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So Ashamed, So Alive

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My parents are far older than most of my generation. Every year, they hitch up their old caravan and, because I am devoted to them, I go with them for what is normally a fortnight of discomfort and boredom. But then, parents aren't there forever.


Longleat. A beautiful country estate in England, that takes caravans, and at night you can hear the lions roar! We arrived at 12:00 and had the choice of four pitches. The one next to us was empty until another couple arrived. He was, I would say in his 40's perhaps, she was younger, perhaps mid 30's. They pitched, got sorted and settled down for a cup of tea. For some reason, I couldn't stop looking at him. As the days went by we chatted on the way to or from the toilet blocks or when getting water. I flirted! ME! The LAST person in the world to do anything like it. (Apart from the fact that I am married and so is he!)

Then, one lovely warm evening I said "I'm going for a walk later, about 9:00pm." Thats all I said and I walked off. At 9:00 I left the caravan and looked for him but he was nowhere in sight. As I turned the corner my heart leapt. There he was! Waiting for me with his dog. (Good excuse for a walk.) We left the campsite and wandered into the Longleat estate. We were just chatting amiably but my heart was racing. I was horny, and I didn't care if he knew it. We entered the woods and he let his dog off the lead. It ran about exploring and sniffing and then, as dogs to, it squatted to pee before scampering off exploring again. I had no idea how to get the conversation onto sex, which is what I really wanted. A breeze suddenly blew through where we were and I shivered. He said "Cold?" I said "No, but I think your dog had the right idea. I should have gone to the toilet before I left." He said "Well, there is no-one about and its a pretty dark wood."

For a moment I was going to go into the trees and do what I needed to do, but something made me just reach up my skirt and tug my knickers down. "I don't want to be alone. Is that ok?" Of course, by now he had discovered I am shaved and to be honest he was riveted on my pussy. "I wish my wife would do that." he said, somewhat sadly, I thought. "What? You mean shave? I hate pubic hair. It gets so sticky, especially when I'm (I hesitated here but decided to go for it) desperate for a good fucking." Well, there couldn't be more of a hint, could there? I stood, skirt still held up and my little puddle fast soaking into the dry forest floor.

Then, he was on me, pushing me up against a tree really quite roughly. (Which I totally love. My husband is FAR too gentle. I want to be dominated, forced, hell, even raped!) He kissed me hard and slipped his hand between my legs and without any preamble at all shoved a long finger right in me. Almost immediately, he pulled it out and sucked it. "I can taste your cunt AND your piss" (Again, he hit it right. I would LOVE to explore peeing in sex.. something else my boring husband won't entertain.) He resumed his expert fingering of me, and kissed right down my body until he was kneeling. Three fingers deep in me and his tongue.. oh my GOD, his tongue working on my clit. (The one and ONLY time my husband went down on me was on our honeymoon and even then it was brief.) He fingered my g spot so expertly I felt a huge orgasm building. I told him "Your... ohhh your gonna make me cummm"

Before I finished the last word, I was cumming harder than I have for years on his fingers. Then, after, it was my turn. He stood up and I unzipped him and revealed a lovely stiff cock. I decided to do the same for him so this time I knelt and started to wank him mere inches from my face. I opened my mouth to suck him, although I didnt really want to do a full on blow job, I wanted to wank him over my face. But he stopped me. "Err.. I fucked my wife this afternoon. It won't be me your tasting." I have never in my life entertained a lesbian thought or fantasy, but I had no hesitation in leaning forward and taking him in my mouth just once. Then I backed off and wanked him. "Tell me when" I said, breathlessly. After a few moments he said "Ohhh now." I opened my mouth and finished him into it. Then? No. Not then.

The next night we met in the same part of the wood and then, oh yesss THEN. And every single way it can happen too, including one that I thought I would never do in a million years. Most of the rest of our stay there was NOT one huge fuckfest. We entered a world of secretive masturbation. I would leave used knickers out on the clothes line. He would take them and cum in them before putting them back. He would leave (at my request) his wifes knickers out. (again used) I would take them, wear them sometimes, cum in them sometimes... even lick them while masturbating. I let him watch me pee myself more than once. He showed me how a man can make a girl cum by fingering her ass and talking dirty. It takes time, but WHAT a rush! We masturbated everywhere we could think of. In the toilet block, in the grounds of Longleat House, even in public where anyone might have seen. It was a truly wonderful fortnight.

At the end, as he and his wife were packing up, she came over to me, and said "Care for a walk?" I thought I was in DEEP shit. We walked into the woods and almost to the same spot her husband and I had used. "Right." she said, turning to face me. "I know you and Chris have been messing about all the holiday, and, well, I wanted to say, thank you. He has a far FAR higher sex drive than me and frankly, I am glad he has been with you this holiday. Its actually helped our sex life too. Knowing he has fucked you, and yes, I know he HAS, well, we have fucked more too. Actually, I found it quite erotic smelling another girl on him." I didnt know what to say, but she seemed genuinely ok with it. I muttered something about enjoying it too. Then, she said "And I know you have used my knickers too. It's something Chris has always liked the sound of... another girl using my knickers for her sex life. What did you do with them?" I said "I smelled them sometimes, or wore them with your scent against my pussy, and sometimes... er.. sometimes.. I licked you off them."

She smiled and said, well, if you are here next year, maybe you will get to smell me for real. Then, she leaned in and kissed me. I can't wait for next year. We swopped phone numbers and msn details and we have had cybersex and phonesex a couple of times. Oh, and yes, we have already booked for next year. My husband is still unable to satisfy me. What really pisses me off is that he doesnt even try. When we do screw he just pushes away a couple of times before he cums and that's that. I want and need so much more! Ah well... here's to next year.



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