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So Much Erotic Behavior at Such a Young

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Hi, I just want to say that I love this site and have been an avid reader of solo for a couple of years. I know you all may be thinking that I am pretty young to have much sexual insight but I love exploring my body and have since I can remember. Well enough chitter chatter... Let the story begin. Enjoy!
Well all of my experiences have happened with girls my age. My earliest memory was of a neighbor girl, we'll call her Ashley. Well I would go over to Ashley's house to play a lot and considering I was just 4 and had very little people skills developed I didn't have very many friends. I would go there and her grandmother whom she lived with at the time would sit inside and knit or whatever it was that she did and Ashley and I would sit in the back yard and 'play'. We called it experimenting and I have to admit although it was awkward having her grandmother just inside I enjoyed it thoroughly. We would kiss and touch each other on our 'privates'. That experience wasn't too exciting for you 'the reader' to read I bet but I tell you I sure did enjoy it.
Well that was the last time I had fun with a girl until we moved to a new house at six and met new friends. A girl named Julia would sometimes visit her grandmother who lives in my neighborhood and we met and soon became friends. A little bit into our friendship I remember we decided to (here is that word again) 'experiment' so we would dry hump each other which felt really good and we made out and once I even ate her out until she came hard all over my face and I licked it all up. I remember her grasping my head and shoving it into her wet pussy and me just licking and sucking her and she moaned and told me how good it felt and controlling me, telling me where to lick. This excited me so much and then when it was my turn you can imagine how fast I came.
Then when I was 10 I met a girl and we did some serious 'playing' or 'experimenting'. We did everything that you can name that didn't include anything anal. Ewww I say! We made out, sucked on each other's underdeveloped tits, ate each other into bliss, played 69, humped, fisted and fingered. We always went to bed early and played for hours until we couldn't stand it and we went to sleep rested, our little pussies extremely wet and twitching.
Then when I was 11 I met a girl called Jenny. Our parents work together and sometimes we still get together and mess around except now it's not quite so innocent. We made and still make love. We kiss and hump and just make each other feel good.
Later during my fifth grade year I met another girl we'll call Sara. Sara and I were playing in the sprinklers and we were sitting on them and we noticed the weird feeling the gave us. Then that night we talked about it and nest thing I new we were on the floor making out and then we masturbated in front of each other and told about our fantasies. She is straight and now has a gorgeous boyfriend that she's had for years.
Next we move on to Mary. I met marry last year. I stayed the night at her house and nothing awkward came about when we were sitting down talking about breast size and guys cocks when she lent over and kissed me. Soon we were laying on her bed finger fucking and everything. She is another one I gave a mind-blowing or should I say pussy-blowing experience.
I really enjoyed sharing my story. I am happy to admit that I am bisexual and very proud of it! Nobody in my family and none of my friends except for those selected few whose names have been altered for their safety know. I love guys and I can only imagine now that I would ever be in a relationship with a guy but girls are fun to express intimate bonds with. I don't know which I like best sexually because I've only had sexual relationships with girls but I'll let you know when I figure it out. Happy masturbating!!



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