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So Many Firsts With Emily

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When I need a good release I picture this experience, and others with Emily.

Or I just call her and make a new one.


The summer after my sophomore year in H.S. was an exciting one.I lived in a development that had a clubhouse and pool.We (13-17 year olds) spent the warm/hot summer days around the pool.Some of us were sexually active, the rest, I can only say that I'discovered' masturbation when I was 14 and have done so nearly every day since then.This happened on one of those days.

Steve, Ann and I had been swimming for hours.They were a couple and Steve was my good friend. We were listening to the local rock station on his radio. Many of our other friends had left for lunch and some adults were arriving. Steve and Ann started to gather their stuff to go. He asked if I was staying and I was for just a little bit. So, he asked if I would take his radio back to his house when I was done. His sister Emily would be there and I could leave it with her. They were headed to Ann's to make out for the rest of the day. I agreed and stayed at the pool for a half hour. Then I dried off and took the radio to Steve's.

Emily answered the door and said,' Steve's not home''I know', I said holding up his radio.

She smiled and said, 'Put it in his room' as she turned and walked off.She was wearing a well fitting hot pink bikini and I took a good look. I hadn't thought of her any more than Steve's sister until then and certainly never seen her in anything quite as revealing, she always wore a one piece. It was then that I realized Emily was totally hot.She was about a year younger than me, 5' 5', short blonde hair, blue eyes.Maybe 105lbs and was well developed, nice breasts and a slight curve to her hipsI went into Steve's room dropped off the radio and took a moment to process what I just saw. How could I have not noticed it earlier, I had no idea. A familiar feeling was coming over me.I turned go and that's when Emily asked if I wouldn't mind putting lotion on her back. I agreed and began to warm up the lotion before rubbing it on.

Emily stood there as I started rubbing on the lotion, I was staring at her hips and ass.

The bikini accentuated her perfect ass, what a nice view.I noticed how firm and soft her skin was under my fingers, she felt amazing! My hands took on a mind of their own tracing her toned back muscles from neck to the small of her back. I started to massage her neck and shoulders.She looked back at me and smiled. Then she told me she had to go to the bathroom and I stood there with a noticeable difference in my swim trunks.

I spun quick and started to leave when I heard her say, 'There's sodas in the fridge, you can have one and could you get one for me?'The cold air felt good and it did calm things down. I must have stood there for a few minutes as Emily was standing on the other side of the fridge door with her towel and the lotion. Her hand was out waiting for the soda. I handed her the soda, she dropped her head slightly, smiled and gave me a deep look in the eyes. I smiled back, figured that was it and closed the fridge. She paused and said, 'Thank you', she turned and my eyes wandered.After a few steps she looked over her shoulder, held up the lotion and continued to her room. My heart was beating fast as I followed her not knowing exactly why.I stood at her bedroom door and watched her spread out the towel on the floor.She said nothing and just looked at me watching her. So much for the calm down. She laid on her stomach and held up the lotion. I knelt to her side and went right to massaging her back. She interrupted long enough to undo her top and said, 'Missed a spot'I rubbed every muscle on her back I was in a trance, enjoying every sensation. She was enjoying it as well, her body was responding to my hands and I started to hear her breathing. I noticed when my hands wandered to her sides and close to her bikini bottoms that she would open her eyes and look at me. I was massaging her arms and shoulders when she let out a sweet sighing moan that sent a shock through me and straight to my groin. I was fully excited and breathing heavy. I stopped for a moment, she looked back at me with glassy eyes and then gave me a coy smile. I was one happy faced boy! I put more lotion in my hands and scooted down to her legs. When my hands touched her calf her eyes rolled back and she took in a deep breath. I massaged her well toned legs from her feet to ass. Each time I got close to her ass my thumbs would drop a little further down between her legs. She would sigh and moan louder each time.

I had no idea what I was doing, I was still a virgin.

I continued to rub her legs and she began spreading them, soon there was a 1-2 inch gap between them. I focused more and more on her inner thighs. She was looking at me more intensely now. Each time my hands would stop just below her ass cheeks, I would pause and use my thumbs to massage. Emily would take in deep quivering breaths and she began to arch her back and lift her ass to meet my hands. Her body moved rhythmically with my hands. I didn't know much, but I did like the way she responded to my touch. Every time she moaned or mmmm'd my cock grew more uncomfortable in my shorts. When my thumbs felt the heat from between her legs my cock throbbed. I started to focus my hands closer and closer to her bikini line she was inching her hips off the floor and bending her legs at the knees. What a view! I could see a wet spot on her bikini, she had a beautiful shaped and well outlined mound. I could have been drooling she looked so good and the more I looked the hornier I got. I got bold and placed my hands on her ass, damn it felt so good. I just gently massaged her ass and traced the bikini with my thumbs until they were on each side of her mound. I watched for her expression as I started to massage with thumbs only. She started moaning and sounded like she was shivering. Her eyes told me all I needed to know, she was loving every moment.

