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Snow Job

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True story. I am straight and happily married.


December 17, 2008-a snow storm blankets Las Vegas for the first time in 29 years (you can google it-this a thoroughly true story). I work for a medium size company on the East side of Las Vegas at a desk job, department supervisor.

On this snow day, everyone was looking out the windows in awe as the landscape and streets turned white. After lunch we noticed that it was getting pretty heavy out there. Management decided to send everyone home at 2:00 pm; traffic in Vegas on a good day is bad, with snow on the roads people were worried they wouldn't even be able to get home.

Because I am a supervisor, I had to stay until everyone in my department is out of the building, which takes until about 2:45 pm. Finally, I was on my way home to an empty house; with Christmas only a week away, my wife had already gone to her Mom's house in California for the holiday, with me to follow on the 23rd.

I walked into the parking garage, a little nervous about driving the two miles home. Even though I have a pickup, with nothing in the bed it is light and I was worried it wouldn't hold the road well. I then noticed a guy who works in another department, John, who was standing by his little BMW sports car, one of the very cool ones that are low to the ground. However, in the snow, it would be barely as high as the snow on the road.

I didn't know John that well, we don't work together directly, but I had always appreciated him because he never fails to takes the time to be friendly with everyone and generally raises the morale of the place with his affability. He is about 10 years younger than I, well-liked, works hard, and is considered a team-player. I went over to him and said, 'Hey, buddy, I think you might have a hard time getting home in that car. Where do you live?'

John replied, 'Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing. I live way out in Summerlin.' (For those not familiar with Las Vegas geography, Summerlin is about 15 miles west of Las Vegas, even more than that from our office building on the east side.)

I said, 'Summerlin, holy crap. I'd offer to take you home, but I'm worried about the snow, too; I don't have four-wheel drive and the truck's empty.' I noticed that the parking garage was now completely empty except for us and our cars.

'No,' he said, 'I wouldn't expect you to take me to Summerlin, that's crazy. I was thinking I might make it as far as that first hotel down there on Flamingo.' It then occurred to me that I had my house to myself, so I suggested that he come home with me; I told him he could have the guest room and wouldn't inconvenience anyone. He seemed a bit surprised I would offer, but gratefully accepted. With my wife gone I was actually grateful for the company.

'Let's go,' I said, 'before it gets any worse.' We jumped in my truck and got started. It took almost a half-hour to go 2 miles, and I had to work hard to keep the truck from fish-tailing.

We got to my house, which I have to say seemed like a warm oasis after all that snow. (I know people in other parts of the country will laugh at that, but Las Vegas is not set up for snow!) I showed John the guest room, told him to make himself comfortable, and went to change into my comfy sweats. I then went to the kitchen to survey dinner possibilities, and a few minutes later John came in.

I said, 'I don't know about you, but I think I'd like a drink. Whiskey good by you?' John agreed that a drink was a good idea, so the Jack Daniels came out of the cupboard and we toasted to the snow. It was only a few minutes before I felt a rosy glow. Suddenly, I noticed that John was still in his necktie! I said, 'Oh, John, how stupid of me, I just realized you don't have any other clothes.' I got a clean pair of sweats from my closet and he gratefully went to change.

While he was changing, I started some steaks defrosting, got two potatoes baking and we had a very nice dinner. We talked about work, about sports, and our wives. He and his wife had been married for about six years at the time and were unsuccessfully trying to have a child. (Of course, we made a joke about how much fun it was to keep trying.) During dinner, the Jack Daniels continued to flow.

After watching some TV, John said he'd be off to bed. He shook my hand and said a very sincere thank you for the hospitality. I told him it had been a pleasure and maybe we could get together to watch football sometime. He said that would be cool and went to bed.

I, however, was feeling a bit horny (as usual), so I went to my home office and fired up the computer to watch some porn. It wasn't long before I had my sweats around my ankles, sliding my hand up and down my very hard dick. Suddenly, John appeared at the door of the office. I looked up, startled, and I could see by the look on his face it was registering that I was jerking off. Since my sweat pants were lowered, I couldn't raise them without standing up, so I just leaned forward, sliding my chair farther under the desk.

'I am SO sorry,' John exclaimed, seriously embarrassed, 'Oh, shit, I was just going to ask you if you had an extra toothbrush, oh, shit, I'm so sorry!'

