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So Much Desire and Pleasure

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Only a girl can give pleasure like this


I read this site regularly and I always end up making myself cum while reading these stories.

I was out to the gym with Sally, one of my best friends, and although I had masturbated in the morning (I love starting the day like that!!) I had no idea what was to follow that afternoon.

I'm getting that moist, clammy feeling right now thinking about what I am going to re-live to you all. This happened two days ago.

Sally is a great, fun loving blond with long tanned slim legs and, as I now know, firm but small breasts - she's always getting noticed by men.

We had returned to the changing rooms after quite a heavy session on the cross trainers when I complained that I had pulled or strained a muscle in my thigh. Sally suggested that she could massage it which might ease the pain. I innocently agreed as we made our way to the sauna area in an effort to relax.

I laid along one of the benches and Sally slowly began to massage my right leg gently moving her hands up and down from my knee to upper thigh. This still felt quite tender but I gradually began to relax.

After about five minutes I was feeling at ease and enjoying myself. It took a while to notice that Sally's hands were lingering a little too long at the top of my leg but I didn't really think anything of it. We had never really spoken about sex - only in very general terms.

As she continued to massage I noticed my towel begin to slip revealing my bare ass. Sally bent over to pick it up but I stopped her saying that it would be easier without.

I didn't know how she was going to interpret this but she said it was fine and carried on. Her hands felt firm but gentle and I was beginning to get a bit horny as she rubbed my thigh. I pretended to feel uncomfortable and slowly adjusted my left leg down from the bench. This must have given her a glimpse of my now moist pussy.

About fifteen minutes had now passed and I was really beginning to get that urgent feeling between my legs if you know what I mean. I needed to be touched. Sally seemed to sense my feeling but I guess was a bit unsure if she should go on. As her hands slowly reached the top of my thigh I raised my bum and let out a very soft moan. Her hands traveled back down to my knee and then gradually back up. I was dying to be touched. Sally's hand caressed the inside my my thigh and then brushed against my moist lips. As she slowly rubbed the outside my hand grabbed her leg and my body involuntntarily jerked in anticipation.

I was in heaven as her fingers searched between my folds of flesh finding my clit with ease and gently rubbing as she inserted one then two fingers inside me. This only lasted two or three minutes as I felt my orgasm welling up inside of me. Then it came in waves. My body jerked and spasmed uncontrollably. The pleasure was so intense as I gasped for breath. As I subsided Sally gently kissed me. I had never been with a girl before but I had never experienced such intense pleasure with a boy.

For a moment we had forgotten where we were but the look of desire in Sally's eyes made it clear that she wanted me to return the touch. She lay back on the bench and parted her lovely legs and my hand went straight to her mound. She raised her slim hips in expectation. Within minutes she was grasping my hand and I knew she was ready to cum. I loved watching the expression on her face as her body shook with pleasure. I've never seen that look on a boy. As she shuddered I could feel her vagina squeeze my finger - it felt great to be able to bring so much pleasure to such a nice girl.

We hugged for a while but soon decided it was best to get out of the gym.

We spoke on the walk home and both of us almost apologized for what happened. We did agree though that it was a fantastic experience and something that we would like to share again.

I know you knew that I was going to write this Sally and as I said at the beginning I'm feeling really wet now but all alone. I'm going to bed and will masturbate thinking about you.

I think I love you Sally. Sweet dreams.



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