Emily rocked her hips and wiggled her ass to my touch. She didn't take her eyes off me. I would look at her and smile letting out a nervous giggle or sigh, she liked that and it fed her passion. A few more minutes and I noticed that her bikini bottoms were completely wet from about where my thumbs were and down to the front. A wonderful aroma was filling the air, smelled so good and sweet, and I liked the slippery feel her skin had now.

I was so hard by this point and my cock was not in the best position so, I adjusted. Emily saw and turned her hips away so she could see better. My cock sprang up straight and pressed against the drawstring, felt a little better but I needed to loosen the string. Emily sat up with one arm supporting her and the other covering her breasts, one leg flat on the floor and the other was next to my leg, both legs bent at the knees.

She scooted in close to me, we were about 2 feet apart and I could feel the heat from her body and that wonderful aroma was ever so strong and sweeter. We looked into each other's eyes, breathing heavy, and smiling. Emily let out a short giggle, bit her lower lip then reached out exposing her beautiful breasts. She put her fingers on my belly button and my stomach twitched as well as my cock. She moved her fingers across my belly, back and fourth each time lower and lower. She was looking me deeply in the eyes still biting her lip and then she licked her lips and looked down at her fingers. She was tracing the top of my shorts and brushing my cock head as she went. I looked at her breasts for a moment, wow they were so nicely shaped! About the size of large naval oranges and looked like a bullet, large light brown areolas and nipples that were sticking out. Emily's fingers were now just inside my shorts, back and forth on the elastic band she moved them. She found the drawstring then started to pull on it, I felt my cock push up on the elastic band. Her eyes met mine and she giggled, biting her lip as she pulled the drawstring loose. Ah, relief, my cock just started throbbing uncontrollably and I started panting it felt so good. Emily put her hand on my chest and her eyes followed it down to my groin.Emily sighed and asked, ' is it ok?' I replied that it feels real good for it to not be restrained. Then she asked, ' can I see it?', but as soon as that came out she pulled back the waistband and just stared, pulling my shorts down so my cock and balls were free.

She reached to touch it, but was being shy about it, after a few attempts she felt me, running her fingers up and down the shaft and circling my balls. She was petting my cock like an cat and she was giggling, sighing, and moaning all at once. She had to chase it around a little bit, it was throbbing. I never felt any hand but my own before this . Looking back I think it was a first for her as well. Her hand felt so good. Emily was happily exploring my cock looking at me and what her hands were doing.I was breathing heavy and panting. She asked, ' does that feel good?' 'Of course', I said. Moments later Emily moved leaning back against the bed and spread her legs pulling her knees up close. The bikini was soaking wet and she looked down at her crotch saying, 'I'm so wet, my pussy is so wet'. She looked up at me and told me to take off my shorts, which I did quick. She took off her bottoms and I got my first look at a pussy. It was shiny wet, had light blonde hair, was well defined, and was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, in one word Perfect.

She got up on the bed leaning against the headboard, her legs spread, and her knees up with a pillow under her ass. Pretty as a picture, She motioned me up and sat on the bed, she kept motioning closer until I was knelling between her legs with my crotch only a few inches from her hips. I looked to the window and saw the curtains were not closed, I looked back at Emily. She knew my concern and told me she never closes it and that only Christi, a 14yr old friend of hers, very good looking by the way, is the only one that can see through it. My hormones were raging at that point I didn't care much.

Emily said, ' I want to do something with you, it's something I do while you are playing video games with Steve.' I said, ' ok,' at this time I'd let her do anything she wanted.

