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So I Drilled Her

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When I got out of college, I went into the tech sector right away. Everyone assumed that's what I would do, and I went to work for my dad's company for about two years before their contracts ran out, and I had to find 'a real job.'

I was hired right away by a small mom-and-pop ISP that was under a huge change. They had just bought out another company, and were doing a huge 'equipment migration' from two places into the one new data center at the edge of town. I worked a lot of hard, late nights moving equipment around, putting it in a rack, and making it work. We were way behind schedule, so they hired some temps to do a lot of the heavy lifting and moving, while I told people where to put stuff, how to hook it up, and did all the back-end testing and programming.

Most of the temps were useless. That's another rant. But a few stood out, and after a while, I just began to request certain people, and spoke with the owner about keeping them on when the migration was done. I took a few under my wing, and taught them how to do what I was doing, and assess their skills.

One girl in particular stood out. Her name was Cili, and she was a cute little thing with curves in all the right places. Cili was not your ordinary kind of girl. She had short blue and purple hair, wore black almost all the time, and under her shirt she had a lot of cheap necklaces that jangled when she bent over. She was pretty perky and enthusiastic about her work, and a very heavy flirt. After working with her for a few weeks, we had a night where we stayed up 36 hours trying to meet a deadline. We met the deadline at 30, but spent the last six being silly and stupid. I pushed her around a wheeled cart, and she pretended to be a beauty queen, waving to all the computers and racks which she called 'her subjects.' It was then I realized I was falling in love.

I was seeing someone else at the time. My fiancee looked great and everything, but she was boring. Our sex was like clockwork, only not as exciting. I dated her because I knew her family, and it was sort of expected that we hook up, but it was all on some autopilot.

Another week went by, and all I could think about was Cili. I flirted with her aggressively, and she flirted back almost twice as hard. It was like some part of me came alive when I saw her, but I was so angry she had a boyfriend already. I was very jealous, and it was distracting.

One night, we were alone, and making baudy jokes about prison sex. She started dancing around, pretending like she was going to flash me to 'make her cellmate crazy,' but stopped just at the edge of her bra. She usually wore tee-shirts, but it had been hot that day, so she was wearing a tank top with a low enough neckline so I could see her ample cleavage. She was making me crazy. I had a hardon that felt good, and I couldn't remember when I had felt that way since I was a teen. I was sitting in a chair at a table, and trying to conceal the effect she was having on me by crossing my legs. Finally, when it got quiet, I said, 'Cili, if we weren't seeing anyone, I'd totally date you.' She said I couldn't handle her, and I didn't know if she was still play-acting or what. So I asked her why I couldn't handle her. She said she liked it rough. I joked, 'Ruff, like doggie-style?' and she said, 'No rough, like I like a man to pull my hair and bite me...' and she uncrossed my leg, and straddled it.

So I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and sucked hard, hickey-style on her collarbone. She gasped, and pulled back, and for a moment I thought I had gone too far, but then she asked, 'S-so... what else would you do?'

We made out heavily in the setup lab. Lots of pinching, grabbing, biting and squeezing. It was rough, and she started rubbing her thighs across my hard-on. I felt her up, but she pulled her shirt down and said she wasn't comfortable doing that here, because we had a camera in the lab. In fact, we had cameras all over the data center, but I knew a few places where they didn't work yet. So we ended up behind some new racks and a lot of cardboard boxes. More necking and roughhousing. A lot of groping. I told her I wanted to drill her, and grabbed a power drill that was next to us that had a long Philips's head bit on it. She told me to drill her, so I pressed the long metal shaft between her legs, and pushed up hard on her crack to she could feel it through her jeans. I put it on the highest torque, and let it spin there.

She moaned, squirmed, and started to rub her nipples through her shirt. Then she reached under her shirt, and rubbed them through her black lace bra. This made me more aggressive, and I pressed harder. She was loud, telling me how good that felt through gritted teeth, and to keep pushing harder. One of her legs rubbed across my swollen dick, and finally she said, 'Don't stop don't stop don't stoppppp.. OOOHH! MOMMY!!!' arched her back, and had a shuddering orgasm that made her necklaces shudder like a rattlesnake. I was so turned on by this, I came too, squirting what seemed like gallons of cum into my pants, and thrusting into her soft thigh. Then she collapsed, wiping her sweaty face with her hands and making noises like she had been on the roller coaster of her life. We lay next to each other, and the air smelled like sweat and burning cotton.

'I think... I think you burned a hole in my jeans,' she said. We then laughed for several minutes straight, because I had.

She dumped her boyfriend the next day. It took me a little longer to tell my fiancee to look elsewhere, but when I finally got up the courage, she was so relieved, because she said I was too geeky.

Cili and I moved in together, and have had wild sex for eight years going. Even getting married didn't stop us. Even having two kids didn't stop us. And to be honest, a majority of the sex ends up being mutual masturbation. We have a wooden chest filled with sex toys, and over the years we have developed games and techniques that we're thinking about writing and publishing.

We both love this site, and some of the printouts of the stories we'll read to each other while rubbing or teasing each other. Thank you guys SO much.



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