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So It Begins... My First Time

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So it begins... learning how to masturbate. Everyone remembers their first time-mine was less conventional than most.


Much like others, I learned about sex and the almighty orgasm at a younger age. The only difference is I learned in a somewhat different method than most...

Being a 'good kid' and having strict parents who never let us kids watch any rated R movies till we actually were over 16, it took years to figure out how things really 'worked.' I used to think sex was french kissing as my parents would often shoo us out of the room when anything got too hot and heavy citing too much sex. This always made me curious, so I'd stay up late and hide, just to listen to those rated R movies they watched down the hall. Little did I know, I'd find out what made sex exciting sooner than I thought. My parents eventually signed me up for a church sex ed class, and a few stencil nude sketches later, I knew what a pussy was and what that hard penis was really for! Sadly, I was told that this 'masturbation-thing' wasn't right, and that sex was for adults. Needless to say, I was still curious, but the class didn't exactly spell out how to masturbate so I was still out there and without a clue how it all worked. The few times I tried playing with myself, I never got anywhere, so I quickly tired of the idea.

Getting to the point here, I later learned about masturbating in a less traditional way than most. It all started one day when I was misbehaving... probably picking on one of my sisters and I ended up getting sent to bed early. No if's, and's, or but's about it, I was to go to my room without brushing teeth, or even going to the bathroom. Being as it was hot that night, I grabbed a full glass of water, chugged it down and headed to my room (not realizing how soon that water would offer payback). Being a smart and sly child, I grabbed some magazines from the stack on the way down the hall to my room. Little did I know, that move would change my life forever!

So I arrived in my room with the magazines and quickly hid them under the pillow at 8pm or so, at least an hour or two before I'd be sleepy and intended to read the sports mags and car mags I grabbed from the magazine bin once things were quiet. I waited till I heard my sisters go to bed down the hall and then pulled the magazines out from under the pillow. To be safe, I pulled out the flashlight and under cover reading trick. I didn't want my parents or sisters to hear or see any signs of light-no sense getting in more trouble. As I started going through the magazines I realized I had grabbed a couple of extra magazines of my mother's... just so happened they were Victoria Secret magazines. Boy had I hit the jackpot. I was right at the age where boobs were the greatest things a girl possessed! I quickly flipped through the pages and identified the ladies I would love to french kiss and grab their gorgeous breasts. After a few minutes of staring through lacy bras and panties looking for any sign of nipples or vagina lips, I quickly realized that the annoying hard penis thing was happening again. Since I was laying on my stomach, I quickly flipped my penis upright to ease the pressure and went back to staring at the scantily clad women of Victoria secret.

About this same time, I started realizing what a bad idea it had been to drink that glass of water as the need to use the bathroom was becoming more noticeable and I'm sure I started squirming as I lay there on my belly. Slowly becoming more and more aroused each time I squirmed around as the friction in my pelvis region rubbed in just the right way. Somewhere amidst this 'reading', I became more and more aware of the pleasant friction in my pants and began to purposely create friction in the region by slowly humping my hard penis up and down against the bed. The more rhythmic it became, the more intense the feeling. I ditched the magazines at this point and began a more focused thrusting against the bed (ah, so this is why guys push against women when kissing I thought). It didn't take long before I felt that first single penis spasm. No, this wasn't an orgasm, but that first spasm you get warning you of what was to come. Only, I had never felt this before and it scared me! I stopped instantly, afraid this was my full bladder warning me that I was nearing explosion point (damn that glass of water!). I sat there for a second catching my breath, contemplating what to do next (run to the bathroom, continue the thrusting, or stop and go to sleep). My penis, though still enlarged, calmed down slightly due to the fear and I quickly decided I should try a few more thrusts and see if the strange muscle spasm happened again. Two or three more firm thrusts into the bed and I was greeted with two more spasms, more intense than the last and equally as scary. This time it was too much, I knew my bladder was inches away from bursting-so I unleashed the floodgates. A little wet spot in the bed would be better than an exploded bladder right? I could always change boxers...

Oh what a relief it was to let the pee loose. While at first just a trickle, I quickly relaxed further and forced a short stream into my boxers. The warm sensation filled my crotch region as I quite literally peed my pants with fear from the dreaded bladder-penis spasms. Though I didn't let all my pee out for fear it would soak into the bed, I felt very relieved and knew my bladder wasn't going to blow up now. I also quickly remembered how fun the penis/bed thrusting was and start back into the same pattern. Thrusting up and down against the bed, only now my boxers were pleasantly warm and wet! I had done to heaven-within a few thrusts I started feeling the build-up and yet another spasm, only this time I didn't stop (screw it-it wasn't the bladder, and if it was, I already had partially pissed the bed)! I couldn't stop now! It was intoxicating! With no fear of the bladder bursting, I continued thrusting straight through that warning spasm until that build-up of crotch anxiety could be held back no longer and I suddenly was overcome by wave after wave of the most amazing feeling spasms starting from my crotch and echoing through my entire body. Sperm (which I initially I thought it was pee) flowed from my penis filling my wet boxers even more. As the waves of pleasure slowed I continued thrusting into the bed till I could take it no more and laid on my back. Feeling so relieved, I relaxed and emptied what pee remained in my bladder in short spurts-reveling in how good it felt to finally orgasm, and trying to duplicate that spasming cum squirting feeling again.

It wasn't till 10-15 minutes later I actually realized how wet the covers and my boxers/shorts were and decided to change out of them. Whoops... I figured. I guess I'll have to find some excuse to run a new load of laundry tomorrow morning...

A week or so later after experimenting several nights in a row I learned that using a hand full of lotion was a much cleaner and more direct method of getting off. Though I'll admit, it is still fun to revisit the past from time to time with a wet pair of boxers while the wife is out of town on business trips! It's much easier when you use a towel! Ha! More learning stories to come for you ladies!



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