and whispered softly in his ear 'I need to come'. He answered, 'I want to see you come.' It was then that Jack took hold of his own cock. I arched back and with a deep uhhhh I came and shot onto his stomach. Not long after Jack's breathing intensified and he started to shoot. His first shot landed on his cheek, missing his left eye by an inch. He gave another big shot that landed just under his chin after which the rest just oozed out. I leaned forward and kissed him softly on his lips, wiping off the come on his left cheek. He threw his arms around my neck and drew me close to lie on him again. We kissed gently rubbing the come into our chest hair. He rolled over and made me to lie next to him holding me tightly. We were constantly aware of each other during the rest of the night falling in and out of sleep.
The next morning I was lying next to him staring into his eyes when he woke. I asked him 'What does all this mean' and he said, touching my face softly with his hand 'I don't know, you tell me? What I do know is that I'm glad it happened at last.'
Not to drag this out too long, the rest of the holiday was very awkward, both of us were very confused and even a bit ashamed. It did not stop us from making passionate love for the remainder of our holiday time there. The two women were also detecting something but didn't know what was wrong or going on. This has been a month ago and we still do not have a final solution as to what is going to happen. There are a lot of people involved etc. etc. Jack and me however have been in constant contact with each other and it seems as if we may just work things out on the long run.



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