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So Embarassed

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Hi. My name is Sarah and I'm from a small town with about 20,000 people. I'm Spanish with light brown skin, shoulder-length black hair, and brown eyes. Yes, my butt is big and round! I do pretty good in school and my parents think I'm a little angel... yeah right!

A week ago the most embarassing thing happened to me, but luckily no one found out it was me. If they did, let's just say I'd move out of the country, or my town at least!

One of my presents for Christmas was a webcam, which I always wanted to talk with friends. Anyway, a few days later I got a message from a boy who lives in my town. We started talking and I found out he lives on the other end of town so I figured he went to the other middle school.

After a few days we started talking on our webcams and somehow the topic came on sex. He asked me if I was a virgin and I told him no, he said he was. We talked about sex and masturbation for awhile, until we dared each other to get naked. He was so cute that I couldn't resist, plus my parents were out for a couple hours.

I started by taking off my tee and pants, leaving me in just my bra and thong. I wear an a-cup bra so my boobs aren't huge or anything, but he seemed to like them when I took my bra off. My brown nipples were hard as rocks. I took my thong off with a little dance and sat down in my chair. I let him see my cunny and held it open for him to see inside. He asked me if I shaved and I said no, just haven't grown much hair yet.

When it was his turn he quickly undressed and was already up. I was really.. umm.. in awe of him. His dick was so much bigger then my first boyfriend's. It's about 6 inches but really thick, and the tip of it was so big.

We started daring each other to do stuff and I ended up giving him a close-up request show while he stroked himself slowly.

I got so hot watching him move his hand up and down on that big thing that I would have done anything he asked me to. I ran my finger up and down my cunny then rubbed my clit in circles and almost cummed right there.

I moved my chair right up to my desk and put my webcam a foot away from my cunny so he could see everything. I started by sliding my middle finger halfway in my vagina and back out while rubbing my clit slowly with my other hand. I saw him spit in his hand and rub it on his cock, making it look like it had been in my pussy, which was so wet by then.

I pushed two fingers deep into my vagina, matching how fast he rubbed his cock, until he started going so fast I could barely handle it. I started to rub my boobs and roll my nipples between fingers as my other hand kept sliding in my wet vagina, until I felt my body quivering.

I cummed so hard that my legs closed in on my hand to stop myself from fingering anymore. I was surprised he didn't cum yet, so I let him watch me play with my boobs, squeezing and pulling on my nipples. I saw his face clench as he neared orgasm.

Four hot streams of his white goo shot out of his throbbing dick and onto his stomach, which turned me on even more. I knew he was done so I told him to go clean up while I did too.

I ran to the shower and rubbed my clit so hard I thought my arm would fall off. I soaped up a finger and slowly slipped it into my bumhole. It stung a little when I first put it in, but I did it before so I could handle it. When I started to finger my ass and rub my clit at the same time, it didn't take long for me to have another amazing orgasm.

I cleaned myself up and went to clean my room, in case my parents came home early.

Anyway, on to the embarassing part. A week ago I was having lunch in the cafeteria with my friends, and guess who I saw walking by... yep, my webcam friend! I managed to avoid him for now, because he didn't see me with my glasses on and hair done up.

His name is Mark and he's a grade ahead of me. I'm trying to think up a way to talk to him and maybe something more, but I'm still too embarassed! I'll keep you all informed. I have to go now, writing this has made me very horny. Happy jilling!



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