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Snowed In: My First Cum with a Girl (or two)

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My first experience with someone else. A neighbor girl and current girlfriend, and my older cousin that I hardly knew.


My childhood household was a strict one to say the least. I have one little brother, and lived with both of my parents, but I had no other close relation. Our house was situated in the backwoods of Colorado, with the closest town about twenty miles away. Our closest neighbors were ninety-something years old and there was one vacant house about a mile down the road from ours. My first real sexscapade was in that house.

When I turned fifteen, I was still unlearned in the female anatomy. Like I said, pretty strict parents. I had heard people at school talk about sex, masturbation, and such, but I usually just laughed or kept quiet when those topics came up. I had rubbed one out before, but I didn't do it frequently. I enjoyed it, but it was hardly the first thing on my mind.

Anyways, when I turned fifteen, two major things happened. The old people next door died. Both of them, in a car accident. That's not important except to let you know that their house was bought almost immediately by members of their family. Young, attractive, female member of their family, to be more accurate. The second important thing was the other house, a mile down the road from mine, which was purchased soon after by my aunt, who just so happened to have a female daughter.

Now, I know how you might feel about incest stories, but I should let you know that I was unaware at the time what I was doing. My parents had never even mentioned girls to me, so I was clueless about what was to follow.

Winter rolled around and we had a snow day at school. My cousin, (let's say Haylee), invited me and the neighbor girl, (let's call her Ashley), to her house to play in the snow. We both agreed that it could be fun, especially since we had all become pretty close friends since they moved in. The snow was fun, sure, but what I really remember about that day was what happened later that night.

Even though I was only a mile from my house, once the snow started coming down harder my aunt and my mother agreed that it was best if I just spent the night at my aunt's house. I was already close to home in case of emergency and there wasn't really any point trying to get home. Well, my aunt works in the ICU at a hospital about an hour from my house as an anesthesiologist. She got a call around nine o'clock that night saying there was a car wreck and it was critical that surgery be performed ASAP. She was the only one on call, so she had to leave immediately.

Well, Haylee, Ashley, and I were left home alone. Neither of them was going to return home, either, because the storm was getting worse by the minute. It actually caused to power to go out, leaving us almost froze to death in my aunt's house.

We had been playing flashlight tag in the house for a while before we realized that we were getting cold, but Ashley commented first. "Guys, I think it's getting pretty cold in here. We should find some blankets." We did just that, finding only two: My aunt's and my cousin's. "Great," Haylee said, "We're going to have to share them, aren't we?" We got out a board game, played by candlelight, and huddled up on the couch, the blankets wrapped around all three of us.

As the night wore on, our conversation shifted to sex and parties and things that I didn't have much background in. "Hey, Jake," Ashley said, "You ever masturbate? I heard a lot of guys do it, practically all of them, but I don't understand how."

I kinda blushed and laughed a little, but then I decided that there wasn't any shame in it. "Yeah, sometimes." I replied. (I should state at this point that Ashley was my age at the time, and Haylee was a year older). "Do you just rub it up and down until you get off?" Haylee asked. "Kinda. Why do you guys get to ask all the questions? What about you guys, do you do it?"

They giggled a little, "Yeah, I do sometimes," Haylee replied. "Me too," said Ashley, "I do it almost every night, actually."

"What about girls? Have you ever had sex or anything? Or have you even kissed a girl yet?" Ashley asked me.

I really had only kissed one girl before. We had dated for a few weeks, but she moved away, so that's what I told them. "Wow, that's it? Well, what do you think about when you touch yourself?"

That was a pretty personal question, but I told them that I usually think about attractive girls, sex, etc., until I orgasmed.

"I kinda wanna see you do it," Haylee said, "I've never seen a guy naked before."

Ashley commented that she had seen one at the pool before, but it hardly counted. "Go on," she said, "Show us!"

It was one of those 'show-me-show-you' situations. I told them that I would take off an article of clothing for every one they took off, too. The agreement was that I would cum for them if they would give me some motivation by doing it for me, too.

I started by removing my over-shirt. They each removed their jackets (because they were cold). I took off my under shirt and they took off their T-shirts. Ashley had been bra-less underneath, so I got an early glimpse and was already getting hard. We all had on pajama bottoms, so I took off those next. Haylee removed her bra, and Ashley took off her pajama pants.

At this point, I was getting really hard. This was easily the furthest I had ever been with a girl. We stopped for a minute when Ashley pointed out my hard-on. They both giggled and asked to touch it through my boxers. It twitched a little each time they did. I thought I would cum right there. They each let me feel their boobs in return, and it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Little did I know, things only got better in the near future.

I removed my boxers, exposing my erection, and both girls got completely naked right after me. We were all huddle under the blankets, hearly freezing, but we didn't care. Both girls wanted to fondle me, and I of course allowed them to. Haylee grabbed my balls once and she accidentally squeezed them pretty hard, causing me to wince in pain. The girls got a laugh out of that.

I was captivated by their pussies. I had never even seen one before, and now I was getting to see two at once. I started to rub my cock, and the girls followed suit. It was amazing watching their fingers slip in and out of their vaginas, rubbing little circles over their clits. Ashley grabbed my hand at one point and showed me how to masturbate her. I was on the verge of cumming, so I paused momentarily to pleasure her. Between the two of them, Ashley was the more attractive one, so I was thrilled that we were masturbating each other. Haylee moaned loudly once, then again, and finally for a third time. She announced that she had just orgasmed, but she kept rubbing anyways.

Ashley actually put my dick in her mouth at one point, sucked momentarily, and then used her spit as lube to keep stroking. It felt fantastic. I announced that I was about to cum, and both girls smiled wide. I moaned loudly and let loose the most powerful orgasm I can remember. Both girls shrieked as the cum came spurting from my dick. Ashley kept jerking, smiling the whole time. Sitting as close as we were, the cum landed on all three of us. Ashley had it worst since her face and hands were so close to my dick. It landed all over her tits, stomach, and face and on Haylee's legs. Ashley said that she was as horny as she'd ever been and wanted me to help her get off, so I fingered her to orgasm twice before we cleaned up.

My aunt wouldn't be back until the next day, so we all slept naked on my cousin's bed. During the night, after Haylee had fallen asleep, Ashley and I actually snuck into a different part of the house to experiment further. She said she was still horny and that she wanted to "lose it" to me.

To this day, Haylee and I never did anything else, but Ashley and I are now dating, and neither of us are virgins anymore.



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