'No problem,' I said, 'No worries, I should have closed the door, uh, uh, I think I have a new toothbrush around here somewhere.' But I didn't want to stand up to get it for him, because I would have to pull up my pants and that would be so awkward, so I just sat there looking at him with what I am sure was an odd expression. Maybe it was because of all the whiskey, but I started to laugh. It seemed so absurd. I felt like I was sixteen, caught beating off by my mom or something, but here I was, 43 years old, caught by a guy from work I barely know.

Well, John started laughing, too, and said, 'What are you watching?' and came around to my side of the desk to look at the monitor. Of course, the porn was still playing. 'Nice,' he said.

Laughter is good medicine for almost any situation and at this point, my embarrassment was gone, and I felt totally comfortable with John. So I said, 'Pull a chair over if you want.'

He pulled the other chair over so that he could see the screen; he was about a foot and a half away from me. We were quiet as we watched the porn. I was still scooched under the desk, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw John start to rub his dick lightly through his sweats with his thumb. At this point, I slid my chair back out from under the desk, fully exposing myself to John; I was only semi-hard by now, so I started sliding my hand slowly up and down my dick and it soon got very hard again.

As I started to jack, John lifted up in his chair and slid his sweats down. His hard dick sprang out and bounced against his belly. He then started to jack slowly. There was silence except for our breathing and the soft sound of skin on skin. We would watch the screen and then from time to time we would look at each other's dick. I had this incredible feeling of freedom; I was sharing my most intimate moment with a guy who I knew wasn't judging me, and who was sharing his most intimate moment with me. It was a very powerful moment for me.

Suddenly, John reached over and started stroking my dick. I felt like I had been struck by lightning. The skin all over my body was alive and tingling. It had been a very long time since I had felt anything even approaching that level of intensity.

I slid my chair over so that we were as close as possible and I reached over and started stroking his dick. It was fascinating; his dick felt somewhat different from mine, his skin was very soft and loose feeling, but rock hard at the same time. I ran my hand down over his balls and he gasped. His balls felt so good in my hand. I felt like I was touching the essence of who he is and I wanted to caress and protect them.

Soon, I had that inevitable feeling that my climax was near. John could tell as much from my breathing and intensified stroking. In a remarkable blaze of almost excruciating intensity, I shot several large spurts of cum on John's hand, my left thigh, and the floor. He continued stroking me with the slippery fluid and I almost couldn't breathe. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

'Oh, God,' John gasped, 'the smell of your cum is putting me over the edge!' I felt the warmth of his cum in my hand, and I reached over with my other hand and gently massaged his balls as I continued to stroke him until he relaxed and leaned back in the chair.

'I should get some towels,' I said, still feeling stunned. But I couldn't move. My dick was still hard as a rock. I looked over at John and his dick was still hard, too.

'Wow,' he said, 'and neither of us took Viagra.' We laughed. I took hold of my dick and it felt so damn good.

'You think you have another one in you?' John asked.

'Yeah,' I said, 'I think so. This is wild.' We jacked each other again, and finally were spent. We cleaned up and went to our separate beds. I was deeply impacted on an emotional level. I had never had such an intimate connection with another man and it was more intoxicating than the whiskey.

The next morning we didn't discuss what had happened. We were both a little hung over and it turned out we had to go into work because it had stopped snowing and the roads were already clearing up. We weren't weird with each other or anything, we were just quiet. We got to work and went our separate ways. He said 'thanks again' and we shook hands. I wanted to hug him so badly, but I didn't dare try it at the office.

Since then, we get together to watch football now and then. My wife and I have had John and his wife over for dinner a few times, but we really don't click as couples for some reason.

There has never been another opportunity for John and me to jack off together and it has been almost two years. My wife and I are doing well and our sex life has improved. I am sure she wondered what happened, because I have been working hard at creating more intensity in our sex since that night. She is a precious and special part of my life and I do not want to do anything that will jeopardize our marriage.

However, I admit that I long for another intimate encounter with John. I am going to call it 'male bonding' because I don't know what else to call it; it is a kind of intimacy different than any other. I want it in addition to what I have with my wife. From what I have read on this website, it may be possible to have both. I have resolved to talk to John about it. I have been afraid to up until now. Sometimes when I remember that moment when I relaxed and felt totally comfortable with him I feel like if I can conjure that feeling, I can be honest and tell him how I feel. Who knows, maybe he has been feeling the same way.



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