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Snow-capped Peaks

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This is about the second guy that I made cum for me.


In my first story, entitled 'My Fetish', I told you about how I began to enjoy making guys cum with my hands. As I said, my first boyfriend and I broke up when I was 16 and he was 18 right before he graduated from high school.

I was very unhappy about breaking up with him. I was definitely in love and he was the first boy I let have sex with me. I was sure that he was 'the One' and it was devastating when he dumped me.

Not only that, but my sex life, which, until then, was pretty active, ground to a halt, leaving me with only my fingers, my favorite teddy bear and my very active imagination for release.

My parents and I attended the graduation as we had other friends who were graduating, aside from my newly ex-boyfriend. I was convinced by mom to dress nicely and had on a new pretty sundress and strappy sandals for the occasion. Mom smiled at told me I looked pretty and we went, determined to enjoy a great day for our friends.

I saw my ex there, but pretty much ignored him as I chatted with friends and otherwise ignored the speeches and such. Afterwards, I ran into Dave, a friend I made while dating my ex. He gave me a hug and told me how cute I looked. That helped lift my spirits. I felt even better when Dave invited me to join his group of friends for a party at the lake. It was to be a BBQ and bonfire and sounded like a lot of fun to me.

Mom said I could go, but I had to promise not to drink any alcohol since I would be driving there myself. Dave gave me the directions and a kiss on my cheek. That little innocent kiss was enough to get the juices flowing!

The next weekend, I packed a bag for the beach with my cutest bikini, sunscreen (I'm a very fair-skinned blonde, so I burn badly!), coverup, and whatever else I needed for the afternoon. I drove to the lake and parked where Dave said to and saw a lot of people I knew.

Pretty soon, I forgot my troubles and had a lot of fun in a volleyball game and later, helping make supper. Dave caught up with me at the bonfire and I was happy that he did. He was a really nice guy and really cute, too.

We were sitting near the fire and holding hands when he smiled at me and got up, dragging me into the woods nearby. I was happy to go with him. I was happy, horny and wanted to see if something might develop with Dave.

He led me to a small clearing with a tree that had fallen, making a little love seat for us to sit on. We began to make out and I definitely noticed the nice bulge in his swim shorts. He touched my breasts through my coverup and it felt really nice to me. I put my tongue in his mouth and moved my hand to his thigh, slowly working my way up to his bulge. I touched it gently and felt it throb under my hand. He touched my hand, pushing it a little more firmly against his hard penis. I didn't mind at all, as I had planned to make him shoot for me. It had been too long since I had a good cum shot!

He tugged at the hem of my coverup dress and I got the hint, standing for a moment to pull it off over my head. I set it on the log to sit on and sat back down again, kissing Dave deeply. My hand returned to his hardness and he moaned a little bit. He was feeling my breasts through the material of my bikini top and pinching my nipples, which I love.

Without asking and, truthfully, without resistance, he pulled my bikini straps down and freed my breasts from the cups of my top, kissing and licking them. I was soaking my bikini by this time. I freed his penis from his shorts and enjoyed, for the first time, the feeling of a different hard cock. That was a wonderful turn on for me and I got between his legs to inspect and enjoy this new find.

The taste of his precum on my fingers was lovely, only a little different from my ex's. I smiled up at him as I licked my fingers. That seemed to make him even harder. I could tell the signs by now and I used my hands to stroke him up and down. I was rewarded in only a moment by strings of his lovely semen shooting on me.

I loved the warmth and the feeling of control that I had over this cute guy and I stroked him until he couldn't take any more and he took my hands off of it. I licked my reward off of my hand, enjoying the different taste from my ex. Definitely tasty!

He looked down at me and at my breasts and said, 'Oh you have snow-capped peaks!'

I looked where he was looking and saw some of his glistening semen on my hard nipples. I smiled at him and just pulled up the top of my bikini to cover them up and to hold his gift there for the rest of the evening. As it dried, it became a little scratchy, but a very nice reminder of what we had done. Every time he looked at my breasts, I smiled and licked my lips and he bulged his swim shorts nicely for me!



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