She went on speaking softly and very sexy, ' I've been watching you this whole last year and doing this every time I do, my pussy gets wet just looking at you, now it's real wet'. She put one hand on her pussy and started to rub it. I could have passed out. I thought there is a totally hot girl, naked, in bed, and touching her pussy not to mention me naked and sporting a raging hard on only inches away. I instinctively started to stroke my cock, very slowly.She looked at me stroking my cock up and down the full length and shuddered out an, 'Oh god' then she started moaning 'Mmmmm'. A rather large bit of pre-cum came out of my cock and I rubbed it around the head and under making it shinny and sticky. She was so hot she reached out with her other hand and touched my shiny, sticky cock and get the next little bit that seeped out and copied what I did. She said, ' it's warm and sticky, Mmmmm'. Then she put her finger up to her lips putting in on like lip gloss, then she licked it off Saying, ' Mmmmm that's good, I want more of that'. I wanted to cum right then, but for some reason I was no where near feeling the warm tingle in my balls. I watched her rub her wet pussy up and down then across, her pussy lips were glistening and she had a full almost heart shaped opening. I was amazed by how hot she looked just rubbing it. Her fingers were wet and glided over her sweet soft skin. She watched my cock for any sign of the sweet liquid she wanted more of, wasn't long before cum was seeping out, every couple of strokes. Emily tasted every drop telling me I tasted almost as good as she does, and then she took her wet pussy nectar soaked fingers and licked them clean. She then put her hand back on her pussy looked at me and said, ' this is what I wanted to show you, Daniel, watch', just then she slid a finger inside and let out an sweet 'Mmmmm, Oh Daniel!'

I watched her slid her finger in and out, slowly and then fast and hard, it made a wet slapping sound when her finger fully disappeared, I was in heaven! A few minutes more and she started rubbing her clit, moaning and panting saying my name over and over.

She took a deep breath in looking me in the eyes and let out a loud powerful moan, she was rocking her hips back and forth against her hand and fingers that were deep inside her. I looked down to see she had two fingers sliding in and out of her hot pussy.Emily kept tasting every drop of cum that came out of my cock.She asked me in between moans and pants, ' is this all that happens?' I said, ' no Emily, when I cum there is a lot more and it will shoot into the air' ' I want to see.', she panted. Then she said, 'I want to do it, I want to make you cum '. She wrapped her free hand around my cock and began to slowly stroke it, just like I had been doing. My cock would touch her stomach every few strokes and that sent tingles through me, her hand was great, but my cock touching her skin was paradise. Her other hand was working on her pussy, she was rubbing her clit and had fingers deep inside. She was maintaining eye contact as much as she could, moaning, panting and now we were both glistening with sweat. Her hand felt so good stroking me, but she would have to tighten her grip and move faster if she wanted to see me cum.

She asked, ' just like that?', as she smiled to the sight of more cum seeping out.

I said, ' hold it tighter and start going faster''Ok, like this?', she began to stroke me right.

'that's great!,I'll cum quick.'Emily took and switched her hands, when her pussy juice soaked hand wrapped around my cock I went to the moon and she loved it 'That's really good, huh, it likes my warm pussy juice on it. '. Her hand slid up and down my cock and my body started to shake. Her hand was so wet and slippery it was the best feeling in the world. She pulled me so close that I felt her wet pussy on my balls, I could feel her hand sliding out of her wet pussy. She was franticly pounding her fingers into her pussy, she was nearly screaming my name.

It was certainly time for me to let loose and that is exactly what happened next as I could not take it anymore. My orgasm started from the depths of my being and shot through me like a tidal wave. I grunted out, ' I'm going to cummm!' Emily just went wild with almost indescribable intensity 'cum Daniel cum, I want you to cum.'

Then I just erupted, cum shot out of my cock, up between us and back down all over her breasts and stomach. I kept shooting cum out, I had never had so much come out of me. I was week in the knees and was shaking. It was pure paradise.

Emily giggled and moaned at the same time. Watching my cum run down her stomach. Then some thing amazing happened when our cum mixed. She took in the deepest of breaths and began to whimper, 'Oh god, oh god, Mmmmm!' Emily panted, ' your cum is so hot and slippery,I'm,I'm, Cumming!' Her eyes rolled and she bucked, twitched and shook, for a very wonderful few moments. Emily settled down and started to rub my cum all over her soaked pussy. She was saying things I didn't understand, but whatever it was so sexy! Emily then started to taste our cum telling me how sweet it was and that she loved it. After a few minutes we kissed and then cleaned up. She said, 'Even better than I imagined, Daniel, 'I replied, ' Oh yes it was, and I could do this every day.' 'That's the plan now.'

I went home, showered and thought about Emily. Later on that night we had a teen gathering at the clubhouse next to the pool.Emily and Christi came over to me.

We talked for some time, as good luck would have it, Christi was watching the whole thing and that opened up another story or two. Emily and I. Emily, Christi and I. I Had a great summer and the next few years were filled with awesome adventures.

We never had sex penetration, but we did do just about everything else we could think of. To this day I get a calls out of the blue and Emily and I still get each other off better than anyone else ever has.



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